Top 7 Best Clothing Design Software For Professional Designers and Amateur

The fashion industry is changing in subtle ways every day, and some take a little longer than others to be fully accepted and used by everyone in the industry. Most designers feel that everything from conception to the final styling should be done by hand, but other designers have recognized the benefits of and begun using clothing design software.

This type of technology can take otherwise static designs and patterns and create something that is 3-D and able to be interpreted easier by different members of the design process. Before deciding if this type of software is or isn’t for you, it is important that you are able to understand its uses.

All levels of the fashion industry are able to use clothing design software in some way, from textile designers to seamstresses to runway stylists. Depending on the exact software that you choose to use there are different tools that better serve each area of the industry.

It is important to determine what you would use a program for and then match that up to the program that is most compatible. In its most basic form the software gives any designer the platform to keep every one apprised of the design process from beginning to end which can aid in marketing, sales and branding even before the collection is complete.

Putting your tools to work for you is the most important part of the design process and clothing design software lets you do just that. Anything from organization to compilation to referencing is possible to streamline your creativity.

Some programs can take your individual ideas and ist you in putting the best of them to use in styles and cuts that you choose. Once you are comfortable with the design process on the software you might find that it is much easier to design from scratch with it and realize even greater success.


Tailornova is online 3D fashion design software that helps you create unlimited designs easier and faster than ever.

  • Instant Virtual 3D Try On
  • Custom-fit Patterns
  • Algorithmic Layout For Pattern Cutting
  • Innovating The Future


CLO is a 3D fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion and apparel industries.

  • Modular design
  • 3D Simulation & Layer
  • 3D Garment Edit
  • 3D Arrangement
  • 2D pattern design
  • Grading
  • Sewing & Tacking
  • Fabric
  • Hardwares & trims
  • Fine-tuning
  • Avatar
  • Fit check
  • Colorway
  • Print Layout
  • Render image/video
  • Animation Runway
  • Linesheets & Collaboration via CLOSET
  • 3D environment
  • Configuration
  • Compatible file


Browzwear is the leading provider of 3D fashion design, development and merchandising solutions.

  • Design, Develop, and Produce
  • Rapid 3D Design and Styling
  • Collaboration and Merchandising
  • Seamlessly communicate the specs of your garment to your factories
  • Analyze and automatically import specs of any fabric
  • Full integration for automated end-to-end workflows


EFI Optitex provides end-to-end fashion design software including 2D CAD/CAM pattern design & 3D prototyping for fashion, apparel, automotive & upholstery.

  • 3D Design Illustrator
  • Pattern Design Software (PDS) 2D
  • Pattern Design Software (PDS) 3D
  • Revu
  • Marker
  • CutPlan
  • Job Server
  • Digital Collection
  • Collaborate


iDesigniBuy’s Product Design Tool for Web2Print Solutions & tailoring services integrate our custom design tool for eCommerce business to grow your sale.

  • Shirt Design Tool
  • Suit Design Tool
  • Pant Design Tool
  • Abaya customization tool
  • Jacket Design Software
  • Thobe Design Tool
  • Men Kurta Design Tool
  • Hoodies Design Software


Cloud based, user friendly, easy to implement and easy to use PLM, your C-DESIGN Fashion Collection Management is a Cloud PLM Solution fully integrated into your drawing software and accessible from anywhere.

  • Vector & Bitmap in the Same Interface
  • Realistic fabrics & Materials
  • Colors & Pantone dynamic Colors


Virtuality online fashion designing apps seamlessly integrates 3D prototyping into your product development process – without changing the way you work or having to buy expensive clothing design software.

  • Create realistic 3D visualization in no time
  • Sketch to prototype has never been so easy
  • Impress your buyers with virtual simulations geared for real sales

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