Top 5 Best Charity Software: The Advantages

Charity organizations really find charity software useful because of the many advantages it provides. If you are new to the software you may not surely have an idea of the benefits that you may reap from it. However, if you are keen on finding out how it can really benefit you, soon you will realize that it has the potential to make things run smoothly and for the processes to be more efficient.

Why use charity software?

  • The idea of purchasing reliable software to make your job much easier can really be costly. However, charity software outweighs its disadvantages by making sure that your job is easy and concise. You have nothing to think about because it features everything you need so you can work fast and deliver impressive results.
  • Charity software does not also have any limit on the number of names you can stores in the database and this is indeed a great advantage. Due to the fact that the database is separated from the computer’s main program, it will be easier for you to share the information with other users at no extra cost.
  • The software is also user-friendly. This advantageous especially to those who are using the software for the first time. There is no need to figuring something out as it is already well taken care of in no time. In case you encountered problems with the software, you have nothing to worry about because you can seek phone or email support. This alone, is already a great advantage.
  • You will also receive automatic updates once you have active support subscription. These updates are also accessible so long as you continue to use the product.
  • Users no longer have to worry whether or not the product is really safe because it is installed directly to your computer. You do not need any internet connection to use the software.

The software is indeed a huge help. It is something that you should use if you find the tasks that working in charity organizations overwhelming. With the use of the software, everything is made easy for you. As much as possible, you should read reviews so you will have an idea how beneficial that software is. With the benefits that it provides you can surely count on this software. Charity software is a great option when you want something that provides you exceptional service because it does half of your job efficiently.


Tech Trust, offers donated and discounted software, email marketing and foreign exchange services for UK charities.

  • Charity Digital Jobs
  • Charity Digital News
  • Charity Payments
  • Microsoft Cloud Manager
  • tt-exchange
  • tt-forex
  • tt-mail
  • Validation services


Charitylog provides a suite of cloud-based services enabling charities to log and track their referrals with GDPR in mind.

Contact Management for Charities:

  • Charitylog (Standard)
  • Charitylog Local
  • Charitylog Members
  • Charitylog Collaboration

Reports & Exporting:

  • Summary activity and breakdowns by a variety of criteria such as age bands, ethnic groups etc
  • Action Lists of outstanding actions against staff
  • Clients on Waiting Lists
  • Outcome Reports
  • Volunteer assignments
  • Project time and cost summaries
  • Attendances at Groups

Support Worker Rostering:

  • Automatically create visit schedules
  • View community worker location using mapping
  • Accurately calculate mileage and travel time
  • Create invoices and export pay data to payroll
  • Report on all aspects of service delivery

Attendance Monitoring:

  • Monitors care delivery
  • Displays updated care plans
  • Records observations and outcomes
  • Enables faster, more accurate billing
  • Streamlines processes


Award winning Harlequin Software develops charity software for CRM, fundraising, finance and service delivery.

Charity CRM Software:

  • Contact management
  • Communication logging
  • GDPR consent tool
  • Gift Aid processing
  • Financial management
  • Individual and regular giving
  • Promotional items management
  • Major donor and legacy management
  • Grants and foundation management
  • Grant-giving
  • Plus optional Modules

Charitable Accounting:

  • Produce annual accounts, including all financial notes, at umbrella, charity and fund levels
  • Record commitment and accruals, matching against actual income & expenditure
  • Produce BACS files to enable online payments
  • Process Gift Aid including the production of Inland Revenue schedule
  • Issue clear, concise statements to fund managers and directorate heads
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Globally apportion investment income, bank interest and administration fees across funds
  • Enquire online, accessing current and previous years’ transaction histories
  • Produce trustees’ summary reporting at directorate level
  • Choose from an abundance of practical reports
  • Run dual year processing
  • Employ full end of year roll-over/ roll-back routines

Patients’ Monies:

  • Maintain a comprehensive patient register
  • Control several accounts for each patient
  • Post all sundry items of income, expenditure and benefits
  • Automatically update regular income, expenditure and benefits
  • Issue patient statements
  • Record cheque withdrawals
  • Apportion all interest
  • Keep a full record of ward and admissions history
  • Enquire on-line and record all communications
  • Maintain a property register incorporating up to four location levels
  • Use an extensive standard reports including full audit trails
  • Mailshot to patients and next of kin


Customers use AccountsIQ’s Cloud Accounting Software because of our reputation for quality, constant innovation and great customer service.

  • Handling SORP requirements
  • Producing SoFA compliant reports
  • Posting transactions and reporting in multiple currencies
  • Gift Aid reporting
  • Consolidation of multiple legal entities including trading operations
  • Integration with other applications for fundraising, membership or event management
  • Accounting for donated food or services


Pure Charity exists to help nonprofits raise more money, better care for your donors, and operate more efficiently.

  • Pure Charity offers a holistic donation management system. Nonprofits can accept donations via credit cards, ACH/eCheck, and physical checks with Pure Charity.
  • Pure Charity technology makes it simple for nonprofits to manage and fundraise for humanitarian travel & short-term mission trips.
  • Pure Charity sponsorship software allows nonprofits to fundraise & connect sponsors with children, families, pastors, & more.
  • Integrated and custom-branded peer to peer crowdfunding campaigns help your nonprofit empower advocates, reach new donors, & scale impact.
  • A Giving Circle allows a community to pool their funds, decide together where to give, and have a huge collective impact.
  • Ultimate Giving Day checklist to help you from start to huge finish. Just click the button below to grab the Checklist now.
  • With the Premium WordPress Package from Pure Charity, you’ll get all the tech support you need to securely scale your nonprofit.
  • Pure Charity integrates with Salesforce, WordPress, and MailChimp to make your donor experience seamless.

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