Top 7 Best CRM Software And Investor Portal Tools For Hedge Funds

Sophisticated clients demand sophisticated service and they recognize the difference between a firm that understands the intrinsic value of offering a high-touch experience and one that doesn’t. As a hedge fund professional, how can you balance the scales of responsibility between your core business function – investment management – and your other obligations as relationship builder, asset gatherer and people manager? While there is probably no perfect answer to this question, the tactful use of human processes and information systems can make finding the solution that works best for you, your clients, and your partners much easier.

At its core, customer relationship management (CRM) is about staying on top of the relationships you have with your customers – existing and prospective alike – for the purpose of delivering personalized, consistent, and effective service. Whether it’s based on software or not, the truth is that every business already has a CRM in place.

  • Raise more assets, increase productivity, simplify administrative workflow, and get more done for less money
  • Centralize (finally!) the location of their firm’s front to back office intellectual property
  • Deliver the high level of personalized service required to effectively manage their customer and other business relationships

CRM is an overarching business strategy that should help you learn more about your investors and their behavior so that you can build better, longer lasting, more personalized relationships with them. Successful CRM involves many different areas of your company from sales & marketing through to research, accounting, investor services, and administration.


Backstop Solutions Group provides CRM software suites for investment managers, portfolio managers, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, endowments, pensions, and more.

  • Track and share notes, meetings, calls and documents
  • Synchronize e-mails, contacts and calendars with Backstop’s Outlook® integration
  • Gain a better understanding of a network’s interconnectivity by linking contacts through relationships
  • Build activity reports and lists by location, relationship strength or other attributes
  • Access crucial contact information and share notes and research on the go with Backstop Mobile


Navatar is the industry leading financial services cloud software for alternative assets, M&A, corporate strategics, placement agents, and limited partners.

  • Gain Fundraising Traction
  • Optimize Your Engagements
  • Leverage Institutional Memory
  • Establish a Metrics-Driven Approach


Hedge Fund software from Dynamo streamlines your capital raising, asset management, and investor communication.

  • Hedge Fund CRM & Capital Raising
  • Integrated Investor Portal
  • Research & Data Management
  • Hedge Fund Compliance
  • Automated Workflows


Imagineer provides relationship management and investor portal software and services for investor relations and fund marketing teams at asset managers.

  • Optimize Investor Relations
  • Data-Driven Fund Marketing
  • Operate More Intelligently
  • WebVision Investor Portal for Marketing, File Sharing & Reporting
  • Unprecedented Options for Access


SatuitCRM will help your fund managers execute fundraising and investor on-boarding, as well as streamline compliance and regulatory reporting to your investors.

  • Manage your Investor pipeline
  • Manage Investor Communications
  • Easily organize and track group conference calls
  • Integrate contacts and activities with Outlook© and Gmail©
  • Add inbound and outbound emails with a single click
  • Automatically watermark attachments to emails
  • Capture all documents in a central repository
  • Manage the contract and legal workflow
  • Satuit2GO lets your team access their data from a mobile phone


Pinnakl’s CRM is the only CRM in the world, built from the ground up, to focus on nothing but hedge fund sales.

  • Zero data entry
  • Hedge Fund Focus
  • Artificial Intelligence, Analytics
  • Ease of Use


Beyond CRM and Data Rooms, Eleven’s interactive software helps hedge funds, private equity firms and financial intermediaries maximize client engagement, become leaders in investor relations and scale.

  • Shorten: your sales cycles
  • Convert: your leads
  • Upgrade: your client relations
  • Scale: your marketing

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