Top 26 Best Customer Data Analytics Platforms (CDPs) Providers for Growing Business

A customer data platform (CDP) is a technology platform that allows companies to collect, unify, and query customer data from various sources. It provides a 360-degree view of customers that can be used to improve marketing, customer service, and operational decision-making.

The idea behind a CDP is to provide a unified view of customer data that is accessible to all customer-facing teams in an organization. In the past, customer data was often stored in disparate systems, with different teams having access to different pieces of information. This led to questions about accuracy and consistency of data, as well as difficulties in making timely decisions.

A CDP solves these problems by bringing all customer data together in one place, regardless of where it was originally stored. This includes data from sources such as social media, mobile apps, websites, email, and offline interactions. The data is then cleaned, standardized, and enriched with additional information, such as customer demographics and purchase history.

The resulting data is then made available for analysis and use in a number of ways. This includes customer segmentation, personalized marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and customer service interactions. In particular, a CDP is able to provide a consistent and personalized experience for customers across all channels, leading to increased loyalty and engagement.

One of the key benefits of a CDP is its ability to handle large amounts of data in real-time. This allows companies to respond quickly to changes in customer behavior, such as changes in buying patterns or preferences. It also allows for more accurate and precise targeting of marketing campaigns, resulting in higher conversion rates and ROI.

Another benefit of a CDP is its ability to provide actionable insights for customer-facing teams. This includes sales, marketing, and customer service teams, who can use the data to improve their interactions with customers. For example, a sales team can use the data to identify which products or services are most popular with certain segments of customers, allowing them to tailor their approach.

A CDP can also help companies to comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. By centralizing customer data, a CDP makes it easier to manage consent and provide customers with transparency and control over their data. It also provides a record of all interactions with customers, helping companies to demonstrate compliance if required.

There are several features and capabilities that are common among CDPs. These include:

  • Data integration: The ability to integrate data from various sources, including first-party and third-party data.
  • Identity resolution: The ability to match customer data across different channels and devices, ensuring that each customer is represented by a single record.
  • Data cleansing and enrichment: The ability to clean and standardize data, as well as enrich it with additional information, such as demographics and behavioral data.
  • Segmentation and personalization: The ability to segment customers based on various criteria, such as demographics or behavior, and to personalize interactions based on these segments.
  • Reporting and analytics: The ability to generate reports and visualizations that provide insights into customer behavior and campaign performance.

CDP provides a powerful tool for companies to improve their customer interactions and gain a competitive advantage. By unifying customer data and making it accessible to all teams, a CDP enables companies to deliver a consistent and personalized experience to customers, leading to increased loyalty and engagement.


Combine real-time data quality and governance protections with AI-powered insights and predictions.

  • Marketers drive growth and create the best experiences
  • Product Managers create more relevant customer experiences with better data
  • Developers empower your organization with easier access to customer data


Lytics is the first secure and flexible composable customer data platform (CDP) built for enterprises’ marketing and ad technology stacks.

  • Collect data from anywhere
  • Bulletproof identity resolution
  • Identity and schema management. (No batch. No lag).
  • Profile stitching for resolving known and unknown identities
  • Profile enrichment using SQL attributes
  • Limitless scalability of data
  • Web and mobile SDKs for data collection
  • Warehouse sync for profiles and events
  • Clean room solution for secure data sharing and access
  • Universal connectivity via APIs and webhooks
  • Visibility into consent, support for profile deletion, suppression, and subject access requests.


Oracle Unity is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides customer intelligence you can use to improve experiences across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

  • Behavioral data, such as action taken on a website, in an app, or through other channels such as live chat or digital assistants, and the number and length of interactions and frequency of those interactions
  • Transactional data, such as customer purchases and returns, from ecommerce or POS systems
  • Demographic data, such as the customer’s name, birth date and month, and address


Google Cloud – Drive predictive marketing, digital commerce, and innovation in retail and financial industries.

  • Break data silos at speed with automated data transfers
  • Drive predictive engagements faster with integrated AI/ML
  • Augment your consumer data with Google and other public datasets
  • Take advantage of Google’s secure-by-design infrastructure
  • Democratize access to insights and ability to action


ActionIQ CX Hub solutions (including a CDP) are optimized to deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey leverage your data.

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Identity
  • Audience Center
  • Journey Management
  • Real-Time CX


Epsilon Digital CDP unifies your first-party data and strengthens it with insights into customer behavior outside your brand, accelerating time to value.

  • Powered by industry-leading identity
  • Know customers’ actions outside of your brand
  • Unique audience creation and activation
  • Activate first-party data everywhere with one platform


Capture, analyze and act on all of your customer data across every channel and every department.

  • Customer Propensity Scoring
  • Customer journey identification
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Prioritizing customers
  • Customer profiles for salesassociates and customer service
  • Customer segmentation
  • Anticipating future customers
  • Optimize engagement and spend


Adobe Real-Time CDP collects B2C and B2B data from across systems and unifies it into real-time profiles ready for activation across any channel.

  • Profiles built from streaming data collection.
  • Rapid data collection and distribution
  • Go from collection to activation in milliseconds
  • Patented privacy and data governance tools
  • AI-driven insights at the profile level
  • Consumer and account profiles


Intercom customer data platform makes it easy to integrate data from your entire tech stack. Combine your customer and behavioral data so that you can personalize every interaction.

  • Get a complete picture of every customer right when you need it, including their business type, location, spend, and more.
  • Target customers by the actions they take (or don’t take) in your app
  • Prioritize and route customer conversations by attributes, like topic or urgency
  • Track custom data that’s unique to your business, like pricing plan or product type


Twilio Segment’s customer data platform gathers customer data across engagement channels into a unified profile to activate more precise customer experiences.

  • Transform your customer experience
  • Personalize every interaction with real-time data
  • Support any channel with one platform
  • Unlock revenue with conversations


Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences.

  • Data Quality and Identity Resolution
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Models
  • Audience and Campaign Management
  • Data Privacy, Governance, and Security
  • Data Integration


Creating digital experiences that transform your company takes data-driven decisions, continued experimentation and constant invention.

  • Harmonize customer data
  • Understand your customers
  • Eliminate analysis paralysis​


Algonomy’s AI-powered personalization solution and real-time CDP help retail brands deliver individualized experiences across channels.

  • Deploy Real-time CDP to Elevate Customer Experiences
  • Leverage Actionable Algorithms for Real-time Activation & Personalized Engagement
  • Supercharge Personalization with Contextually Relevant In-the-moment Connect
  • Other Digital Retail Solutions


SAS Customer Data Platform Capabilities enable you to seamlessly collect, enhance, extend and activate customer data in real time.

  • Create a rich, accessible omnichannel view of your customers
  • Elevate segmentation to a whole new level
  • Shape journeys and contextualize communications in real time
  • Keep your customer data where you want it


Build better products by turning your user data into meaningful insights, using Amplitude’s digital analytics platform and experimentation tools.

  • Connect. Analyze. Activate.
  • Unite data across teams with the first insights-driven CDP
  • Un-silo your customer data
  • Unite your data. Unite your teams.


BlueConic’s customer data platform gives marketers access to unified, actionable first-party data that offers the confidence and utility they need.

  • Multi-dimensional segmentation
  • Customer lifecycle orchestration
  • Modeling & analytics


Easily connect your data and drive growth by delivering customer-centric, cross-channel campaigns with Blueshift’s all-in-one Smart Hub.

  • Dynamic Customer Profiles
  • Build Precise Segments
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Data Security and Privacy


Turn messy customer data into business growth, powered-up teams, and happy customers.

  • High-performance data ingestion engine
  • Multi-patented method for unifying customer profiles
  • Easy access, better collaboration


Integrate your first-party data into complete customer profiles and audiences. Activate it in 1000+ destinations with a privacy-first CDP.

  • Integrate data from anywhere
  • Create detailed user profiles and audiences
  • Put your data into action
  • Respect user privacy


Create engaging digital experiences and take your business to the next level with a hybrid headless digital experience platform (DXP).

  • Gain a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Segment audiences to deliver the right message
  • Identify high-quality leads with automated lead scoring
  • Deliver the right experience to each persona
  • Comply with data protection regulations
  • Track activity across all digital touchpoints


RudderStack is the easiest way to stream data from your website or warehouse. With RudderStack, you can easily collect customer data from every platform.

  • Event Streaming
  • Event Transformations
  • Data Governance
  • Warehouses & Data Lakes
  • 200+ Destinations
  • Reverse ETL


Klaviyo One, a customer data platform (CDP) for enterprise companies looking for an omnichannel marketing solution.

  • Unify your tech stack
  • Ingest data without worries
  • Query and segment in seconds


Lexer – connect, collect, and enrich all your customer data to create meaningful insights that inspire the customer experiences that drive sales.

  • Connect your customer data
  • Cleanse and standardize
  • Fill the gaps in each profile
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Integrate every channel
  • Security


Wisely is a CDP purpose-built for restaurants. Collect customer data from dozens of sources to create a single view of the guest and pipe that data to all the end-platforms that power your business decisions and growth.

  • Learn about and recognize regulars before they enter or pick up
  • Quote accurate wait times and know which tables to focus on
  • Coordinate a smooth pick up with every guest, in under a minute


Commanders Act develops a Gartner-recognized Customer Data Platform (Cookieless Marketing Platform) that enables real-time collection, control, enrichment and sharing of first-party customer data through a server-side approach.

  • Tailor your marketing to the identity of your contacts
  • Measure the true performance of your campaigns
  • Collect customer signals by reducing dependency on browsers


K2View provides an operational data fabric, delivering a trusted, holistic, and real-time view of customer and business data, to applications and analytics.

  • Customized, targeted marketing
  • Personalized self-service customer experience
  • Efficient contact center operations
  • Real-time customer analytics improves profitability of every customer interaction
  • Simplified integration for the enterprise

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