Top 5 Best Small Business Database Software

In this age where everything is digital and high-tech, it pays to keep your business at pace with the competition by using small business database software. This is ideal for small and start-up business owners who yearn to cut the costs of operation and stay ahead of the competition while staying efficient and growing their business.

The best database software is industry or product-specific. Thankfully, there’s always an ideal software that’s fit for a specific industry and that can help maximize small business applications. Industry veterans and expert software programmers have recently made a shift to designing business- or process-specific software to match the needs of different niches.

Get Your Employee’s Opinion Before Purchasing Database Software

Plenty of today’s customer database management software programs are designed to guarantee stability for multiple users, having different but synchronous access. And since workers tend to be closely-knit in a small business atmosphere, it is faster to hear feedback on software shortcomings compared to larger business organizations.

Implementing a small business database software program should come after consulting with the business’s employees. After all, it is their job that is directly affected by the decision of getting a particular type of application. So start by getting their opinion, especially those who will use the software. This way, you can gather enough suggestions and ideas on how this client database software can be best integrated for the maximum benefit of the current system your business uses.

Train Employees on How to Properly Use Database Software

Once everyone has agreed to incorporate the small business database software into the day-to-day office operation, the next step is to train the employees on how to properly use this system.

For a small business, training should be done on-site by employing the service of an accredited trainer from the company that manufactured the software. A freelance consultant may also be a good choice.

You can also delegate an employee to train coworkers. You can send him to a training seminar beforehand, where he can become certified and acquire the skills that he can pass on to his fellow workers. This is highly practical and a huge time-saver since office staff no longer have to stop working just to spend a day or two getting trained on how to use the software.

By choosing one staff member as the in house expert, you will maximize the team’s efficiency at work while giving them the feeling of being a part of the organization.

Use Database Software for Day-to-Day Business

Once you have implemented a database software for your business, make sure that it is incorporated into the day-to-day operations of the business. Then you can utilize the many benefits of small business database software storage and retrieval of information is not only made faster and more convenient, but it will also allow for many different reports and efficiency improvements in the organization.

That is why, the more multi-featured package you choose, the easier and more adaptable it is to use together with spreadsheets, presentations, reports, and word-processing tools.

So, when choosing and installing database software, an integral part of its success is to get the employees and users to actively participate during the training and implementation process so as to make sure that the software is successful immersed within the company’s day-to-day operations.

This way, the software does its job of boosting the efficiency, which translates to improved productivity and higher profits.


Fusioo helps growing businesses get organized. Create your custom online database and manage everything in one place.

  • Tracking information
  • Structuring information
  • Visualizing information
  • Realtime Filtering
  • App Relationships


CentriQS offers small business management software and custom database solutions for small and medium enterprise businesses.

  • Folders
  • Links
  • Permissions
  • Notifications
  • Templates
  • Layouts & Presets
  • Search
  • Filters
  • AD Authentication
  • RTF Editor
  • Pivot Tables
  • Analytical Charts
  • Dashboards
  • History Log


Knack makes it easy to build online databases without coding. Simple, powerful, and backed by world class support.

  • Completely Custom
  • Supercharge Your Data
  • Live Data, Instant Insights
  • Plays Well With Others
  • Put Your Data To Work
  • Accept Payments With No Coding
  • Speed & Security You Can Rely On
  • And Even More!


Innovate faster with database, data management, and cloud platform technology for small and midsize businesses.

  • SAP HANA and Databases
  • Data Intelligence and Orchestration
  • Information Governance and Metadata Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality and Integration
  • SAP Cloud Platform


Devart is a vendor of database development and management software for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostrgeSQL, data connectivity solutions, data integration products, and developer productivity tools.

Database Design:

  • Design tables in visual editor
  • Draw objects in database diagram


  • Coding assistance and refactoring
  • T-SQL and stored routines debugging
  • Compare database schemas on different instances
  • Database source versioning
  • Database documentation

Testing and performance tuning:

  • Generate test data
  • Database unit testing
  • Query profiling

Data Loading:

  • Edit data in convenient visual editor
  • Compare and sync data on different servers
  • Data importing and exporting


  • Design complex queries visually
  • Data reporting
  • Master-Detail browsing
  • Pivot data viewing


  • Database monitoring
  • Manage index fragmentation
  • Monitor server events
  • Encrypting/decrypting routines
  • Audit data changes
  • And More.

What is database management software?

Database management software is a program that will help you store information efficiently so that when you need to modify or retrieve specific details, like a particular customer’s information, you can do so without any difficulty.

Businesses deal with huge amounts of information all the time. And during daily operations, employees will need to store and retrieve information whenever they need it. Without good database software programs, this can become a long and arduous process. Imagine how angry a customer asking for details of a previous transaction would be if you’d have to go through piles of documents. Something that should take only a few seconds could take hours.

Without a means to efficiently sort and retrieve data, businesses both large and small will suffer. This can contribute to loss of clients.

What does this mean for your business? It simply means you have to get the best database software.

How does database software work?

A database management program is similar to a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is simply a software program that contains tables and rows where data is stored. With a such a program, you will be able to easily update, add, and modify information. This can help sort the data you need and compile this data to make reports.

This software will help you (and other users) to search, modify, sort, review, and analyze data. Running a business will become a lot easier with the help of a database management system.

There are many different database management systems available today and the options available have expanded greatly. From once having only Oracle and Microsoft Access to choose from, everyone can now use FileMaker Pro, Avanquest MyDatabase, and Delicious Monster Software among many others.

What can you get out of database software programs?

  • Ease of storing data: Using the Internet as an avenue for your business (even those with traditional business models) will bring forth tons of information that one has to store. It can be hard to manually store data, like papers and documents, because they can easily pile up and limit your space. With the best database software, you will be able to easily store all the data your business needs. Inventories, contacts, and personnel data are just some examples of what you can store in such system.
  • Systematic method of storing information: When you store data, you must take care to do it in an orderly manner. The best database software programs will allow you to store everything neatly and efficiently. All data is placed in tables that have rows and columns, making it easier to store and retrieve data without making errors.
  • Table integration: To make sorting of data easier and reduce the size of any database, the best database software should be able to easily integrate tables together.
  • Security of data: Every business values their data. This is, perhaps, the most important asset of any company. And because of that, it is crucial that everything is done to protect data. The best data software will have security features that can assure your information is well protected.
  • Consistency of data: If your business is related to commerce, it is important that all your data is accurate and consistent, especially when it concerns inventories and customer information. You need a good sales database software to make sure that everything is in order and accurate.
  • Easy modification of schema: Any database software must allow easy modification of information. The best database software will not give you a difficult time in adding new rows or columns to the existing table without causing some glitches with other applications.

Getting the best database software for your business will offer you tons of benefits. You may not realize it now, but by the time your business has expanded and you have a lot of clients, you’ll realize that having an efficient method of storing, modifying, and retrieving data is one of the best things you can do for your growing business.

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