Top 5 Best Least Privilege Management Software

Security risks are a major worry for company information technology departments these days because of the amount of hackers on the internet. Hackers can also be present inside a company, even though most employees have their backgrounds checked prior to being hired. One of the best ways to prevent a breach of information in your company is to set all of the computers without admin rights to least privilege. Least privilege, in case you were wondering, is the lowest level of access a program can be set at without causing the user to struggle with performing their job duties.

Setting programs and software at the least privilege level can help protect your company and all of its confidential information. Least privilege does not have to restrict the amount of work that your employees are able to complete on a daily basis but it does restrict what programs and software they have access to while using an office computer. One of the best ways to protect your company’s information is to purchase Password Management Software. This type of software will keep all of the necessary passwords used by your employees in one database in the event that management needs to access programs when an employee is out of the office.

Not all companies can affectively operate using least privilege access with their employees simply because the employees will need to have access to almost every program operated by the company. When running a company that cannot grant least privilege access to its employees, be sure you have your employees sign a waiver before granting them admin rights. This waiver should describe the legal action that will be taken against them should they violate any company policies using the extended access. The waiver should tell the employee that they cannot disclose any company information, any company programs, or any company software to competing companies.

Even if you trust the employees working for you, it is still in your company’s best interest to employ least privilege on all of the computers in the office and those issued by the office to employees. When computers are set at least privilege access it prevents users from the temptation of browsing through confidential information or using programs that they are not supposed to be using. Setting computers at least privilege access can be done quite quickly, within minutes, and by the information technology department when necessary.


Application control software helps you to automate the process of whitelisting & blacklisting by using specified control rules. Try ManageEngine Application Control Plus the best endpoint application control solution now, FREE for 30 days!

  • Stay protected against malware intrusions
  • Leverage hybrid operational capabilities
  • Default deny applications
  • Secure legacy systems
  • Lock down fixed-function devices
  • Ace the PoLP game
  • Don’t compromise on productivity
  • Customizable control parameters


BeyondTrust offers the industry’s broadest set of privileged access management capabilities to defend against cyber attacks.

  • Least Privilege and Application Control for Windows & Mac
  • Protect and Empower Sysadmins with On-demand Access to Privileges
  • Eliminate Credential Sharing, Limit Root Access, and Ensure Accountability – Without Hurting Productivity
  • Reduce Cyber Security Risks and Achieve Privilege Management at Scale


Manage IT/ App Settings on desktops, laptops &VDI sessions.

  • Kill Local Admin Rights: Elevate And Bypass UAC Only On Applications Which Need It
  • Prevent UWP Applications, Malware
  • Enable Standard Users To Install MSI Applications
  • Enable Standard Users To Overcome Common UAC Prompts
  • Enable Standard Users To Access Specific Control Panel Applets
  • Enable Standard Users To Install Their Own Applications (And Also Using Pre-Configured XMLs)
  • Enable Users To Perform “Over The Phone” Elevation Requests From Administrators As Needed
  • Deliver All PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager Settings To Remote Machines Via PolicyPak Cloud
  • Deliver All PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager Settings To MDM Enrolled Machines


Thycotic most full-featured privileged access management solution available is easy to use, well adopted and affordable.

  • Windows & Mac Account Discovery on Endpoints
  • Windows & Mac Application Discovery
  • Non-Domain Endpoint Support
  • Local Admin Rights Removal
  • Local User Account Management
  • Local Group Membership Management
  • Automated Local Account Password Rotation
  • Flexible Policy Deployment Configuration
  • Dynamic Whitelist, Blacklist, Elevation, and Greylisting Policies
  • Real-time Application Analysis | Reputation Checking
  • Sandboxing
  • User Access Control (UAC) Override
  • End-user Justification & Admin Approval Workflow
  • Child Process Control
  • Responsive & Actionable Reporting Dashboard
  • Centralized Application Event Logging
  • Local User & Group Activity Auditing
  • Agent & OS Reports
  • Custom & Scheduled Reports
  • and More.


Delinea one of the most full-featured privileged access management (PAM) solutions available is easy to use, well adopted, and affordable.

  • Role-Based Access Controls Make Least Privilege Easy
  • Seamless Privilege Elevation with Dynamic Access Restrictions
  • Powerful Tools Automate Privilege Creation and Assignment


CyberArk is the only security software company focused on eliminating cyber threats using insider privileges to attack the heart of the enterprise.

  • Reduce the risk of exposure to abuse or error by limiting super-user and administrator permissions with granular access control
  • Easily set, manage, and enforce least privilege policy with flexible policy definitions
  • Comply with regulations by proving to auditors that administrator privileges are managed, controlled, and secure
  • Enable end-user productivity while ensuring systems are secure by enforcing least privilege access policies in Unix and Windows environments
  • Ease administration with central management and provisioning of Unix accounts that are linked to Active Directory through the CyberArk platform with AD bridge capabilities

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