Top 5 Best Virtual Data Room (VDR) Providers Comparison

A VDR or Virtual Data Room refers to proprietary extranet series which provide a data repository online. Typically, businesses utilize this secured virtual data room to contribute significant information with external partners and customers in an online and secured environment. A virtual data room permits the parties to take a look at those documents that are related to a certain transaction for authorized users. Documents are accumulated in an electronic format accessed through the Internet and a vital server.

Virtual data rooms, which are also known as virtual deal rooms are expected to be confidential and secure virtual meetings rooms wherein attorneys, accountants, buyers and all other professionals could review sensitive documents. Primarily, VDRs are chiefly utilized by attorneys to meet up their clients. However today, VDRs are utilized in a wide range of businesses wherein is it used as a cost-effective alternative to eradicate the need to provide physical data or requirement for a consultation room.

There are many companies today that are offering virtual data room services using various software internet portals. Leading merchant banks, merger and acquisition teams, lawyers as well as accountants are some of the most active parties that are using these VDRs. This way, their documents are posted in a prearranged manner and let other parties all over the world access their documents in an entirely auditable, protected and trouble-free manner.

Benefits of a VDR

Choosing the right virtual data room for your own business needs and requirements can provide you with implausible core advantages. This guarantees you to reduce overheads, save money and determine maintenance issues. Here are the benefits of VDRs:

  • A VDR solution have no issues for maintenance, easy to set up, can easily be adjust and requisites no involvement from your overloaded Information Technology department
  • VDR offers a worldwide avenue for M and A, conquest and property contracts compared with wholly hard copy and face-to-face data dealings
  • VDR is on a hosted service and you can easily access it from any kinds of web browser
  • A VDR can be accessed 24/7
  • It aids to improve the understanding and control of bidders
  • It aids to elevate your business transactions which assume improved accessibility.
  • This provides good security for your information. No one is authorized to take away or download all your information in the VDR
  • Only upon verification and authorization, one can take a look at his important information
  • It features a dynamic watermarking when you print or view your documents.
  • It can be instantly accessed from anywhere which means the due diligence process of your documents becomes noticeable much swifter
  • This provides administrative reports along with wholly audited downloaded files, uploaded files as well as logins of bidders
  • This provides a tracking and readies facility which confirms whether your client has received your sent files or not
  • An effective and flexible VDR may also permit your company to build up a custom workflow which allows it to capture and elevate efficiency across your whole business scope


Leading VDR company trusted by financial service professionals for secure file-sharing and collaboration.

  • Work with SmartRoom VDR files from the comfort of your desktop
  • Send documents securely directly to your data room from your email
  • Zip large data volumes into a single folder before uploading to your VDR for faster upload speed
  • Keep your information secure by remotely detonate documents even after they have been downloaded by end-users
  • Customize, schedule, and drill down reports to monitor and analyze all activity in your data room
  • Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights down to the document level
  • Easily share confidential documents with seamless control through a secure link
  • Create, edit, modify and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents within your VDR
  • Accelerate due diligence  by centralizing your entire Q&A workflow within SmartRoom
  • And More.


Thousands of companies trust iDeals, the most innovative virtual data room provider. iDeals virtual data room platform empowers your team to invest their time into what they do best.

  • Document Management
  • Document Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Access Security
  • User Management
  • Reports
  • Q&A
  • Speed & Availability
  • Customization
  • Corporate Single Sign-On Authentication
  • Security Compliance


FirmRoom platform is the number one trusted VDR among M&A professionals and easy to implement. It has innovative features like drag and drop, smart search, and detailed analytics.

  • Conveniency
  • Data Security
  • Data Processing
  • Management functions
  • Analytics
  • Upload Confirmation
  • Data Indexing
  • Files Bookmarking
  • Notifications
  • Time Tracking
  • Filters


DFIN’s Venue provides visibility and control over your data while it stays securely protected. Our virtual data room platform allows you to confidently manage your deals and business transactions from start to finish.

  • Custom organization
  • Rigorous security at every level
  • Simple user management
  • Bring your deals to life


Nextcloud is the most deployed on-premises file share and collaboration platform.

  • Secure view in action
  • Secure Mailbox
  • Remote wipe
  • Watermarks and secure inbox

Tips to Choose a Company to Provide Virtual Data Room Services

When you are looking for virtue data room services, you need to look for a company that can allow you exchange confidential information in a secure and efficient manner. This is why you need to consider several factors in order to help you in the most efficient manner. This article offers you some of the things you need to look for in a virtual data room firm to ensure you get the best services. Here are some of the things too look for.


One of the factors you need to consider is the size of your business. In addition, you should also consider your sector in order to choose a service that will be able to meet your expectations. You need to work with a company whose services can be used by businesses of all sizes and sectors. Before you enter into any agreement with a service ensure that it has the ability to handle the amount data you have. It should also have ability to work on data in your specific area of specialization. This is the only way that you will have the assurance that all your needs will be met in the right manner.


Just like when you are looking for any other business service, it is good to work with a virtual data room firm with more than ten years of experience. The company you select should have several years of experience in providing confidential data services for major companies in different areas. If it is possible look for a service that works at a global level. With such a company you can be assured of getting high quality virtual data room services.


A good virtual data room firm should be comprised and managed by experts with first hand experience. As you search for a firm, request to see the qualification documents of the experts working in the different firms so that you can choose the one with the most qualified experts. Look for a firm that has deal coordinators in which each of the data room is managed by a deal coordinator to ensure success in that room. The coordinator must posses high level experience to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services offered in each room.


Always go for a virtual data room provider who is available 24/7. This will ensure that you can seek assistance any time you want without any form of inconvenience. The company should have a back up team that ensure this 24/7 availability. Before you hire a company, ensure that all the team members working in the company have the preliquisite qualifications and experience.


It is good to work with a company that offers robust, secure and simple Virtual data room services. Ensure the company focuses a lot of your time and resources making sure that each component of the platform makes the entire process easier. The company should also be able to offer up to speed services and ensure that the company has platform in which data rooms can be set up within the shortest time possible.

The Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

Securing business documents is always among the first priorities in a business environment. Company records are not supposed to be kept in any cabinet that is in the office where those documents are regularly accessed. They need to be put in a data center where they can be stored and accessed securely. That is when the virtual data rooms do come in handy as they are essential for facilitating due diligence which is a process that is very important during private equity, loan syndication, M&A transaction and capital transactions in a venture just but a few. It stores and also share this information within relevant parties. Disclosure of documents in the past were done in a manual way but thanks to this as it now facilitates that in a more secure and efficient way.

Here are its many benefits:

Data Protection: The information released by data centers cannot be accessed by unauthorized person or manipulated. The use of digital signatures makes it impossible to alter data.

Controlled Environment: During the process of merger and acquisition using virtual data rooms the information are in one control data room and the parties who are interested can see the information as it is. This makes it possible to impose confidentiality whereby one can be given rights either to view, copy or print. This makes it possible for SEVERAL bidders to access the data at a go unlike when it used to be with a physical data room.

24/7 Availability: One of the greatest advantages of virtual data rooms is the fact that it can be accessed any time one wants. Unlike physical data rooms, this one is different in the sense that it is available on 24/7 hour basis, as long as the time limit is till free for access.

On Time: The regulators and investors need to receive relevant information when they need it. With this, they will get information on time or any time they need it. Other than that, it also comes in an efficient way such as a print.

Profitable: In a single merge and acquisition transaction, VDR will payoff as compared to when a manual data room would have been used and this has been proven by many of those who have utilized it.

Quick to Setup: It does not take a couple of weeks or months before it is fully functional. It can take just a few minutes before it is up and running as long as there are scanned data and others that may be in form of electronic media is available. Adding more information or changing that which existence barely requires any effort.

Easy Understanding of Bidding: It makes its easy to understand bids that have been made. Using manual data rooms made it difficult to understand even a single bidder as it took a lot of time before a conclusion could be made.

The last but not the least is that it has been praised for securing more deals which are of course of higher prices than would have been. Global markets can easily participate in M&A transaction as they can access it as there is no need for face to face transaction or hard-copy materials.

Why Use Virtual Data Rooms for You Business

There are many business owners nowadays who are completely aware of how dangerous it is to store all their files in a physical storage equipment or room. If your business is in the process of growing and is starting to store in a lot of papers and documents because of more transactions, then it is time that you consider getting Virtual Data Rooms. VDRs are designed to provide the same strengths that physical data rooms can offer. However, these are able to offer more security and privacy to users than the physical counterpart.

Virtual Data Rooms can do many similar things that any conventional data rooms can do just like the following:

  • Controlling the access on the stored files and documents.
  • Viewing any files, copying and also printing whatever files are needed.
  • These can also set time limits on the viewing and also the logging process for every user.

See, the same features are also provided of the VDRs. But aside from these things, there are still more things you and your business can take advantage with using these virtual options. These extra features that you can benefit from its use are the following:

  • Unlike the physical data rooms, you will no longer have to rent a standard location anywhere near your business office since you are storing files and documents online.
  • You will not have to hire personnel for transporting important documents from one place to another since everything can be sent online.
  • Any data you file with this option is accessible whenever you want and wherever you are. You are not restricted to open or go through files during office hours alone since the files can be accessed by authorized users whenever they need to.

With all of these extras, any business owner will be convinced that they have made the right decision in keeping all of their important files stored in a cloud-storage where access can also be set in a restricted manner. Furthermore, as a business owner like you, all you want to do is to make sure that any document or file needed by your client will be sent efficiently. When you stick with the physical data storage, you have to let couriers do the job and may take some time before the needed files reach your client. But with the Virtual Data Rooms, you get to find the files fast and even send it to your clients in a timely manner.

Due to advancements in technology, there is no doubt why there are more business owners who are trying to find the best provider of VDRs and who has the best offers for their cloud storage features.

There are many providers that can be found in the online community nowadays and you will be surprised when you find out that there are already thousands of businesses from different industries are already using it. Virtual Data Rooms are beneficial additions with your business and you must not neglect its benefits with your business success.

Important Factors in Comparing Virtual Data Room Services

Say, you have already found out the benefits that your business can get from the use of Virtual Data Room Services. Now, the only thing that would probably bother you is with various providers of VDR services, how can you find the right services to cover your business? Another thing that would bother you is how you can possibly find the right provider for your needs and make it possible to get the maximum benefit from it.

Well, there is a solution for this kind of problems and learning the important factors that Virtual Data Room Services should have. You must learn how every provider can satisfy their clients and since you are a soon-to-be-client of any service provider, you must learn the factors that you should be looking for the services that you will get in the future.

If you are ready to get to know the important factors, then start checking out the following:

Cost of the Services: The very first thing that you must consider looking is the cost of the services. Every business sets their budget whenever there are new services that they should be getting or trying for the business. In this case, you need to find services that are offered at costs that are suitable for the budget your business has.

Security of the Services: It is given that Virtual Data Room Services are considered as more secure options than the physical counterpart. But because of the worsening online piracy and hacking activities, it is only necessary that you will be using services that offers complete security over files and documents that will be stored under their cloud storage systems. Make sure that services come with firewalls or are equipped with security applications.

Service Levels by the Company: You must learn the service levels of the company and whether they are able to provide complete assistance before, during and after the VDRs are set up. Check whether they are offering 24/7 technical support to make sure that you will have an easy time getting some help on any issue that you might encounter with using the product.

Reliability of the Platform: One of the main keys on making sure that the services that you can get are the best one for you is if the platform is reliable or not. Make sure that the platform that you have chosen can provide certain features that your business needs to avoid encountering any problems in regards with the process of dealing with the services that you are expecting from the provider.

When you checked that any of your chosen providers has all of these factors included in their Virtual Data Room Services, then it is time that you narrow down your list and just settle with the one that is able to meet your storage and accessibility requirements. This way, you can be assured that you will have an easy time dealing with what your business needs and just settle with what the one that can provide the best deals for you.

Secure Virtual Data Rooms

Also known as data sites or deal rooms, secure virtual data rooms are online repositories of depots of information of different forms, which is utilized for keeping and distributing of documents.

Secure data rooms allow you to keep and access different kinds of information in the cloud. Your clients will often need to do complex deals that required a lot of information to change hands. This may include financial transactions and legal documents that may be involved. This information is sometimes complicated and sensitive, so secure virtual data rooms will help you determine who should be able to access that information and many offer detail monitoring services. They are available to replace the traditional document storerooms that many financial companies and law firms used to utilized during various deals.

What You Need To Know

With everything seemingly having migrated to the internet, virtual data rooms have followed suit, serving virtually every sector that needs to store and share information. Some of the latest users of virtual data rooms include firms in medical sciences as well as healthcare and government facilities. The increase in bankruptcies, fuelled by the recent global recession has also contributed to the popularity of VDRs among the various parties.

Generally, data rooms allow users to set various control levels and decide who can access what in complex and sensitive deals and they are also able to monitor who gains access to different documents.

The popularity of virtual data rooms is expected to rise at a rapid rate as the transition to digital systems gains momentum and as users discover the benefits of secure virtual data rooms.

The Benefits:

Remote Access: A virtual data room provides employees with the capability to access information from wherever they are and at any time. This is a great investment for companies that have multiple workstations or staff working remotely. With employees working in multiple time zones, you will no longer need to wait for data. This allow staff member to remain productive for longer. It also allows employees to access the same documents, which is particularly important if several team members are handling the same project.

Convenient document access: VDRs allow a quick and convenient way to access the important files or documents. The system is often set to let users know when a new version of a file has been uploaded. Files can be seen and shared by team members online to help save on costs or be faxed or printed. Such a system will help ensure employees always find the information they need at any given time.

Security: As mentioned earlier, the system can be set to various control levels, depending on the required level of security. This is important for firms that deal with complex and sensitive data or those that have to follow various regulations regarding the protection of proprietary data.

Cleaning a Data Room – How to Do It?

Cleaning a data room thoroughly and carefully to eliminate the dust without causing harm to a computer system or its components is very important. Any data room that operates one or two servers should be cleaned regularly in order to enable the system to run with no disruptions which helps prevent overheating.

Cleaning your data room with any anti-static products will reduce the possibility for an electrostatic shock to occur that can corrupt the segments of the data that has been stored electronically. Dust should be removed and eliminated to keep the servers running cool and clean. Here are the steps that you should follow to get the job done right:

Steps on How to Properly Clean a Data Room

  1. First and foremost, you should consult with the information technologies counseling of the company prior to clean a data room to determine whether you can turn off the data servers temporarily while you clean them. Cleaning the computers will be more efficient if you do it while the computers are turned off. It also lessens the chance for damages to occur.
  2. You need to insert the straw attachment in the compressed air container’s spray nozzle so that you can start blasting the dust from the components of the computers. Ensure that the straw’s tip is kept at least two inches apart from the electronics every now and then. You can use a flashlight so that you can see where you’re spraying. Grip a pencil within the computer’s fan path before you clean it using a compressed air. That way, it will be prevented from spinning too fast that can result to damage.
  3. You may spray a thin coat of the anti-static electronic cleaner straight on the microfiber fabric to wipe down the external surfaces of the data room. Never to wipe down the interior components of the computers using a damp cloth.
  4. You may vacuum the data room’s floor using a hose attachment while ensuring that the vacuum container is kept away from the server as possible. Vacuum motors may build up some strong electromagnetic charges which may disrupt the system of your computers.
  5. You may set up an electric air cleaner so that you can filter all dust particles and keep them away from air and your data servers. Please be reminded that ion generators and your ionizers may cause the airborne particles to go with the air but don’t strain them out.
  6. You may turn your computers back on through the help of an information technology specialist. Do not forget to tell all your staffs who have access to the data room to keep their foods and any liquids out of the room at all times. From that way, your data room will stay clean between your visits.

Other Considerations

Loose fitting clothes might snag on the wiring or knob. This can result to a problem with the computer system. You should pick form fitting and neat clothes to wear when you have to work within the data room.

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