Top 7 Ideas for Aspiring WordPress Developers

WordPress is a technique to create your website and applications. It is the simplest and most popular tool which is used over 40% to create websites on the internet. WordPress is an open-source system that can be accessed by any common person. GPLv2 provides its license so anyone can work and develop it for free.

A WordPress developer is a person who implements features, architects design, modifies themes and plugins in less time and with high efficiency.

Learning WordPress is not so easy how you feel at the start. Reading the best referral tutorials is not enough. You can install WordPress, program some themes and you may think that you have expertise in this field which is a wrong perception. Until going to the core and being able to innovate, create and add proper value to it knowing it in detail, you cannot become the top developer. Being average will not bring you success in today’s competition, you have to be productive, creative and expert in your field to be recognized.

With becoming a top dedicated WordPress developer, many responsibilities come along. You get top clients, a lot of work to do. And if you succeed further you will get freedom too to work and get the opportunity to manage your team of junior developers as a leader. As a result, your value will be increased and huge earnings will come to you. This needs lots of dedication and you must increase your speed of working with greater responsibilities. As the demand for top dedicated WordPress developers is increasing as WordPress is being used on a large scale in growing websites and applications.

Ideas for Aspiring WordPress Developers

So to achieve this place, the aspiring WordPress developers should follow these top 7 ideas:

  1. Learn Codex of WordPress: The core setting online manual of WordPress is called WordPress Codex. It contains every detail of WordPress, how to use and develop it. Also, the details of paid and free templates, themes and plugins are included in WordPress Codex. If you are working in a particular language then their core documentation must be known by you. Same as for WordPress Codex. It is operated by both users and developers. As it has no common moulds of its actions, you have to look for the codex of it to go and learn deeper about your WordPress work. To work better you have to keep yourself informed about your work and read and understand the core of codex. Start with easy and then get into difficult one. A tool API which stands for Application Programming Interface is used, with the help of Plugin, Widgets, Settings, Options, Transients API to develop and correct if you find any error or need to improve something in a page.
  2. Understand the pre-explained standard of coding: Like any other platforms, WordPress also has set their own standard of coding. This is to be followed by developers while creating products. Besides this, a standard code should be uniformly readable so that it looks like one developer makes it though it might be created by multiple developers or a team of developers. The standard coding should be prepared in such a way that it is easily accepted and handled by developers on a large scale. There are both free and paid plugins and themes available which are almost perfect. But if you need to develop them, standard coding is much helpful.
  3. Keep learning about WordPress: As a WordPress developer, you never know it all. How much experienced you may be but keep learning more about WordPress code is necessary to up your game. Constant learning from different sources like- WordPress codex to know the technical information of the interface. WordPress books, Dummies, to know the basics easily. Smashing Magazine, WP Tuts are good sources of WordPress Blogs to read and keep yourself updated from regular uploads. Also, you can join any institution online if you are a beginner, to learn to programme, code and practice as well. Keeping in touch with experts of WordPress let you not drop any opportunity of learning and working as well.
  4. By giving and receiving remarks: By sharing comments on works of developers of the same field which is WordPress in this case is highly beneficial for all. It may seem that you will be criticized or your content may get copied. But it is nothing like that. Take your criticism positively. Write blogs of your work on a regular basis and seek comments on it. Read about others’ works as well and give them remarks too. Do read others’ comments. You will get a bunch of information, a bit of knowledge and experiences. It not only helps you but all other developers like you. Another way is social media which is often ignored and less prioritized but it can also be a great source of information you can gather from. Like Twitter, reading the daily blogs and their comments on twitter is also a great way to learn. Not only blogs but also microblogs can be read to gain knowledge about WordPress. That’s how writing and commenting is helpful for aspiring WordPress developers.
  5. Areas of WordPress: There are two parts of WordPress to be considered. One is Themes, which is the outer part of WordPress. It is the layout of the works and the format of those are contained on WordPress and also presents data from its core. Another is Plugin, which is like apps. It improves, develops and maintains functions of WordPress. Works are going on to develop more applications and themes using WordPress. Identify that field in which you are comfortable and efficient. Experiment working in themes, plugins and application buildings. Then choose your flexible work.
  6. Practice writing Codes: It’s not enough to read others’ blogs and comments. Practice writing codes is very necessary. Who is enthusiastic about learning and programming new technologies and platforms, it is very helpful for them to spread their work- themes, plugins in different platforms and seek for reviews and to draw attention to get work professionally. Follow guidelines and practices of the work you are involved in and practice a lot of coding to clear your idea and be updated with WordPress.
  7. Must learn JavaScript: Nowadays JavaScript is the most important tool you must learn. This is a pretty tough and complicated programming language but at the same time interesting too if you once grab it. For programming on different platforms, JavaScript is used widely. For instance, CMS (Content Management System) is working with JavaScript for the front-end. The hurdles can be recovered only by using JavaScript in CMS. And that is how they are preparing for further development. WordPress is also thought to be inclined to JavaScript completely. That is why reading JavaScript thoroughly is very important especially for aspiring WordPress developers.


WordPress is a place that is changing and updating every day. If you think you did a wonderful job today, it’s not enough. You have to be prepared for tomorrow. For this being updated is much. WordPress is taking over all websites and applications gradually. So if you have gained interest in it, then keep learning and practising to reach the top of the field of WordPress development. Also, don’t hesitate to experiment. This way you can master WordPress development and can produce something new too. This will bring you success if you are dedicated and focused enough.

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