Top 7 Penetration Testing Companies in the USA

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Security is a major concern when building a mobile app with all the desired features. The digital world is not as safe as businesses would want it to be, and hackers are aware of it.

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However, there are security testing methods to help prevent attacks, and penetration testing is one of the most important ones among them. Penetration tests (or pen tests for short) are like having mock drills to prepare for potential disasters. They gauge how well your app can withstand external threats.

So, if you have developed a mobile app and want to ensure its security, you will need penetration testing services to make informed decisions for your app’s security. Hiring professionals will help you cover all the aspects of this testing while you focus on other necessary business aspects that require your attention.

The list below contains the top seven penetration testing companies across the United States. These were picked for their proven expertise and diverse experience working with clients of varying business requirements.

1. AppsChopper

AppsChopper has its headquarters in New York. It provides comprehensive mobile app development services to clients with varying requirements, of which testing is an integral aspect. The firm also offers dedicated penetration testing services along with other testing methodologies. Its experience of over twelve years has enabled the company to mold its services for the best outcomes.

The AppsChopper team focuses on rigorous app testing processes as part of its comprehensive approach. This has led to widespread recognition and demand for its mobile app testing services.

Some Industries servedTravel, Retail, FinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce, Social Networking
ServicesPenetration, Automation, Performance, Manual testing, Consulting, MVP development, Design
Headquarters LocationNew York

2. White Knight Labs

White Knight Labs specializes in offensive cybersecurity, which pen tests are about. Their engineers have the expertise to build risk-based approaches to help clients build the best defenses. The company has a team of security experts who are skilled in exposing vulnerabilities for clients using a diverse range of technologies.

Some Industries servedFinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce
ServicesNetwork pen-test, web app pen-test, mobile app pen-test, wireless pen-test, cloud pen-test
Headquarters LocationGuys Mills, PA

3. Wesecureapp

Wesecureapp is another well-known name in the field of penetration testing service providers in the USA. It has made this list due to its consistent delivery of better results in app security, network security, mobile app pen-testing, and more.

Some Industries servedFinTech, Telecommunications, Healthcare, E-commerce
ServicesApplication, network, cloud testing, threat simulation
Headquarters LocationFrisco, TX

4. Raxis

Raxis has served clients with security services since 2011. Its penetration tests have proved effective in identifying vulnerabilities and breaching highly protected organizations over eight times out of ten. Its team of highly experienced engineers is adept at breach and attack simulation and attack surface management as well.

Some Industries servedFinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce
ServicesPenetration Testing, Attack surface management, breach & attack simulation, social engineering
Headquarters LocationAtlanta, GA

5. Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit began as a database application development company that grew into a full-service IT firm. The company understands the need for businesses to streamline operations and efficiency. It offers a blend of technology, expertise, and efficient processes in its cybersecurity and application development services to help clients gain a competitive advantage. Its offices are located in New York, Dallas, and Boston, with clients all over the US.

Some Industries servedFinTech, Healthcare, E-commerce
ServicesPenetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Next Generation Firewall, Cyber Assessment
Headquarters LocationNew York

6. Edge Networks

Edge Networks is an expert at monitoring, maintaining, and auditing networks 24/7. The firm has a team of cybersecurity professionals with over fifteen years of experience and several IT security certifications. This, combined with its end-to-end assessment and excellent approach, make the company a reliable cybersecurity partner for businesses.

Some Industries servedRetail, Travel and Tourism, EdTech, and Electronics
ServicesManaged IT, Cybersecurity, Incident Response, Cybersecurity Testing and assessments
Headquarters LocationVancouver, WA

7. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft has been in the field of mobile app security testing for over twenty years. Its team of certified ethical hackers has tackled apps and networks of varying complexities over the years. The company has served clients in over ten industry verticals, including eCommerce, telecommunications, and healthcare. It is a reliable service provider if you need to identify security flaws in your app or company’s IT environment.

Some Industries servedHealthcare, Banking, Retail, Oil and Gas, Construction, Transportation and Logistics
ServicesAutomation, Performance, Manual testing
Headquarters LocationDallas, TX

To Conclude

Penetration testing isn’t just a luxury it’s a necessity. As cyber threats evolve, so should our defenses. By partnering with a professional mobile app security testing company, you’re taking a proactive stance against potential threats.

Your users deserve a secure experience, and penetration testing is a big step towards providing just that. These companies would be excellent choices whether you own a startup or are looking for enterprise-level penetration testing services.

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