Top 7 HACCP Management Software

HACCP software is used by companies in the food and beverage industry for the implementation and maintenance of a program to achieve compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system, or HACCP.

HACCP is a system designed to prevent hazards during the production process that can lead to unsafe food products. It also provides measurements to reduce hazard risks to safe levels. HACCP can be used at all stages of the food chain, such as food production, packaging, distribution, etc. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have mandatory HACCP programs for juice, meat and seafood. HACCP is not mandatory in other food industries, but it is used often on a voluntary basis.

Over time, the scope of the application of HACCP has expanded to include cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Even though HACCP focuses only on health safety issues and not product quality issues, the principles of the system form the basis of most food quality and safety assurance systems.

The seven principles of HACCP are the following:

  • Conduct a hazard analysis.
  • Identify critical control points.
  • Establish critical limits for each critical control point.
  • Establish critical control point monitoring requirements.
  • Establish corrective actions.
  • Establish procedures for ensuring the HACCP system is working as intended.

If you want to comply with HACCP, you also need to be aware of ISO 22000, which is the ISO standard for food safety. Whereas HACCP is a system, ISO 22000 is a standard, meaning that ISO 22000 can be used to measure the success of a company’s implementation of HACCP. Thus a lot of companies use HACCP and ISO 22000 simultaneously.

HACCP software helps companies undertake the following tasks that contribute to compliance with HAACP:

  • Manage workflows
  • Maintain product, hazard and safety data
  • Manage hazard evaluation projects
  • Identify and monitor critical control points
  • Identify risks
  • Perform audits
  • Manage preventive and corrective actions
  • Manage documents


SynergySuite is an integrated back office restaurant management software that covers Inventory Management, Purchasing, Employee Scheduling, HRM & HACCP.

SynergySuite Platform:

  • Modern interface designed for mobile devices that’s intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Cloud-based platform accessible from the web with native apps for iOS and Android
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing POS, accounting, payroll, and vendor systems
  • Completely customizable – each user has the appropriate level of access based on job function

Ensure Safe Food Temperatures:

  • Easily Record Food Temperatures
  • Corrective Actions
  • Automatic HACCP logs

Prevent Food Spoilage:

  • Acceptable Delivery Temperatures
  • Equipment Failure Alerts
  • Temperature Check Reminders

Stay in Compliance:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Schedules
  • Manager Sign Offs
  • Require Delivery Temperatures
  • Monitor Suppliers


Verse Solutions provides Total Quality Management (TQM) Software that enables manufacturers of all sizes to mitigate compliance management. Features/modules include: Document Control, Employee Training, Corrective Action, Audit Management, Risk Register and Centralizes Reporting.

  • Conduct a hazard analysis
  • Identify critical control points (CCP)
  • Establish CCP limits and monitoring requirements


The Zip HACCP food safety software solution helps restaurant operators; food handlers, food suppliers and distributors overcome FDA food regulations and HACCP compliance. With the free mobile app, food service has never been easier.

Create food safety audit checklists:

  • Follow standard operating procedures
  • Track your critical food safety tasks

Address food safety issues in real-time:

  • Stay updated on critical issues
  • Request follow up action on critical tasks

Protect your brand and reputation:

  • Make food safety a priority
  • Hold food handlers accountable to temperature checks

Mobile HACCP food safety Apps:

  • Monitor food temperatures remotely
  • Make sure food quality is consistent
  • Never risk the safety of your staff or customers


Manage any biological, physical or chemical hazards that may occur during the food manufacturing process with Momentum QMS.

  • Food Safety Management Software – No User License Fee
  • Product Specifications
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Audits and Inspection Management
  • Momentum QMS Professional


Knowllence is a Software Editor and Risk Management facilitator for Quality and Safety.

  • Helps for the HACCP Risk Management
  • Knowllence HACCP Software Is A Very Strong Tool For Daily Job
  • Capitalization and traceability


Safefood 360º is your entire food safety, quality and compliance management system in one intuitive software.

  • Management Systems
  • Prerequisite Programs
  • Monitoring
  • Supplier Management
  • Document Control


Kelsius provide Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Digital HACCP Management Systems for the Food Service and Healthcare Industries.

Kelsius CoolCheck Mapping Sensors:

  • Cuts costs associated with third party mapping
  • Minimal set up time
  • Mapping reports available within 20 minutes of mapping exercise being completed
  • Access to reports 24x7x365
  • Paperless archiving
  • Automatic record of door opening events


  • Supplying an easy to use input Tablet device.
  • Pre-set Reminders to prompt staff to complete records
  • Storing all information securely using Cloud Based Technology
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Eliminating Fridge and Freezer temperature Checks

FoodCheck Lite:

  • Periodic Reminders on Tablet for staff to complete checks
  • Step by Step Check Process ensuring staff will not miss any check
  • Storing all information using cloud base technology
  • Extensive HACCP Reporting
  • Eliminating manual Fridge and Freezer temperature monitoring Checks

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