Top 8 Best Construction Bid Management Software

Before your construction company can begin to do what it does best, you must first wade through a mountain of paperwork to even be able to bid on a new project. Many firms find that they are employing as many people to handle the pre-bid and bid phases of the project as they are to complete the actual construction phases of the project. All of the document writing and coordination means that firms are forced to spend a lot of money before they even know if they are going to be awarded the contract. To avoid this huge investment in projects that they may never even get to work on, many firms are researching construction bid software info to help them to reduce the costs involved in their bidding process.

Once a contractor receives an invitation to bid a project, they must begin the process of acquiring bids from all of their subcontractors before they can assemble their bid. This means that someone must be creating a request for bid form that includes the scope of work for each separate trade. They must then determine which contractors to send the requests to. Then as the bids start to accumulate, someone must read through each bid to determine which subcontractor is offering you the best price while still adhering to all of the bid specifications. All of this paperwork is a full time job for at least one person, keeping in mind that the project might not even be awarded to your firm. This means that you most likely will have three to five of these bids in different phases at any one time. In the end, the bid process provides a large amount of overhead before any revenue is being generated.

But with construction bid software, all of these processes can be automated and stream lined to save your company hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. This new software lets every division of your company work on the bid simultaneously. They all have equal access to the information and can update a master file so that everyone will instantly be able to see the most current information. The program also creates master scope of work bids that can be automatically emailed to your subcontractor and vendors. Their reply to your request can then be formatted to transfer into your bid without you having to type the entire document. There are also helpful tools such as a graphic calendar to monitor deadlines, a system to track costs by division or phase, a system to create automatic follow up emails and a program that will determine if there are potential service contracts that can be generated from the current bid.

Keeping costs down during the bid process is the best way to ensure that you will meet your projected profit margin on your jobs. You will save time and money by selecting a quality bid software package after you research construction bid software info in your industry.


SmartBid is the top construction bidding software for general contractors. Easily manage subcontractor data, send invitations to bid & compare proposals.

  • Send Invitations to Bid
  • Share Project Documents
  • Prequalify Subcontractors
  • Manage Subcontractor Data
  • Compare Subcontractor Bids
  • Track Subcontractor Compliance
  • Mobile App & Accessibility
  • Reports & Project Metrics
  • Live Customer Service
  • Integrations


PipelineSuite helps you manage your pre-construction “pipeline” more efficiently so you can win more bids.

  • Create bid lists FAST using favorite lists or using your own custom filters and shortcuts.
  • Subs DON’T have to register in order to respond and access your projects.


Commercial construction bid management and planroom solution. General Contractors use BidPlanroom’s online web application for bid project management, sharing plans, invitations to bid, bid intention tracking, project correspondence, subcontractor bid contact management and more.

  • Bid Project Management
  • Invitations To Bid
  • Correspondence
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Custom Trade Management
  • Plan Room
  • BidTracker
  • Prequalification
  • Employee Management
  • Application Support


Construction management software built for large teams and projects. We help construction companies streamline their management processes, reduce project risk, and keep teams connected without barriers.

  • Create packages in minutes
  • Collaborate with scope of work templates
  • Simple contractor adoption
  • Handover to the Construction Team
  • Automated Document Control
  • Expand your Contractor Network


The all-in-one construction management software built to help you finish quality projects – safely, on time, and within budget.

  • Powerful search functionality
  • Solicit and receive bids
  • Bid packages with unlimited document storage
  • Bid history and tracking


Corecon is a comprehensive cloud based construction software suite for estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling and collaboration.

  • Track Job Opportunities using Leads
  • Invite Subs and Suppliers to Bid
  • Prepare Comprehensive Estimates Quickly
  • Request For Pricing (RFP) Packages


Cloud based construction software with CRM, Bid Management, Invitation to Bid, Project Management modules and BAC estimating and Service Estimating tools.

  • Track Your Bids
  • Plan Management Tool
  • Invitation To Bid For Subcontractors
  • Submittal Builder Tool
  • Engineering Tool
  • Purchase Ordering Tool


Builterra connects your entire contract administration team through one seamless platform that boosts productivity, transparency and profit.

  • Get real-time, realistic cost estimates
  • Automate bid preparation & analysis
  • Save hours on inspections & reports
  • Expedite your contractor payment approvals

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