Top 7 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software & Tools List

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a set of practices, processes, and tools used to manage the entire life cycle of an application, from conception to retirement. It encompasses all the activities that take place during the development, deployment, maintenance, and retirement phases of an application. ALM aims to streamline and optimize the application development process, improve collaboration among teams involved in the project, and ensure that the application meets the desired quality and performance standards.

The application lifecycle consists of several phases, each with its own set of activities. ALM provides a framework to manage these phases effectively. Let’s briefly discuss each phase:

  • Requirements Management: This phase involves gathering, documenting, and managing the requirements for the application. ALM tools help capture the requirements, track changes, and ensure that they are aligned with the business objectives.
  • Design and Development: In this phase, the application design and development take place. ALM tools provide integrated development environments (IDEs) that facilitate coding, debugging, and testing. Version control systems and collaboration tools help manage code changes and enable effective collaboration among developers.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: This phase involves testing the application to ensure its functionality, performance, and security. ALM tools provide test management capabilities, including test case creation, execution, and tracking. They also support automated testing to increase efficiency and reduce human errors.
  • Deployment: This phase involves preparing the application for deployment, packaging the code, configuring the environment, and deploying it to the production server. ALM tools streamline these activities and help ensure a smooth deployment process.
  • Operations and Maintenance: Once the application is deployed, it needs to be monitored, supported, and updated. ALM tools provide monitoring and analytics capabilities to identify performance issues and enable proactive maintenance. They also help manage incident and change management processes.
  • Retirement: Eventually, an application becomes obsolete or replaced by a newer version. ALM tools facilitate the retirement process by managing the archival of data, removing the application from production, and ensuring a smooth transition to the new application.

ALM is not just a set of tools but also a philosophy that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. It encourages teams to work together and share information to enhance productivity and prevent silos. ALM tools provide a centralized repository for all project artifacts, including requirements, designs, code, test cases, and documentation, making it easier to track progress, ensure consistency, and promote reuse.

ALM also emphasizes the importance of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices. CI ensures that code changes are integrated and tested continuously, reducing the risk of integration issues. CD automates the deployment process, enabling frequent and reliable releases.

ALM is an essential practice for managing the entire life cycle of an application. It helps organizations deliver high-quality applications, improve team collaboration, and increase overall productivity. By adopting ALM practices and leveraging ALM tools, organizations can effectively manage their applications and stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Orcanos integrates ALM (Design control), Quality Management, and Regulatory Compliance into a single SaaS platform, providing a comprehensive solution for companies in the medical device industry.

  • Single Repository for R&D Quality And Regulations
  • End-To-End Traceability
  • DHF Document Generation
  • Impact Analysis
  • Just Start Working…


SAP provides digital support experience with solutions for autonomous Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and service and support delivery for all customers and landscapes, integrating the products that make up the Intelligent Enterprise.

  • Collect business demand regarding new or changed business processes
  • Convert requirements into detailed specifications
  • Configure the applications and check if they match the requirements
  • Transfer changes from a test environment into the live business
  • Provide services required for ongoing operations
  • Analyze service-level fulfillment and perform any activities required to improve results


Pdsvision – manage your software data PTC Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) which now is a part of PTC Windchill the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

  • Software change and configuration management
  • Integration with source code tools like GIT, Subversion, JIRA etc.
  • Requirements definition and management – including agile automation
  • Change, issue and defect tracking
  • Testing
  • Reporting and metrics to support business intelligence
  • Verification and Validation


Helix ALM delivers continuous traceability for complex development. Requirements management, test case management, and issue tracking – all in one place.

  • Requirements Management
  • Testing Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Automated Workflows
  • Risk Management
  • Metrics & Reports
  • Integrations


Kovair ALM provides end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management – ALM solutions – Requirements, Test, Issues, Project, Risk, and Release Management.

  • Comprehensive Integrated ALM
  • Unified platform
  • Better governance
  • Tailor as per your need
  • Manage complex projects
  • Complete visibility


Rocket Software provides IT modernization and IT automation solutions that help businesses solve their most complex IT challenges, across infrastructure, data, and applications.

  • Software change management that makes it easy to embrace change
  • IT workflow automation brings speed to your processes
  • Rocket DevOps release management takes the fear out of managing releases
  • Rocket DevOps deployment management
  • IT compliance is a piece of cake with our ALM software


Rommana Software has the most complete Application Lifecycle Management tools that was recognized as one of the Best ALM Tools. Find out more abot what ALM software should provide.

  • Full Integration and traceability between all project artifacts and activities
  • Full collaboration between all team members throughout all project activities
  • Accessibility of all project artifacts and activities by all team members anywhere 24/7
  • Strong methodologies with checks and balances that guide team members to follow best practices throughout all lifecycle phases
  • A project management framework that is driven by features being delivered
  • Total agility and flexibility to respond to continuously changing business needs and systems behaviour

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