Top 7 Best User Provisioning Software

Many large organizations are always struggling with problems of users accessing their data. To start with, they have multiple access points to their information and this is a direct ticket to a myriad risks and avoidable inefficiencies. IT managers are now focused on bringing some order in asset accessibility as well as cutting down administrative costs. If there is any way to succeed, it would be through bringing in a compliant technology and access controlled approach. But how is this possible?

Automated user provisioning software is the best bet to achieving what IT experts are struggling with. Front runners into this technology have established a controlled access to their data and in the same time cut down costs. Besides, user provisioning software also improves user self-services and the level of security. If your business is yet to acquire a controlled user access platform, you are missing a lot. So, what can you do to become efficient in user access provision?

Get technology empowerment: Great brands are taking maximum advantage of the contemporary technology. They have strategically positioned their information in the channels to be easily accessed by their targeted users. A lot of emphasis has been given to user provisioning software since these are the most crucial parties to your business. Every other piece of application or solution should be geared towards increasing user’s satisfaction through ease of information access. It does not make sense to acquire software that never adds value to your customers. Technology is supposed to make the job easier on your part but only if you make a selective choice of what or not to implement.

Create scalable user platforms: You are just slowing down your system every other time you add on a technology that you will never use. It will lie around taking space and slowing down your processes. The inquisition on new technologies should be informed by an immediate need but not for the sake of it. You should be focused on the technological additions that will be useful to both you and your data users. If anything falls out of this usefulness then you do not need it.

Establish an integrated system: Solutions which interconnect most of your processes tend to be the best towards supporting hassle-free user access. For instance, an application that connects 5 or so of your processes is better than one for each of the processes. You can deal with various user needs at one place instead of jumping from one platform to the other. A good user provisioning program should be able to handle needs from your different departments all at one place but still be able to differentiate each of them. You need multitasking technology to bring your information accessibility up to speed and be able to fairly compete for users.

Go for automation with user provisioning software: Automating your processes will give you consistency and efficiency. These are the core principles that necessitate user provision. With an automated system, you will be able to keep a tab on all user activities, create similar and diversified accounts, and improve on your system’s security. An automated system will give you leverage on ensuring a customizable self-service and keep users satisfied.

Quick tips on getting it right with user access provision:

  • Always conduct an evaluation on new solutions and applications. You want something to leverage on user accessibility. You must test it before you can incorporate it into your transformation process. It helps to be sure of what you are doing.
  • You need user groups. Each one of your user is a unique individual but that doesn’t mean you cannot create user groups. It is easy for the administrator to deal with a number of groups rather than dealing with millions of individuals. It creates efficiency, reduces cost, and gives you more control of the access to your assets.


Save valuable IT time and reduce provisioning errors with custom user attributes and flexible entitlement mappings.

  • Increase Security and Reduce Cost
  • Custom Attributes
  • Flexible Entitlement Mappings
  • Automated Provisioning for Fast Onboarding
  • Automated Deprovisioning for Even Faster Offboarding

XIA Automation

XIA Automation to automatically provision user accounts into Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Google and more.

  • Active Directory Provisioning
  • Bulk Provision from CSV
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
  • Google Accounts
  • Microsoft Office 365 Accounts
  • Manage Folder and File Shares
  • Active Directory Password Resets
  • Create Custom Plugins
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Support


Core Provisioning automates the creation and management of user accounts and access rights to mitigate identity-related access risks, save time, and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Enforce compliance with internal security policies, industry standards, or government regulations
  • Automate account provisioning around the user lifecycle
  • Enhance the user experience across the organization
  • Simplify and secure business processes
  • Reduce time and resources required to provision accounts
  • Save time by automating account creation and access assignment for any type of user


Automate onboarding and offboarding of users to your Atlassian cloud products according to definitions set in your external directory.

  • Atlassian Organizations & domain verification
  • SAML single sign-on
  • User provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Organization audit log
  • Enforced two-step verification
  • Authentication policies
  • CASB integrations
  • API token controls
  • Organization insights


With ADManager Plus, you can automatically create and provision user accounts in no time. Its user-provisioning templates and other features make it one of the finest automated Active Directory user provisioning system in the industry.

  • Approval Workflow System
  • Advanced Naming Format for unique identification
  • Reactive Naming Format
  • User Account Provisioning Template
  • Automation Policy


The Okta Identity Cloud provides secure identity management with Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Lifecycle Management (Provisioning), and more.

  • Integrated to Applications & Directories
  • Deep Integration
  • Extensible
  • Customizable Directory for Users Groups and Devices
  • Lifecycle States
  • Multi-source Integration
  • Meta-directory with Attribute Mapping and Transformation


SafePaaS iAccess User Provisioning Software Service enables you to ensure that all user provisioning requests proceed according to your Segregation of Duties (SOD) and Restrictive Access policies.

  • Enable Policy Based Self Service User Access Request Management
  • Improve Your Compliance Audit Trail
  • Reduce the Risk of Internal Fraud
  • Prevent Segregation of Duties risks and on-going remediation costs as new users are on-boarded
  • Reduce helpdesk workload, eliminate manual steps and improve provisioning time with integrated user request management
  • Lower the cost of compliance and audit fees by ensuring that all security privileges assigned to users have a multi-level approval audit trail of user access requests

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