Top 7 Best Public Works Software Systems for Public Works

Public works software is a type of technology that is used to streamline and enhance the management and operations of public infrastructure projects and assets. These software solutions are specifically designed to support the needs of public works departments, which are responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance, and operation of various facilities and infrastructure within a community.

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One of the key features of public works software is its ability to facilitate asset management. Public works departments are responsible for managing a wide range of assets, such as roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, public buildings, parks, and stormwater systems. Public works software provides a centralized platform for tracking, monitoring, and maintaining these assets. It allows departments to keep a comprehensive record of each asset, including its location, condition, maintenance history, and associated documents. This information enables effective decision-making regarding repairs, replacements, and upgrades, ensuring that public infrastructure remains in optimal condition.

Public works software often includes functionality for managing work orders and scheduling maintenance. Public works departments receive numerous requests for repairs and maintenance from the public, and these need to be addressed in a timely and organized manner. With the help of software, departments can create and assign work orders to specific technicians or crews, track the progress of each task, and allocate resources efficiently. This streamlines workflow, reduces response times, and improves customer satisfaction.

Another crucial aspect of public works software is its ability to support project management. Public works departments are tasked with overseeing the planning and execution of infrastructure projects, which can range from small repairs to large-scale construction initiatives. Software solutions provide tools for project planning, budgeting, scheduling, and resource management. They allow departments to track project timelines, monitor costs, allocate resources effectively, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. This helps to streamline project administration, enhance collaboration among team members, and improve project outcomes.

Additionally, public works software often includes features for managing permits, inspections, and compliance. Public works departments are responsible for complying with various regulations, such as building codes, environmental regulations, and safety standards. These software solutions automate the process of obtaining permits and tracking inspections. They provide a centralized repository for permit applications, approval statuses, and inspection reports. By digitizing these processes, public works departments can ensure compliance, improve data accuracy, and reduce administrative burden.

Public works software also offers GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities. GIS technology allows the integration of geographic data into various software modules, providing a spatial context for asset management, work order management, and project planning. It enables departments to visualize assets on a map, analyze their relationships, and make data-driven decisions. This spatial component enhances overall efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in public works operations.

Public works software plays a critical role in the effective and efficient management of public infrastructure projects and assets. By centralizing and automating various processes, it streamlines workflow, enhances collaboration, improves decision-making, and ensures compliance. Public works departments can benefit greatly from implementing these software solutions, as they help them overcome the challenges inherent in managing and maintaining complex infrastructure systems.


Software for public works, work orders, asset management, service calls, fleet, projects, facilities and water designed specifically for Public Works.

  • Asset Management
  • Work Order
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • PubWorks Mobile
  • PubWorks Cloud
  • GIS MapViewer
  • Service Request
  • Online Service Requests
  • Canadian Solution


GovPilot – designed with the input of DPW staff. Automated workflows, broad device compatibility and GIS mapping streamline all facets of Public Works management.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Organize & Access Records
  • Accessible Data, Transparent Progress


iWorQ Public Works Software Cloud-based applications that simplify your work day.

  • Work Management Software
  • Fleet Management Software
  • Facility Management Software
  • Stormwater Management Software
  • Sewer Management Software
  • Water System Management Software
  • Pavement Management Software
  • Sign Management Software
  • FEMA Reporting Software
  • Citizen Engagement Management Software
  • Asset Management Software
  • Backflow Prevention Software
  • Sidewalk Management Software
  • External Web Map
  • GIS Mapping & Rest Service


Novo Solutions – Track & Maintain Assets, Receive & Process Work Orders & Inspections, and Support your Customers with the ShareNet Operations Management system.

  • Improved Communication & Processes
  • Powerful Work Order & Project Management
  • Controlled Asset Management
  • Time Saving Geolocation


Public works teams trust the OpenGov Cloud to help them streamline workflows, exceed resident expectations, and spend smarter.

  • Inventory Your Assets
  • Manage Your Work Orders
  • Track All Your Resources


UpKeep Asset Operations Management Platform is a mobile first CMMS, EAM & IIoT suite of solutions proven to streamline the work order process and take you from reactive to preventive maintenance.

  • Streamline preventative public works maintenance for safety and compliance
  • Centralize public works maintenance requests in one place
  • Onboard your public works maintenance team quickly with a seamless user interface


With AssetWorks integrated solution, you have complete visibility into your operations from inventory counts in the warehouse to maintenance in the field.

  • Mobilize your work crews
  • Keep your data safe
  • Budget for the future
  • Achieve sustainability goals

Q: What is public works software?

A: Public works software refers to applications and systems specifically developed for managing and maintaining public infrastructure and assets. It includes various modules and functionalities, such as asset management, work order management, inventory tracking, service requests, inspections, and reporting.

Q: What are the benefits of using public works software?

A: Public works software offers several benefits, including improved efficiency in asset management and maintenance operations, better organization and tracking of work orders and service requests, streamlined communication between departments and field workers, accurate inventory management, enhanced data analysis and reporting capabilities, overall cost savings, and increased transparency and accountability.

Q: What features should one look for in public works software?

A: Some key features to consider when selecting public works software include comprehensive asset management capabilities, work order and service request management, mobile accessibility for field workers, real-time data synchronization, integration with GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, customizable reporting, inventory management, preventative maintenance scheduling, fleet management, and support for regulatory compliance.

Q: Can public works software integrate with other systems?

A: Yes, most modern public works software solutions have the ability to integrate with other systems to ensure seamless data exchange. For example, they can integrate with GIS systems for accurate mapping and location-based information, financial management systems for budgeting and expenditure tracking, and third-party applications for specialized functionalities like environmental compliance tracking or citizen engagement.

Q: How can public works software improve citizen engagement?

A: Public works software can improve citizen engagement by providing easy-to-use portals or mobile apps for residents to submit service requests, report issues, or provide feedback. It allows citizens to track the progress of their requests, provide real-time updates on project developments, and receive notifications about road closures or service disruptions. This fosters transparency, accountability, and a sense of involvement in the community’s infrastructure management.

Q: Is public works software suitable for municipalities of all sizes?

A: Yes, public works software solutions are designed to cater to municipalities of all sizes, ranging from small towns to large cities. The software can be scaled and customized based on the specific needs and budget constraints of each municipality. There are options available for both cloud-based and on-premises deployment, allowing flexibility in choosing the most suitable solution for the municipality’s infrastructure management requirements.

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