Top 7 Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Tools and Services

Web applications play a vital role in every modern organization. If your organization is not properly testing its web apps, hackers can compromise these applications, damage business functionality and integrity, as well as steal data. Many organizations operate under the impression that a web application scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems.

There is no “patch Tuesday” for custom web applications, so major industry studies find that web application flaws play a major role in significant breaches and intrusions.

Web applications provide significant functionality and data access, and beyond the importance of customer-facing web applications, internal web applications increasingly represent the most commonly used business tools within any organization.

Hackers are increasingly focusing on these high-value targets either by directly abusing public-facing applications or by focusing on web apps as targets after an initial break-in.

Cyber defense requires a realistic and thorough understanding of web application security issues. Any script kiddie can learn to sling a few web hacks, but effective web application penetration testing requires something deeper.

Objective is to assess web-based solutions and underlying technical architecture for security issues/vulnerabilities and report them as defects for review, disposition and remediation.

This type of assessment is called web application penetration test and utilizes web vulnerability scanners, intercepting proxy tools, other specialized tools and manual/semi-automated assessment techniques. These tools and techniques are coupled with controlled attack scenarios and penetration activities.

The scope of a security test typically involves the following:

  • Compliance to any applicable industry/technical security requirements.
  • Security controls and processes surrounding authentication, authorization/access control, session management, password management, server-side input validation, etc.
  • The application has been securely coded for the web application vulnerabilities (OWASP 10 Ten vulnerabilities).
  • The technical architecture has been securely configured to mitigate the applicable web application vulnerabilities.


Arachni is a Free/Public-Source Web Application Security Scanner aimed towards helping users evaluate the security of web applications.

  • Multiple deployment options
  • Abundance of security checks
  • Integrated browser environment
  • Intelligent, on-the-fly adaptation to each web application
  • Mobile ready — in more ways than one
  • High performance
  • Highly detailed, well-structured reports


Veracode Manual Penetration Testing services are a key component of Veracode’s Application Security Platform. With a proven process that ensures high customer satisfaction, Veracode’s web app penetration testing services find vulnerabilities in web, desktop, mobile, backend and IoT applications.

  • Achieve compliance with manual web app penetration testing.
  • Web app penetration testing from Veracode
  • Integrating web app penetration testing with other scanning technologies


Netsparker is a single platform for all your web application security needs. Our web app security solution helps businesses of any size and industry identify vulnerabilities and prioritize fixes.

  • Automate Your Web Security
  • Scale as You Grow
  • Gain Complete Visibility
  • Reach Top Efficiency


Pentest People offer a fresh approach to Penetration Testing Services. We offer Internal and External assessments and access to view your reports via our innovative SecurePortal.

  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities within your Web Applications allowing you to proactively remediate any issues that arise
  • Improve your security posture, allowing you to reduce the threat of a cyber attack occurring against your business
  • Comply with various regulatory bodies who mandate regular Web Application Testing be performed within your infrastructure
  • Be able to prove to your supply chain that you are taking the necessary precautions to ensure your strong security posture
  • Be able to focus efforts on important security issues by identifying the high-risk items identified in the Web Application report


Managed Detection and Response, Penetration Testing & Red Teaming. Redscan arms your business to combat cyber security threats.

  • Injection flaws
  • Authentication weaknesses
  • Poor session management
  • Broken access controls
  • Security misconfigurations
  • Database interaction errors
  • Input validation problems
  • Flaws in application logic


Rhino Security Labs is a top penetration testing company specializing in cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), network pentesting, and webapp pentesting in Seattle.

  • Define Scope
  • Information Gathering
  • Enumeration
  • Attack and Penetration
  • Reporting
  • Remediation Testing


BeEF is a security tool, allowing a penetration tester or system administrator additional attack vectors when assessing the posture of a target.

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