Top 20 Best Property Developers Companies In Malaysia

Property developers in Malaysia are companies that are involved in the development and construction of residential and commercial properties. They play an important role in the country’s real estate industry and are responsible for building the homes, offices, and other buildings that are needed to support the growth of the economy.

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In recent years, Malaysia has become a hub for property development, attracting local and foreign investors who are eager to invest in the country’s growing real estate market. This has led to the emergence of many property developers who are competing to secure prime land and build high-quality properties that meet the growing demand for housing and commercial space.

The role of property developers in Malaysia is multifaceted and involves several stages, including land acquisition, planning and design, construction, and sales and marketing. Here are some of the key tasks that property developers undertake:

  • Land acquisition: This is the first and most important step in property development. Developers need to identify and acquire the right piece of land that is suitable for the type of development they have in mind. They need to consider factors such as location, accessibility, zoning laws, and local regulations before committing to buying the land.
  • Planning and design: Once the land has been acquired, the developers need to come up with a plan and design for the development. This involves working with architects, engineers, and other professionals to create a detailed blueprint of the building or buildings that will be constructed on the land.
  • Construction: Once the planning and design phase is complete, construction can begin. This involves coordinating various contractors and subcontractors to carry out the work of building the property. Developers need to ensure that the construction process is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.
  • Sales and marketing: Once the property is completed, the developers need to sell it to potential buyers or tenants. This involves creating marketing materials, advertising the property, and organizing site visits and open houses. Developers need to have a good understanding of the market and be able to adapt their sales tactics to attract the right buyers or tenants.

Property developers in Malaysia operate in a highly competitive environment, where they are constantly striving to differentiate their projects from those of their competitors. This has led to a range of innovative and creative developments across the country, such as eco-friendly buildings, mixed-use developments, and high-end luxury properties.

One of the main challenges faced by property developers in Malaysia is navigating the complex regulatory environment. The government has several rules and regulations that affect property development, such as land acquisition laws, construction regulations, and zoning laws. Developers need to be well-versed in these regulations to avoid any legal complications or delays.

Another challenge is managing the costs of development. Property development can be a capital-intensive business, and developers need to ensure that their projects are financially viable. They need to carefully balance the costs of land acquisition, construction, and marketing with the expected returns from the sale or rental of the property.

Despite the challenges, property developers in Malaysia have been able to create some impressive developments that have helped transform the country’s skyline. Some of the notable projects include the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, which were the tallest buildings in the world when they were completed in 1998, and the Iskandar Malaysia development in Johor Bahru, which is a massive mixed-use development that spans over 2,200 square kilometers.

Property developers in Malaysia play an important role in the country’s real estate industry. They are responsible for creating the homes, offices, and other buildings that are needed to support the country’s growing economy. Despite the challenges they face, Malaysian developers continue to innovate and create impressive developments that are helping to shape the future of the country.


As one of the top property developers company in Malaysia, Mah Sing commited on inventing future living that enhances quality of life.


As one of the top property developers in Malaysia, IJM Land is committed to creating world-class residential development and townships.


LBS Bina, as one of the top property developers in Malaysia, we aim to design and develop high quality lifestyle township that enhance community well being.


Malton Berhad is a public listed property developer based in Malaysia. Projects includes high-rise residential, offices and commercial properties.


UEM Sunrise Berhad is one of the best leading property developers in Malaysia, developing various high quality & successful property development projects.


TITIJAYA, a name which is synonymous with quality and innovative properties, is a top property developer in Malaysia and is poised for greater growth after more than two decades in the property industry.


Malaysia’s Top Lifestyle Property Developer. IOI Properties Is Known For Developing Sustainable And Close-Knit Modern Communities Such As IOI Resort City, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 16 Sierra, Bandar Puteri Bangi – All Synonymous With Contemporary Residences, Amenities, Facilities and Infrastructures.


Sunway Property, an award-winning property developer known for its mission to build a better tomorrow by creating an integrated, sustainable and liveable environment for our communities.


Paramount Property places People First, from the people we build for, to those who grow with us.


OSK Property Holdings Berhad (OSKP) is the property division of the OSK Group and a main business pillar for the Group.


The Airmas Group is set to become the top Penang property developer in Malaysia. Specialised in landed residential property, multi-storey apartments, commercial shop offices.


The MASTERON Group started out as a small but efficiently run construction company in 1981. We grew over the years to our present size which allows us to undertake a wide range of projects, be it residential, commercial, industrial or public facilities.


Suntrack Development build functional and accessible spaces with thoughtful designs that last a lifetime where communities feel included, safe and valued.


MCT aims at creating communities, enhancing lives for generations where people enjoy a complete lifestyle experience. The Group holds strong its core values through its vision of being an Innovative, Timeless Value Creator.


Ideal Property Group | Top leading property developer in Penang. Penang Property development and updates. Best Property For Sale In Penang.


MALVEST GROUP (325612-K) was incorporated in Malaysia since 1989 as a private limited company under Companies Act 1965. The group has since then completed series of residential and commercial projects consisting of more than 4,900 units in the state of Penang & Kelantan, by both its Development and Construction divisions.


Berjaya Properties is one of the prominent property developer in Malaysia who has been responsible for some of Malaysia’s most sought-after developments.


Country View Group (property developer in Johor) aspire to be a premier property developer, ensuring high customer satisfaction by providing quality residences and properties, built in a safe and healthy environment.


Asian Pac Holdings Berhad (APHB) is a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. Incepted in 1913, the company and its subsidiary companies’ interests are principally focused towards operations in investment holdings, property development and investment, mall and carpark ownership and trading in building materials.


Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad is a progressive and well-established publicly listed Company with diversified businesses in plantations, property investment and development, credit financing, trading of fertilizers and automotive, as well as building materials and stone quarries.

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