Top 5 Social Media App Development Companies In London

Social media applications have become an irreplaceable tool for businesses worldwide.

In fact, businesses cannot do without such apps in today’s world of smartphones and people’s steadily increasing dependence on them. These apps do more than help brands connect with their customers; they make them loyal through consistent engagement.

Developing such apps, however, is a complex process that requires expertise. The development involves several teams working together to build, test, and deploy mobile apps.

Fortunately, London has some of the most experienced social media app development companies. The city has the potential to become one of the leading tech hubs in Europe, given its technological sophistication.

This blog offers a list of five top app developers in London to help you make the proper selection.

We’ve handpicked names known for going above and beyond for their clients regarding mobile app development. More importantly, they are skilled in delivering the best and most innovative social media app development services.

London’s Top 5 Agencies In Social Media App Development

1. SparxIT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is an established name among social media app development companies. They have showcased their experience through a range of projects involving custom social network app design.

The company applies a carefully-strategized, extensive development process to every app they create. This approach has successfully worked with hundreds of organizations, from startups and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and large corporations.

SparxIT provides mobile app development services for multiple platforms and requirements, including iOS, Android, blockchain, on-demand, and hybrid apps. It is a pioneer in innovative mobile app development and integrates the latest market trends and features.

Furthermore, it has created applications for numerous high-profile clients, helping their reputation grow immensely over the years.

Their social media app development services also cover all the features that are mainstays of social media apps, including:

  • Profile Creation
  • Media Editing/Sharing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Gaming
  • Chatbots
  • Maps And Other API Integration

They also apply the latest techs to boost engagement, like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Chatbots. The firm has skilled teams working on native and cross-platform applications and offers the option to mobile app developers through separate engagement models.

2. AppIncubator

AppIncubator has been offering its expertise in this field for over ten years. As an experienced technology partner, this company helps businesses with the design, development, and strategic growth of social media mobile applications.

It has teams of professionals with relevant experience and extensive knowledge in compliance, protocols, and security needed to carry out all the steps in the process.

AppIncubator has delivered over 1500 completed projects with a staff of 250+ professionals trained to work and communicate according to the clients’ chosen channels. Their experience enables them to apply the desired forms and features and make various modifications based on the client’s needs. The process they follow involves several steps, including a thorough analysis of the client’s industry, followed by strategic planning for every project.

Some services offered by AppIncubator include:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Frontend
  • UI/UX Design

3. Systango

Systango is also a reputed app development agency with an impressive list of clients in its portfolio. The company is situated in London, with offices in Australia, India, and the USA.

Its employee strength has grown to include over 350 skilled professionals working together to deliver mobile app solutions to startups and enterprises. They adhere to Agile principles in their work and offer end-to-end solutions to their clients with a creative approach.

Systango delivers social networking app development services to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs with the help of their extensive product design expertise. In fact, it has built successful projects for a variety of industries, with clients appreciating its focus on key features and design strategy.

The company employs a team of developers who develop multiple social networking apps to support business objectives. They deliver apps for iOS and Android, working on the following technologies as well:

  • UI/UX
  • Internet of Things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain development

4. Glance

Glance is a multi-award-winning service provider that deserves to be on this list. It is known for providing end-to-end mobile app development services for its clients, increasing the value of their businesses.

The company counts many established brands under its clients, resulting from its user-centric approach to each project. Its teams specialize in delivering software solutions after thorough research and focus on product psychology, user behavior, and market trends.

They can fill the gaps in their client’s target market analysis. The firm has dedicated teams for product development, R&D, and technology consulting.

Its service range covers various app development services, including:

  • Native app development (iOS and Android)
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Wearables

5. Softblues

Softblues is a mobile and web app founded in 2006. It has helped clients with over 700 projects in a span of fifteen years, enabling organizations to broaden their tech capabilities considerably.

The company has experience working with companies ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500, offering their expertise to diverse sectors, including healthcare, travel, entertainment, etc.

The firm has 80+ professionals, helping organizations through teams specialized in UI/UX design, software engineering, quality assurance, business analysis, and project management.

Softblues offers professional consulting services to help its clients choose the right technologies to invest in. In addition to helping decide the best architecture and methodology, they work closely with the development team to ensure that the software project is delivered successfully.

Apart from social media mobile app development, the firm offers a diverse range of services, including:

  • Custom software development
  • Enterprise app development
  • Web app development
  • Software testing
  • API integration
  • Wearable tech
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Bonus: Tips On Searching For Social Media App Development Companies

Here’s a quick list of a few essential things to look for in social media app development companies:

1. Use Of Technologies

Look for a company whose work involves the latest frameworks and technologies. It shows their focus on delivering user-friendly business solutions geared toward the satisfaction of clients and end-users.

2. Methodology And Approach

A majority of companies apply the Agile methodology at present. This approach, along with efficiency-boosting events, is geared toward optimizing processes and delivering the best results. Find out whether the companies on your radar follow this approach.

3. Reliability

Choose a company that respects your ideas and vision and regularly updates you with every small project detail. It shows how much they value their clients’ opinions and feedback.

4. Flexibility

Does the agency offer their clients more than one option in hiring models? The more options the client has, the more freedom they have to choose, instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters.

To Conclude

These are London’s top five social media app development companies with the expertise to build what your business needs. Singling out the best fit for your project among these will be easier once you analyze their portfolios, case studies, ratings, and reviews.

Remember, the service provider should be able to create intuitive and robust apps according to your business needs. The company should help combine social media’s advantages with popular, user-friendly features in a stylish package.

Ultimately, you need an app that will enable users to connect and interact with each other using attractive social networking features. An organization that can provide value-based social networking app development will succeed in delivering an exceptional user experience.

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