Top 7 High ROI ERP Software for Professional Service Business

The methods of employee management and resource planning have been changing with time. An ERP is a revolutionary technology that has modified traditional enterprise modeling. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It combines the different business processes with real-time employee management using software algorithms. NetSuite alliance partner or professional service business has been using the ERP to grow their overall sales and efficiency.

These ERP systems can analyze and then interpret the daily activities collected from different departments of the business organization. And with its high demand, ERP systems in the IT sector are the most elevated growing software front. Most ERP developers design the ERP systems to include modules such as Sales, Finances, Marketing, and HR Management along with data management to ease the business resource planning.

How long would it take to receive ERP system results?

The initial cost of ERP software may be prohibitively expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. Businesses can use cloud-based solutions with monthly subscription plans.

ITWeb conducted the survey and discovered that businesses are seeing significant expected improvements in just nine months. EPR systems have a short payback period, so it is worthwhile to invest in them.

The statistics below demonstrate the ROI on ERP implementations experienced by various SMEs:

  • Infrastructure has improved in 43 percent of organizations.
  • Expected cycle time reductions have been seen in 41% of organizations.
  • Twenty-seven percent of businesses saw cost-cutting benefits.

As a result, ERP systems benefit the entire organization. There are hundreds of ERP software options available on the market. Below are 7 of the high ROI ERP Software for professional service businesses:

1. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite is fully customizable and built to scale ERP Software. As your company grows, it is simple to add new features and resources is simple. As a result, they’re ideal for mid-sized businesses that anticipate rapid growth in the near future.

Oracle Netsuite can meet your requirements regardless of the nature of your business. You’ll be able to manage your entire inventory and logistics in real-time. The software aids in increasing the efficiency of these processes. Further, Oracle Netsuite includes business intelligence. As a result, you’ll have access to visual analytics from all of your data. These reports enable you to make informed business decisions.


  • NetSuite’s financial management features include business intelligence.
  • Its financial planning features will reduce cycle times and improve the quality of your planning process.
  • It includes order management features that will speed up the order-to-cash process.
  • It includes Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse & Fulfillment, and Production Management features and functionalities.

2. SAP

SAP is a German software company that provides one of the most efficient ERP solutions to businesses worldwide. This ERP solution uses cloud-based modules for business management, which small and big-sized organizations can use. Data management for the sales and productions, marketing management, and HR management modules are some of the functions that set it apart from other ERP solutions.

As a matter of fact, is that the SAP S/4HANA Cloud is one of the fastest and most secure cloud services developed to support its ERP services. Thus, the SAP provides a virtual roadmap to better data analysis and decision making.


  • SAP uses AI learning as well as machine learning to improve the business management
  • Tracking of the supply chain from production to the end
  • Supports different languages and can be used in a multi-level business
  • Business management platforms are intelligent, unique, and easy to use
  • Pricing varies according to the size and demand of the enterprise

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Another customer-centric ERP solution capable of handling different business resource management processes such as CRM, customer service, and customer data management is Microsoft Dynamics 365. The developers claim this ERP provides businesses with agility without any limits. The hyper-connected modules integrate the data and processes and help different teams within the organization to make smart decisions.

This ERP also has support for AI. It helps you individualize the selling at different scales and accelerate the revenues generated. As we have discussed, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very customizable, making it very user-friendly. However, the plans for such a customized experience may cost more than the normal ERP solution package of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


  • Easily customizable according to the size and demands of the business
  • Allows easy access to the clouds and helps in a swift transition
  • Self-service HR experience modules integrated with ERP
  • Digital selling experience without any friction
  • Supported by Microsoft’s global cloud network

4. Scoro

The next one on the list is the Scoro software, which is best known for its customer and finance management systems in the ERP market. This software solution is very easy to use and has collaborative platforms for handling different functions in resource planning. One of the most important features that make it stand out in its tracks. It represents all the financial data in reports that can be easily shared by clients, project workers, and managers.

Thus, the process of data sharing among the organization also becomes more convenient. And it also makes the businesses capable of handling multiple industries at the same time. The initial pricing of this ERP solution is around 26$ per month and can vary according to additional requirements from organizations.


  • A real-time dashboard is available to track the updates in CRM
  • Readily available reports on finance and productivity
  • An easy and simple user interface for product management
  • Scheduling tool and calendar for sharing meeting details with employees, consumers, etc.

5. Teamwork

If you are looking for a project management ERP solution that can be used in different levels of organization amongst teams, then Teamwork is the perfect software for you. This ERP software targets organized tasks. Also, it maintains a timeline on it to help the management official track progress from a bird’s eye view.

The effortless management system provides progressive reports that can be viewed from one place. Thus, you will be able to manage all of the components of your projects. There is also the availability of features such as budget allocation to resource maintenance, which helps business organizations in achieving more efficiency.


  • Customized charts available for specific projects and tasks in businesses
  • Document sharing and editing are made easier with the Teamwork interface
  • Scalable and self-expanding when the team needs to grow bigger
  • Varying monthly plans according to the team size

6. Striven

Striven is believed to be one of the most efficient ROI ERP solutions that are used in professional service businesses. This software solution combines different modules such as CRM, accounting, project management, HR management, etc. The easy-to-use interface makes it a diversely capable software that all kinds of businesses can use. Furthermore, its high customizability is another feature that attracts many industries to make it their ERP solution.

Since it handles both fronts as well as back-office personals, the efficiency of the business increases significantly. Also, the free trial version of Striven has a limited number of features. However, with the 10$ per user subscription, this ERP brings much functionality to resource planning.


  • Detailed reports available for financial management and productivity
  • Integrated portal for communication between consumers, contractors, and vendors
  • Real-Time interactive calendar for project or task management
  • Applicant tracking system availability with CRM dashboard
  • A full-scale inventory management system with personalized dashboards for employees

7. Odoo

Odoo is another competitor in the ERP industry that provides CRM and ERP functions to businesses. It does so with the help of integrated apps. Odoo’s suite delivers companies with the front as well as back-office processes. Thus, it helps in resource planning efficiently. Oddo provides an open-source software solution for easy customizations. And there are more modifications available for tech-savvy consumers and managers.

They can integrate projects, timesheets, and inventory all in one place. A helpdesk is also available for the consumers, vendors, and project managers. This is for getting help through different CRM and ERP functionalities. The plans for this ERP solution vary from one industry to another. These can be altered according to the needs of any organization.


  • Helps in maintaining POS transactions among businesses
  • Management of timesheets to track employees in real-time
  • Custom development of invoices for easier business operations


In summary, ERPs are powerful business management software that helps plan and execute resources. To achieve this, you need the best ERP Services, for example, NetSuite professional services automation. The article discussed six of the high ROI ERP software that can be Helpful and used by people and businesses. I hope these points help you choose the best ERP solution for your organization.

The integrated set of applications included in ERP systems provides support to business organizations. They do so by helping them achieve their growth and efficiency goals. Thus, the company gets a paved road for future scalability and planning for budget and assets.

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