Top 7 Best Sales Prospecting Software: A Distinct Competitive Advantage for Your Company

A sales company grows and becomes prosperous based on its ability to find new clients and business opportunities, and then convert these opportunities into sales. Successful sales companies have a sales pipeline that is constantly full of new sales leads and existing clients. Products that streamline and bring efficiency to the sales process are always in high demand.

Sales prospecting software is gaining popularity and many companies believe it is now an integral tool in the sales process. Some industry experts even believe that companies will not be as successful if they do not implement some type of sales prospecting software. This software is now more commonly known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This term is used to describe an ideology centered on maximizing the effectiveness of the sales process as clients go through the sales process from sales lead to repeat client.

In the past, sales prospecting software packages were not as readily available as they are now. Their effectiveness was not well known and only those companies that used them truly knew how valuable they were to maximizing sales revenues. Now there are many CRM packages available that can be customized and tailored to almost every company’s needs and budget. This flexibility has made it economically feasible for literally every sales company in the industry to purchase and implement a sales prospecting software package. In an extremely competitive industry, those companies without a CRM are now believed to be at a distinct disadvantage.

The Evolution of Sales Prospecting Software

Sales prospecting software has undergone major changes other than just the name to Customer Relationship Management. Along with the expectations of added functionality and increased streamlining of business processes that can be automated, there have been many other exciting changes to this industry-leading software.

Technology breakthroughs in the computer software industry have been influential and have directly affected sales prospecting software implementations. The convenience of the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model for software implementations equates to very little overhead cost for a company to use this solution. Typically the software resides on a vendor’s hardware and is accessed via a client machine, usually with a web browser. This “on-demand” implementation has introduced new and exciting opportunities for sales companies in terms of accessibility since it allows access to the sales prospecting system from virtually any device with internet access. Salespeople can now potentially make real-time updates from remote locations using just a smart phone or a tablet. In some instances these systems can even accept SMS text messages from regular cell phones (these can originate from extremely remote locations as long as there is cell phone coverage) and update information in the system accordingly.

The level of convenience and efficiency that technology integrations are giving sales prospecting software systems is revolutionizing the sales industry. Gone are the days of salespeople waiting until they are back at the office in front of a computer to update the system and log activities. Business decisions can now be made quicker and with more confidence due to having access to the most up-to-date information possible. This makes sales companies extremely agile and responsive.

The importance of Sales Prospecting Software

Client relationship management really is an art. It takes confidence, skill and real dedication to keep client relationships strong and fruitful. You will quickly learn that without the right sales prospecting software, it’s easy to get disorganized and lose track of your clients and prospects.

Nowadays, with the amount of sales calls, emails and information passing through our business lives, people tend to look for sales people who really take the time to educate, nurture and actually care about the business. The person who does that will always beat out the guy down the street with the best price. The value to most people on a relationship often cannot be defined and if a person does not like you, they will most likely not do business with you.


ContactOut is a game-changing tool that finds not only your lead’s personal email addresses but also their phone numbers.

  • Chrome extension
  • Dashboard
  • Search portal
  • Email campaigns


LeadFuze aggregates the world’s professional data to continue to deliver the freshest leads to you.

  • Search For New Potential Customers, Instantly
  • Account Based Selling
  • Eliminate Data Entry


Zendesk CRM software geared towards scientifically making your small business, mid-market or enterprise sales team 10x more productive.

  • Automatically enrich Sell contact and company records to ensure accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive data.
  • Build targeted lead lists using industry, company size, role and more directly within Sell. Once your list is ready, automate outreach with Sell’s integrated communications tools.


Spotio is the #1 field sales software for sales reps and managers to enable insane productivity, increase sales by 23%, and shorten sales cycles.

  • Sales Intelligence
  • Appointment Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Canvassing


Inside sales software & enterprise voice communications platform, top-rated by Salesforce customers.

  • The #1 Sales Prospecting Tool for SalesforceHave 4X More
  • Conversations from Outbound Calls
  • Engage in Smarter Conversations
  • Create an Outbound Sales Cadence
  • Transform Predictive Data Into Revenue
  • Start Winning More Revenue Immediately


A suite of tools for the enterprise accelerated by AI to help make prospecting, engaging and closing deals easier.

  • Better anticipate and proactively respond to future client needs
  • Manage your pipeline with total visibility
  • Engage confidently, be proactive and drive the ideal outcomes
  • Foster best practice behaviour in the team


Winmo advertising database gives you accurate, in-depth profiles on national advertisers and the decision-makers who manage their budgets.

  • Contact the right person – every time
  • See decision-makers at the brand & agency
  • Edge out competitors with sales predictions


SellHack is a sales prospecting tool with a browser extension to build prospect lists.

  • Prospect Like a Boss
  • Better Data, Less Time
  • Automate Your Sales Pipeline
  • More Sales. Guaranteed.
  • Bulk Email Verification
  • Accurate Data Validation

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