Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends

In the past decade, there has been observed a massive change in the shopping attitude of users. The use of mobile applications dominates the industry because of so many significant mobile commerce trends.

For increasing eCommerce sales, it is essential to provide customers with improved services and better user engagement. In this article, we would be presenting the top 5 mobile commerce trends that can be used by businesses in 2022.

With the integration of these technologies or trends in mobile applications, there can be attained a powerful position by businesses in the coming time. With the use of mobile apps, there can be a great conversion rate resulting in an expanded customer base.

Seeking such a response, a lot of businesses have already started looking to avail eCommerce development services to get scalable solutions with unique features and functionalities.

Top 5 Mobile commerce trends

The demand for mcommerce is rising continuously because of the benefits it provides. Let’s highlight some of the significant mobile commerce trends that can support businesses for improved online presence.

1. Shopping via Mobile Apps

In today’s time, people are fond of shopping online with the help of mobile applications. Online shopping has been in trend for a decade but with mcommerce, it has become too easy and convenient for users. Thus, shopping using apps is one of the best mobile commerce trends. Users are now taking use of electronic devices to shop across the world.

Instead of using the internet browser, a maximum of the shoppers make use of mobile applications for fulfilling their shopping needs. Therefore, in the eCommerce world, the use of mobile applications has turned out to be a game changer.

(Source: Statista)

As per the data, there has been a continuous rise in the percentage of retail eCommerce sales across the world from 2016 to 2021. This data reflects how the demand for mobile applications is rising.

Therefore, seeking opportunities from this sector, several businesses are looking to hire app developers from a mobile app development company that can build such applications or solutions that can help users to shop online.

These mobile applications for shopping not only save the time of the buyers but also increase the conversion rate i.e. from a potential buyer to a loyal customer. It helps businesses grow fast and at a low cost and thus this is why it is regarded as one of the top trends in the eCommerce industry.

2. One-Click Ordering

In the list of top mobile eCommerce trends, one more trend that is widely popular is one-click ordering. Now, people do not require much time to shop online as the data is stored already and they can order things or shop with just one click.

There is a lot of information required to place an order such as email address, customer name, billing and shipping addresses, credit card number, card verification, and expiry details. For a single process transaction, it was necessary to fill in all such information. Earlier putting manually all such details needed time and online shopping became a tedious job.

Because of such a tiring job, there is a high percentage of cart abandonment when people use websites for placing orders. But with the introduction of mobile applications, this percentage has decreased and now the checkout process is eased out for the customers.

The eCommerce mobile application helps to store the details of the users in the profile. And when the consumers need to place an order, it can happen in just one click i.e. by using the saved information. Thus, it becomes profitable for both the customers as well as the businesses.

From the customers’ end, all the pain points are eliminated and they can save time. From the businesses’ perspective, there is a high conversion rate and increased successful placement of orders rather than cart abandonments. Also, when using mobile applications, there is a high spending rate of customers as there is easy and quick processing.

Therefore, there is a huge percentage of businesses that have already started using mobile applications, and also many are opting for mobile commerce development services so that they can also have effective solutions for better reach and increased sales.

3. Social Commerce

Earlier social media was regarded as one of the best ways by which businesses work on brand awareness and also gain worldwide exposure. But with the changing time, it has become too difficult for the brands to convert the traffic into potential customers or sales. To help businesses, there comes the trend of social commerce.

It is one of the most famous mobile shopping trends for targeting potential customers and attaining great lead generation. There are specific business pages on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Thus, it helps users to directly purchase products via these social media channels. With such features, businesses can easily tag the products in whatever posts they publish, similar to tagging people.

With such a direct link to the tagged products, it is easy for users to buy the products, then and there. Without searching for products from such a big list, it becomes so easy for the users to reach directly to the landing page of that particular product and purchase it.

Thus, similar to the one-click option, social commerce helps to solve and clear all the pain points of the users while they are in the conversion process. Seeking the popularity of the shoppable posts, a lot of brands have started using this for more traffic and improved direct sales.

4. Voice Shopping

In the past few years, voice assistants have gained huge popularity such as Alexa, Siri, etc. Even people have started using voice commands for searching the products they want to purchase. It has now one of the most prevailing mcommerce trends businesses have hope into for better reach and sales.

In the initial phase, people were using the voice search functions for knowing basic details such as weather updates or for playing music only. But with digitalization and the increased popularity of voice commands, approximately twenty percent of the total searches for any product are voice-based only.

Voice assistants help users to get quick and improved responses. It not only saves the time of the users but also helps businesses to convert the prospective buyer into a customer. Thus, businesses have started to make their mobile applications integrated with such functionality for an increased customer base. Even they look to hire app developers that can seamlessly add this feature to the mobile app solutions.

5. AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are regarded as the top trends in almost all sectors. Similarly, in mobile commerce, the entry of AR and VR has changed the entire scenario of how businesses used to operate.

There is n number of opportunities offered by the integration of these technologies in mobile applications. For better consumer experience, several businesses have integrated AR into applications.

In the case of buying certain décor products, businesses through AR can showcase how it will look in the customer’s house. It helps to offer a real-life experience to the users and ultimately it increases the chances of better customer engagement and growth of the business.

Before the integration of AR, customers needed to adopt the trial and error method, and that does not guarantee customer satisfaction. It is forecasted that by the year 2025, the Augmented Reality and Visual Reality industry will reach approximately $35 billion.

(Source: Statista)

The data also shows that $1.6 billion of the total market is particularly for the retail sector which also includes the mobile commerce industry. This is the starting point of integrating AR and VR into mobile commerce but soon it is expected to reach a very high percentage.

Businesses have already started searching for experienced mobile app development companies that can offer eCommerce development services so that they can have the most innovative and unique app solutions for attaining a better competitive edge.

Summing Up,

In the eCommerce industry, various mobile trends play a vital role in the growth and success of businesses. For online sellers, there are huge opportunities offered by mobile commerce. All you need to do is to explore the various mobile commerce trends and adapt them for taking your business to next level. The advancement of technology can change the scenario and can help businesses to define their position in the coming future. Thus, for offering better customer service, businesses need to work on these trends to deliver enhanced user experience.

If businesses follow these trends, then there is a high chance of gaining competitive benefits and huge market stability. The above-mentioned mobile commerce trends are presently buzzing around and can help businesses power their mobile applications for better opportunities and an increased customer base.

But the integration of these technologies in mobile apps requires knowledge, experience, and skills. Thus, if you are also planning to build mobile applications using these trends, you must hire a good mCommerce app development company that offers efficient eCommerce development services.

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