Top 6 Best Mobile Application Management (MAM) Software List

Mobile application management (MAM) software is an emerging technology that helps organizations manage and secure mobile applications used by their employees. With a growing number of employees using mobile devices for work, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to ensure that these devices comply with security and governance policies.

MAM software allows administrators to control the distribution and access of mobile applications. They can define policies that specify which users or devices can access particular applications and set restrictions on how these applications can be used.

Common features of MAM software include app distribution, app wrapping, data encryption, user authentication, and policy management. These features can help businesses manage their mobile environments by providing them with the ability to:

  • Control app distribution: MAM software allows IT administrators to control which applications are distributed to which users or devices. They can specify which applications are mandatory and which are optional. When employees install these applications, the software ensures that they are authenticated and that they meet certain security requirements.
  • App wrapping: Another feature of MAM software is app wrapping. This refers to the process of creating a wrapper around an application that adds security and management capabilities. App wrapping allows administrators to add specific policies or restrictions to an application without requiring the developer to modify the source code. For example, businesses can use app wrapping to add data encryption to an application, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.
  • Data encryption: MAM software can also enforce data encryption policies. Administrators can specify which data is encrypted and how it is encrypted. This ensures that sensitive data is protected both during transmission and while stored on the device.
  • User authentication: MAM software can also help with user authentication. Administrators can specify which users are authorized to use particular applications and can enforce this authentication through various methods like biometric authentication, user passwords, and multi-factor authentication.
  • Policy management: Finally, MAM software provides policy management capabilities that enable administrators to define and enforce various policies. These policies can include restrictions on application usage, expiration dates for applications, and data wipe policies. These policies help ensure that applications are used in compliance with security and governance policies.

The benefits of MAM software are clear. It allows businesses to enforce mobile application policies and ensure that sensitive data is protected. By using MAM software, organizations can:

  • Increase security: MAM software helps businesses to protect sensitive information by enforcing data encryption policies and user authentication. It also enables businesses to enforce application usage policies, ensuring that employees only use approved applications.
  • Improve governance: MAM software enables businesses to govern their mobile environments by providing them with the ability to define and enforce policies. This ensures that applications are used in compliance with governance policies and that devices are managed in alignment with best practices.
  • Increase productivity: MAM software can improve productivity by providing employees with easy access to the applications they need to do their jobs. This ensures that employees are equipped with the tools they need to be productive without compromising security.
  • Reduce IT costs: Finally, MAM software can help to reduce IT costs by providing administrators with the ability to manage mobile environments more efficiently. This reduces the burden on IT departments and frees up resources to focus on other critical tasks.

MAM software is an important technology for businesses that are looking to manage and secure their mobile application environments. It provides the necessary tools and capabilities to enforce policies and ensure that sensitive data is protected. With a growing number of employees using mobile devices for work, MAM software is becoming a critical component of modern IT environments. By investing in MAM software, businesses can improve security, governance, productivity, and reduce IT costs.


Esper enables intelligent, reliable dedicated device management for everyone, from startups to enterprises, with features like kiosk mode, remote control & precise telemetry.

  • Enroll devices with ease
  • Control everything remotely
  • Monitor all devices, apps and deployments
  • Amplify your automation
  • Choose hardware without limitations


APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management grants IT-administrators maximal control over the company’s entire utilized portfolio of corporate, as well as private apps.

  • Installation, de-installation and complete control over apps, during the entire life cycle
  • Detailed control for user authentication
  • Securing of apps on mobile devices
  • Separation of private and corporate implementations on the end user’s device
  • Configuration of app settings in the background
  • Black and white listing for apps and system apps
  • “Volume purchase program” support
  • In house “enterprise app store” for your company
  • Per-App-VPN


Ivanti AppStation provides secure mobile application management for managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

  • Secure Access
  • Empower Contractors
  • Integrated Threat Defense


Voiceplus leading managed mobility and endpoints provider for enterprises seeking a simple solution for complex problems.

  • Cost Management & Optimisation
  • Procurement & Support
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Device Security & Application


AirDroid is an Industry-leading developer specializing in mobile device management, including file transfer, remote access, remote support, device security management, monitor & alerts, Kiosk mode, and more.

  • Staged Rollout
  • Scheduled Release
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Force Installation
  • Custom App Library


WizyEMM is an Android Mobile Device Management solution for managing company-owned & bring your own Android mobile devices.

  • Android MDM made simple
  • Android App Management
  • Secure Android Devices
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Rugged Device Management
  • Android Mobile Content Management
  • Work Profile

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