Top 5 Best Building Management System (BMS) Software

Building management systems are basically computerized systems that control and manage the electronic and mechanical equipment used in a building such as lighting, security systems, power, ventilation and fire alarms. The basic functionality of building management systems is to optimize, control and monitor electronic and mechanical facilitation in a building for comfort, efficiency and safety. Such systems are centralized, comprising special hardware and software.

Many modern organizations are using building management systems due to the vast benefits they offer. Such as high rental value for the building, centralized control, time and money saving, flexibility of use, individual room control options, monitoring of energy consumption, increase in employee productivity, computerized maintenance, ease of use and problem identification. With so many advantages, there’s no doubt why building management systems have gained popularity. Besides, building management systems can be used to track employee attendance, using electronic thumb impression attendance recording devices that help increase punctuality.  They can monitor smoke or other contaminated gases within the building and filter them out or even prompt, if the measures are harmful. Elevator control allows smooth control over elevator functions and the system is  ready for emergencies as well. Likewise, they can control and monitor kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens and beverage dispensers.

Overall, building management systems are a great investment for new organizations and also for the existing ones. Companies can choose from different services according to their building needs, taking a good amount of money to spend in building management systems, but one thing’s for sure that these systems have no setbacks. There are many reputable companies that offer such systems; and hardware and software come at different costs. Such systems are a one time investment and not only enhance the internal building experience, but also a source of delight for clients, helping to increase goodwill. As the business world modernizes, the use of such systems will become frequent.


Optergy are experts in energy management & building automation software in North & South America, Australasia, UK and Europe.

  • Toolbox with preconfigured widgets
  • Template tools
  • Edit common allows quick changes for all selected points on the screen
  • Live data preview
  • Easy menus for switching between displays
  • Create display templates for easy reuse
  • Align all highlighted points


Elipse BMS (Building Management System) solution integrates all these systems, allowing you to centralize the operation and enhancing availability and efficiency via a unified view of all these assets.

  • Open architecture with over 400 communication drivers, such as BACnet and Modbus, which allows you to integrate to innumerous systems and devices, including legacy equipment
  • Controls with routine scheduling
  • Support to object-oriented design for standardization, shorter development time, and easy maintenance
  • All systems are operated and visualized in a single view to support your decisions
  • Safety: Redundant architecture with hot-standby servers and user control;
  • Mobile platform for operating and visualizing information


Managing all your safety security (PSIM) and building systems becomes an easy task with the Sky-Walker Open Integration platform.

  • HVAC
  • Lighting control systems
  • Water meters
  • Gas meters
  • Power meters
  • Energy meters
  • Solar energy systems
  • Weather station
  • Benchmark databases
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Smoke curtains & valves
  • Fire distinguisher
  • Fire detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control
  • CCTV


The web-based and B-AWS certified BACnet building management system (BMS) OPENweb is specially developed for the monitoring and control of HVAC systems as well as zone and room control in buildings – from your local computer or any location via mobile end devices.

  • Certified BMS
  • Market-oriented in-house development
  • Clear trend visualisation
  • Scalable to your needs
  • Cloud BMS
  • Expandable with modules
  • Intuitive message management
  • Efficient system control
  • Graphic visualisation
  • Quick installation


ELKO EP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic equipment for residential, office and industrial automation. We have been supplying the world over for the past 25 years; our main domain is primarily relays, but we also supply wireless products and IoT products. But we’re not just focused on products; we also propose comprehensive and highly effective solutions.

  • Lighting control (also depending on ambient lighting when exposure sensor is present)
  • Shading control according to weather station or exposure sensors
  • Heating control with speed selection FCU or automatic
  • Continuous cooling control 0-100%, not just on / off
  • Timing and manual air handling control
  • Selection of VRF settings for indoor and outdoor units (direction, top / cool)
  • Alarm Console – Used to register errors. Possibility to use for facility management
  • And More.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Building Management Systems

If you’re a business owner of a hotel, tourist resort, or a company that builds apartments, then you must be mindful about excellent building management systems. This simply means there’s a networking of electronic inside the building designed for operating every electronic equipment and gadget.

Basically, building management systems operate along with a structure of a building. This is to find access to control equipment as well as the home device management like evaluation control of energy data, electrical appliances, power distribution, public address system, CCTV, wireless control, and a whole lot more.

It is normal for people to look for security and comfort in life. Whether at home or in the office building management systems allow this to happen.  They function in controlling and mechanising each device effectively from the standing location. The systems allow you to be able to control air conditioner, microwave oven, electronic window opener, and the security system door locks. While you’re fulfilling building management systems, building and home automated systems can be controlled by internet.

Building management systems are very common in huge buildings.  Its main function is managing the entire building environment. They may control certain temperature, or levels of humidity and carbon dioxide inside the building. As the highest function found in most building management systems, it has a complete control of coolness and heat, air ventilation, and locally maintaining the desired combination of room temperature.

The secondary function includes the monitoring of people-generated CO2 level. It mixes the outdoor air with waste air raising the amount of oxygen and at the same time minimizing any loss of cooling and heat. Speaking of strong building management systems, hi-technology safety is joined with various electronic and control of access devices like biometric scanners, keypad systems, proximity cards, HVAC control system, key swipe cards, and a lot more.

The concept of building management systems introduced the ideas of centralized control management on a building. This is positioned in a central unit which has the ability to control automatically every electronic device. This is one of the building management buildings better known as intelligent system or automation system. It helps in minimizing human mistakes with the building equipment just like in forgetting to turn off fans or lights. Hence, you can control and synchronize all operations in a building in just one sitting.

Building management systems will enable you to find access control to all equipment inside the building. This functions as the smartest safety system for the entire building. Another form of building system that plays a vital role to keep the building’s right room temperature is the home climate automation system. With this kind of system, the access control function of the whole building is achieved fast and with accuracy.

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