Top 4 Cloud Warranty Claim Management Software

Warranty claim software in the cloud offers substantial savings on traditional warranty processing software and warranty claim call center costs. Collecting warranty claim information from customers has never been easier, with secure cloud warranty claim software web forms that can collect product information from your web site. Warranty claim documents and photos may also be uploaded by customers, sending real-time warranty claim notifications to warranty claim processing staff for follow up action and review. A solid warranty claims management software that’s easily accessible by end users and customers builds credibility for an organization and it’s product. Making it easy to submit and find warranty claim status information brings value to a organization, building trust across it’s customer base in that if something goes wrong the warranty claim will be handle in a professional and timely manner.

Cloud warranty claim software has built-in email template and document template features for document and email merge, reducing customer email and fax follow up warranty claim notices. Cloud warranty claim software has intelligence with claim processing work flow. Cloud warranty claim software work flow gives full control over the claims management steps and response notifications between product managers and warranty claimants. Warranty claim software includes asset management as an integrated module, which may synchronize with product inventory or accounting software to ensure product names, serial numbers, unit numbers, manufacture date, and other proprietary product information remain synchronized with the warranty claims software. If your product inventory or accounting software is a legacy software, and does not allow web-based access, cloud warranty claim software with asset management gives both product and sales managers and effective way to view product details and inventory without having to setup and input the same product information. Our customizable product import feature and product synchronization options makes finding product information online easy for product managers.

If your warranty claims are subject to service contracts or warranty contracts, our integrated warranty software helps warranty claim managers automate the process of determining of a warranty claim should be considered for approval, even before reaching the decision process of a warranty claims manager. This saves an organization significant time in warranty claims management.


M-ize Customer Experience Strategies help company or brands in engagement of customers with one another, with Smart End-To-End Solution like Smart Channel and Smart Blox to Maximize Customer Lifetime value.

  • Reduce warranty processing costs by streamlining processes, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating claim adjudication
  • Shrink cycle time for claim processing, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of emerging issues
  • Slash Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an easy-to-implement solution powered by scalable cloud architecture
  • Increase revenues and profitability from maintenance, service, and parts
  • Ensure faster processing by validating claims data and allowing richer content to be captured
  • Reduce manual efforts involved in claims entry by integrating with service order systems


SalesBabu Online CRM and ERP Software designed to boost up your sales, marketing and customer services in a single system.

  • Process Automation
  • Centralized Warranty Details
  • Improves Coordination
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Warranty Ending Notification
  • Get Competitive Advantage


Pega warranty management software enables streamlined warranty processes and efficient claims management for an optimal customer experience.

  • Gain more control with advanced claim analytics
  • Speed implementation with a global process
  • Straight-through accelerated processes
  • Recover your spend with supplier recovery


ServicePower is revolutionizing field service with the industry’s most advanced mobile workforce management software.

  • Customizable to Meet Varying Business Requirements
  • Real-time Adjudication, Validation & Audit Logic
  • Entitlement, Flexible Rates Logic & Analytics
  • Real-time Feedback to Actuaries, Operations, and Contractors
  • Fraud Protection
  • Deliver Bulk Communications to Servicers
  • Integrated Parts distributor, BOM, Registration & Contract Data
  • Integrated Onboarding & Credentialing

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