Top 7 Best Legal Project Management (LPM) Software For Law Firms

Legal Project Management is an established discipline in the legal sector that utilises project management disciplines and adapts these for application to the management of legal matters. Practitioners of legal project management apply it to the process of providing legal services in order to deliver increased value to clients.

Commercial legal matters, ranging from litigation to corporate transactions, have characteristics in common with projects. These matters are complex, temporary endeavours with a defined purpose and a set of deliverables or outcomes. Businesses have been using projects to deliver strategic outcomes for decades and if lawyers want to continue doing business then the legal profession will need to adopt these disciplines as well. It is the logical next step to obtain more benefits out of precedents and knowledge management disciplines, and it can enable profitable alternate fee arrangements which are being increasingly demanded by clients.


Developing organisational capability in the field of Legal Project Management will:

  • Improve the organisation of legal teams
  • Allow for more effective time management
  • Increase visibility of progress, status and variations
  • Accelerate planning via precedents and knowledge management
  • Provide frameworks to manage client expectations
  • Improve work prioritisation and effective delegation
  • Reduce stress, confusion, frustration and long hours
  • Improve client relationships

The application of project management concepts, tools and techniques to legal matters will have the following major benefits:

  • More timely delivery on business objectives and project outcomes that are tied to legal matters
  • Greater predictability around legal costs with flow on advantages to project cost management
  • Improved visibility of choices and variations that may impact delivery
  • More confidence in the commercial acumen of legal advisers
  • Increased contribution and decision making in the progress and outcomes  of legal matters

Informed Purchasers – the benefits for internal counsel

  • Internal counsel are not immune to these trends and pressures, Most internal legal teams work in organisations that deliver change through major programs that are run using industry standard project management frameworks and techniques. Understanding the expectations of your internal clients will improve the delivery of major initiatives and transactions as part of your organisations business strategy.
  • The use of legal project management techniques will ensure that you can manage external counsel more effectively to improve on time and on budget delivery. Other benefits will also be derived in the form of improved productivity and successful deliver on business objectives.


HighQ provides secure project and client collaboration to legal and professional services to drive digital transformation, innovation and client engagement.

  • Manage your data
  • Keep your files secure
  • Streamlined workflow


Take client projects to the next level with automation & collaboration. Product management software with powerful team collaboration and complete project visibility.

  • Project Planning
  • Project Tracking
  • Team Scheduling
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Client Portal
  • Automation & Processes
  • Automated Notifications
  • Expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Cloud-Based ServOps
  • Project Collaboration


Capture and track administrative and legal tasks, manage repeatable processes, and increase your team's efficiency.

  • Be more organized with less effort
  • Spend less time in meetings, receiving updates, and reading status reports
  • Avoid wasting time searching for files, data or playing phone tag
  • Deliver better service to your clients
  • Secure a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive legal environment
  • Stay up to date when you’re out of the office, in meetings, and travelling


Workzone project management software helps law firms stay organized and get more work done.

  • Know where every project stands
  • Stay in charge
  • Work smarter together
  • Always know what to do next
  • Maximize your results


Exterro Project Management is the only purpose-built project management system designed specifically to orchestrate the workflows and activities associated with e-discovery and other legal processes.

  • Promotes teamwork among inside and outside legal teams while enforcing accountability
  • Automates repeatable e-discovery and other legal processes for consistent, high quality projects
  • Intuitive dashboards deliver greater visibility for keeping your legal projects on time and under budget


Easy-to-use legal software to manage & grow the law firm you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Work anytime, anywhere
  • Spend less time on overhead activities
  • Collaborate with your team remotely
  • Bill all your hours and expenses
  • Maintain all client work and history
  • Invoice faster, get paid sooner


Avaza is law firm management software for digital-age law firms. Streamline client management, expense capturing, and invoicing with one software.

  • Improved Law Firm Management
  • Never Miss a Billable Minute Again
  • Simplify Your Expense Management
  • Better Manage Your Law Firm Finances
  • Access Powerful Reports

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