Top 5 Healthcare Software Development Companies

Can you imagine what healthcare was like before the technological transformation?

Correct diagnosis took decades. Maintaining patient records was a cumbersome process. Most importantly, developing a cure for diseases was no less than a miracle! Plus, there were no machines to help the doctors save lives.

Isn’t all of this hard to process? From home-made medicines to fully equipped hospitals, the healthcare industry has come a long way!

Let’s take the example of the recent pandemic.

What helped us the most in the fight against Covid-19? Technology! From disseminating important information and maintaining patient records to researching for a cure, healthcare professionals needed technology at every step during this pandemic to manage the spread of this deadly virus.

In this blog, I have explained how technology has revolutionized healthcare. Plus, I have also covered different types of healthcare software and the top healthcare software development companies for 2022.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Most top-notch hospitals have a fully digitalized environment today.

The fusion of technology into healthcare is beneficial for all the concerned parties, including doctors, patients, and hospital management.

Gone are the days where patients had to visit the hospital every time they needed to talk to their doctor. Now, they can reach a doctor instantly through health applications and patient portals. Plus, the quality of treatment has increased due to the advanced tools and techniques available now.

The doctors now have patient records at their fingertips. They don’t have to maintain countless files or enter data into a computer system manually. Patient registration, form filling, record maintenance, file management, and data storage, all of such time-taking tasks are now automated!

Healthcare management can now achieve higher levels of patient satisfaction. Happy patients mean more profit for the business. These patients also stay with their organization for the long term.

Types of Healthcare Software

Tech companies and hospitals are working together to provide the best healthcare facilities to the world.

How do tech companies play a vital role in transforming healthcare? The answer is quite simple; they introduce different software, applications, and digital gadgets to aid healthcare professionals in the diagnosis, communication, patient management, and numerous other aspects.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of healthcare available in the market right now.

Electronic Health Records: EHR software automates the maintenance of patient records for hospitals, including their personal information, medical charts, and medications. This data is collected and stored in a digital format. It can be accessed through a secure digital platform by authorized users when required. Plus, it can be integrated across different healthcare departments in just a few seconds.

Medical Diagnosis Software: MDS software allows the real-time exchange of information between different medical specialties for quick diagnosis. Plus, this software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to examine all available patient data and reach probable diagnoses. Also, e-health applications use this software for remote and holonic diagnosis.

Medical Database: This software is quite similar to Electronic Health Records (EHR). The only difference between them is that EHR categorizes information by patients while medical database categorizes information by diseases. Categorizing by diseases helps doctors make better treatment decisions by cross-referencing the cases with the same disease. They can also improve their skills and knowledge by reading about a particular disease.

Medical Imaging & Visualization: As the name suggests, this software lets the doctors have a clear view of the internal body parts. They are used in scans like CT and MRI to check for any internal body damage. Advanced medical imaging is an integral part of surgical planning and telesurgery. This software is vital for diagnosing different body systems in real-time.

Telehealth & Telemedicine: These technologies have reduced the need for physical visits to the doctors. They allow doctors to attend to their patients online through a web browser or an application. Features like video conferencing, e-prescriptions, and billing modules make healthcare convenient for both, doctors and patients. Telehealth applications also enable doctors to extend healthcare services, like patient education, health information services, and self-care services, through digital communication.

Health Tracking Apps: Be it fitness, nutrition, or stress relief, you can track any aspect of your health through apps now! Most healthcare apps work in collaboration with IoT devices like wristbands, jewelry, glucometers, and thermometers.

Hospital Management: This software is designed to handle all the administrative tasks in a hospital. It automates accounting, medical billing, medical billings, claims, In-out door patient management, and inventory management. Plus, it is integrated with EHR to keep patient records simultaneously.

Others: Another useful healthcare software is for medical research that allows the medical community to share educational material and researches. Then there are apps for tracking health insurance. We have patient engagement software that helps healthcare providers in engaging with patients online.

Top Healthcare Software Development Companies 2022

Now, let’s see which software development companies are the best in their field.

1. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a healthcare software development service company that offers scalable custom healthcare software and app development solutions to businesses.

  • Telehealth apps
  • Electronic health record
  • mPrescription
  • Process management
  • Medical insurance claim
  • Electronic health information exchange
  • Laboratory management
  • Patient gateway
  • Software integration
  • Lifestyle tracking

2. Bigscal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Bigscal is a renowned software development company that helps businesses embrace effective practices in the system. We follow approaches that fulfill every demand that businesses need to give to their customers. Our practices highly rely on potent tools to provide a plethora of patient care services.

We help clients converge the latest trends into the healthcare system which efficiently opens multiple opportunities in their business. Bigscal leverages an elite framework that streamlines every step of hospital work and elevates efficacy in medical practices. Eminent as a recognized healthcare software development firm, Bigscal is equipped with the best infrastructure that helps businesses to update all old pesky practices that were giving worthless outputs. We help clients lead healthcare practices by embracing the right strategies that give profitable returns.

3. IntellectSoft

This reliable firm builds the perfect digital platform for healthcare organizations. Just look at its cutting-edge transformative solutions, and you will know why! Their customer-centric approach is what makes their software a huge success in the market. Plus, they can handle the development of a broad range of healthcare software, including IoT-powered medical solutions, EHR systems, and clinical data management systems.

4. Glorium Technologies

Want your software to address the needs of modern patients? Hire Glorium Technologies! They will design software that fits your business environment and requirements to the core. Check out their recent Covid Relief App to get an idea about how they use strategic planning and technical expertise to their best.

5. 10clouds

Do you have an idea of how your healthcare software should be? Discuss it with 10clouds, and they will make sure you get exactly what you want. Their highly experienced team is well-versed in different programming languages. They understand the dynamics of the modern business world. That is why their solutions are known to provide a high return on investment.

6. Oxagile

Their approach to software development is quite versatile. Their wide range of software applications embedded with rich features is already performing well in the market. Whether you own a hospital, a clinic, or any other healthcare institution, Oxagile can build custom software to accommodate your business specifications. Their patient portal, health tracker, and feature-rich analytics solutions are worth checking out!

7. One Tree

This company combines the knowledge of software development, UI/UX design, and business tech strategies into one. Consequently, their solutions have innovative features that not only impress but also perform well. You should definitely collaborate with them if you want to bring something new to the healthcare industry.


Tech integration into the healthcare industry is one of the greatest blessings for humanity. In fact, the use of software and other digital technologies by healthcare organizations has literally saved millions of lives.

Different types of healthcare software being used currently include medical database software, EHR, medical imaging and visualization, telehealth, telemedicine, hospital management system, health tracking apps, medical diagnosis, and many more!

This blog mentions the top software development companies specializing in the healthcare sector. For a complete digital solution that fits your hospital, clinic, or any other health institution, you can select one of the best companies from the list above!

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