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It is rightly said that the internet is perhaps the most powerful invention ever made by man, as life seems to revolve around this tool in modern times. Almost all the professional fields are dependent on the internet, as it has brought about ease in the whole process. Talking about the field of education where a virtual classroom is the trend that is growing in popularity, the need of whiteboard software has increased. For people who wonder as to what is meant by whiteboard software, this article will be of immense help, as it covers various aspects about this software, so that one may select the right kind of software that suits his personal needs.

It would be ideal to begin the discussion with a brief note on what whiteboard software actually means. In simple words, whiteboard software is nothing but software that enables a person to synchronize a whiteboard on to his computer screen and thereby, share it with other people. This enables ease in communication and sharing of ideas. One may actually write on the white board by touching a pen or his fingers on the whiteboard that is then shown on his screen,. The facility can be of immense help to students who learn through distant learning programs. Also, overseas businesses that make use of an online conference for most of their transactions need to make use of whiteboard software to aid the operation of their interactive whiteboard.

There are various whiteboard software that are available on the internet at present and the features that are housed in each vary. One has to look for those versions of the whiteboard software that contain options for a person to include annotations and other features that bring in more realistic nature to the communication that happens through the use of whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboard Software – An Innovation

There is no doubt that the Interactive whiteboard software has revolutionized today’s education system. With this revolution college and university students can now breathe from the suffocating tuition expenses. It offers the less-expensive alternative of attending classes via the internet. This certainly helps the students spend less on board, room and commuting expenses.

However, interactive whiteboard software technology may be thought to have its short comings. One issue noticed is that they deny students the chance to attain knowledge that comes by interaction with fellow colleagues and teachers. Many ideas that a student may gain from a teacher are easily distorted and the key points missed out. Proper illustrations may also be missed out. This may result to poor grades due to lack of quality education and information.

Interactive Education Made Easier Via Internet

As a teacher, any part of your lesson is interactive and dynamic hence memory retention is enhanced. This also provides students with a deeper understanding of any subject at hand. It is always your wish that students do not miss out on anything you want them to comprehend. Thanks to the technology behind the interactive whiteboard software this has made interaction education easier.

Interactive Whiteboard Software Makes Internet Learning Possible

As an educator, you are always attempting to give life to written text. This does not go without saying that this is almost impossible for a distance learning set-up. Now, the main obstacle for distance learning via the internet has been eliminated. You are now able to experience quality learning from any part of the world with the interactive whiteboard software.

Live Classroom Set-Up Via Internet

Teachers and students can now interact with each other, move and manipulate objects on the screen. Passages and texts can be highlighted as making notations on graphics, chats, videos, altering images and much more. All these can be done in real time. Nothing is lost from the live classroom set-up and teachers can still personalize their approach to education; thanks to the interactive whiteboard software.

Another area that may need interactive whiteboard software is during employee training or business team training. If you are educating or training employees who work from different offices, this technology makes it easy to reach them at the comfort of their own offices. No more worries of late meetings or misinformation. Every employee gets the same information despite the distance between them.

The interactive whiteboard software eliminates the hassle of booking flights and commuting for business meetings or training programs. It helps you cut down on organizing costs. You no longer need to be worried about getting late for meetings since you can easily connect from your laptop wherever you are.

The interactive whiteboard software is one of the most powerful educational tools that are a must have for the modern day education system. It will assure you a proper and interactive education despite the distance. It will save you time and money which is usually involved in the normal classroom setting. Get proper explanations on different subjects as you interact with your lecturers at your own pace for better understanding. The interactive whiteboard software is worth considering.

Using an interactive whiteboard – what you need to know

Interactive whiteboard that works on whiteboard software is growing in popularity among the people of the present day world due to the importance they associate to the use of the internet. One would not be wrong in saying that life seems to have come to a standstill, when one is unable to access the internet for a day. With such a great role played by the net in the lives of people, it is important to synchronize all the activities of man on the net so that ease is brought to the whole process of communication and education. Though video conference is said to be the backbone of many businesses of the present day, the inclusion of an interactive whiteboard would make things more meaningful as this would make it possible for a person to avoid confusion of any kind that might show up in the long run.

The whiteboard software can be installed with ease by a person in a few steps before he starts making use of the interactive whiteboard for practical purposes. For students who believe in group studies, whiteboard can be of immense help as they can sit in their home and study along with their friends with the help of a whiteboard. In such cases, it is important to make use of whiteboard software that provides options of including annotation and other alternative texts that would help in better explanation of the concept.

For aspects like online education and distance learning, whiteboards are a must since under these circumstances, the relevance of selection of the right kind of whiteboard software arises. Though there are many sources on the net, that provide whiteboard softwares, one needs to make sure that the whiteboard software he buys is loaded with various features that make the entire process of communication easier.


OpenBoard is an open source cross-platform interactive whiteboard application. OpenBoard is intended for use primarily in schools and universities, and can be used both with interactive whiteboards or in a dual-screen setup with a touchscreen and secondary display.

  • Easy to Install
  • Open Source
  • Universal
  • Simple
  • K-12 to Academia
  • Handwriting


Schoolcare are providers of ICT Solutions for Schools and Education – ICT Suites, Meru, Wireless, Audio Visual, installations, digital signage, CCTV and lockdown, visitor management systems and networking with ICT technical support.

  • Interactive whiteboard (Range of makes and models to choose from)
  • Projector (Range of makes and models to choose from with standard throw, short throw and ultra-short throw)
  • Projector mounting kit
  • AV face plates and cables
  • Speakers
  • Installation of all of the above including necessary power for the projector or interactive whiteboard


Use IntuiFace to create interactive presentations, information kiosks, point-of-sale installations and more.

  • Create using a modern platform
  • Start from scratch or use samples and templates
  • Target Any Screen Size
  • Take Advantage of Extensive Content Support
  • Treat All Media As Interactive
  • Import Your PSD files
  • Structure with Layers
  • Use Advanced Layouting Help
  • Organize into Collections
  • Design Assistance
  • Structure Using Excel
  • Jump Start With Design Accelerators


Simple multi-touch software for your touchscreen presentations. Custom solutions from broadcast presentations to in-store interactive digital signage.

  • Quick Launch Meetings with Easy File Access
  • Seamless Secondary Screen Usage
  • Works with Your Files in Native Format
  • Familiar Gesture Based User Interface
  • Share Notes & Annotated Feedback with Ease
  • Screenshot Your Meeting Content into an Ideaboard
  • Display & Compare Content Quickly on Screen
  • Involve Your Entire Team in the Workspace
  • Dynamic Presentation Tool
  • Built-In Collaboration Essentials


Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration tool for distributed teams.

  • Templates & frameworks
  • Infinite canvas
  • Widge
  • Mouseover collaboration
  • Easy screen sharing & presentations
  • Embedded video, chat & commenting
  • Projects
  • 20+ integrations
  • Account & user administration

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