Top 20 Best Incident Management System Software

Incident management software allows organizations to manage accidents and incidents to reduce the risks of having them occur again. The software does more than simply log the incidents that have occurred, even though having a log of incidents is a fundamental part of the software.

Incident management software starts with the logging of all accidents and incidents that have occurred on the organization’s premises. Some vendors even offer the capability to log events through a mobile app linked to the software. Many organizations distinguish between an accident and an incident. The former is an event that has taken place and resulted in illness, injury, fatality, damage, or any other negative outcome. The latter is a near-miss, or an accident that almost could have happened, meaning that an incident may not have produced an illness, injury, fatality, damage, or any other negative outcome, but came close to doing so. Accidents and incidents can affect people (illnesses, injuries, etc.) or the environment (spills, accidental releases, emissions, etc.).

The true value of incident management software becomes apparent after incidents are logged. The data associated to incidents is used by the software to derive a host of useful information, such as the possible sources of incidents, the physical locations where incidents are the most prone to happen, as well as the time of year and time of day when the most incidents happen. The software generates dashboards and reports to identify patterns and trends, and see whether the risks for future incidents are increasing or decreasing.

After an overall profile of incidents is established by the incident management software, organizations can develop recommendations and strategies to mitigate risks, in order to prevent future incidents. Organizations can then take the necessary measures to mitigate risks. As a result, not only are workers and the environment protected, but the risks of litigation and damage to brand reputation are reduced.


ServiceDesk Plus’s incident management software is designed to resolve IT incidents faster, minimize downtime, automate ticket workflow process, meet SLAs on time, enhance service quality, and improve IT help desk efficiency…

  • Get an Incident Management Best Practices, Out of the Box
  • Automate Ticket Workflow Process, Improve IT Help Desk Efficiency
  • Meet SLAs on time, Guarantee End-User Satisfaction
  • Solve IT Incidents Faster, Enhance Service Quality with the Knowledge Base


Resolver’s integrated cloud platform supports risk and incident management process to protect your employees, customers, data, brand, inventory and shareholders.

  • Identify Trends
  • Standardize Incident Capture
  • Dynamically Triage Incidents
  • Getting Started
  • Implementation
  • 24/7 Support


SysAid is an IT service management solution that offers all the ITIL essentials. It’s everything you need for easy and efficient ITSM in a single tool.

  • Maintaining end-user and customer satisfaction through the efficient and professional handling of all service requests
  • Providing a channel, or channels, for users to request and receive standard services
  • Providing information to end users and customers about the availability of services and how to obtain them
  • Sourcing and delivering the requested standard services
  • Assisting with general information, complaints, or comments


LogicManager’s Top-Rated Enterprise Risk Management Software. Improve Performance with Integrated GRC.

  • Improve company culture by making it safe and easy to report incidents online with one centralized framework
  • Advance your incident reporting system with automated tasks, alerts, and reminders
  • Understand why, when, and where incidents are occurring with automated reports
  • Address trends by allocating resources where you know they’ll create the most impact, thanks to objective risk assessments
  • Collect all the right information every time with risk-based incident reporting software, perfectly customized with the forms and notifications you need
  • Maintain your responsibilities with incident tracking software. Check the status of incident reports with easily accessible to-do lists and progress notifications
  • Identify rising trends by creating relationships between incidents and departments, vendors, or applications with our taxonomy technology.
  • Provide status updates to senior management with pre-built, highly configurable reports and dashboards


Enablon solutions help companies manage environmental and social performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks and improve profitability by leveraging some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

  • Streamline Incident Data Capture and Analysis
  • Improve EHS Performance
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Foster a Safety Culture


Solutions for management excellence with software for business process improvement, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

  • Centralized incident recording and documentation
  • Report and run incidents from mobile devices
  • Manual recording of incidents as well as automatic triggering of incident workflows
  • Review and analysis routing to authorized users based on pre-configured rules
  • Automated investigation processes, task assignments and reminders using workflow capabilities
  • Automatically sends out alerts and notifications to appropriate personnel
  • Assist in evaluating the allocation of resources, providing a resource-focused view of the workload distribution
  • Complete real-time visibility into incident data with analytics for trend analysis
  • Timely resolutions by defining response and resolution SLAs with defined escalation paths
  • Rate of repeat incidents reduced by defining closure
  • Resolution actions recording for compliance reporting and audits
  • Data consistency guaranteed by using standard data entry forms
  • Support the record and control of operational loss events
  • Incidents linking to facilities, technologies, processes, products, assets and projects
  • Incidents monitoring with a variety of configurable reports and online portals
  • Control activity execution using our customizable Kanban system portal


SHE Software is one of the leading health and safety software providers in the UK. SHE Software provides risk assessment, incident reporting and much more.

  • Use accident and incident management reports to reduce incidents costs, claims and disruption
  • Protect organisational reputation
  • Report information across organisation
  • Provide all employees with a safety voice via a simple portal and drive a positive safety culture and behaviours
  • Provide real time visibility of organisation-wide incidents via user specific dashboard
  • Benchmark and compare incident data
  • Improve action tracking and incident prevention
  • Deliver instant and automatic reporting
  • Improve the effectiveness of action management


Intelex cloud-based software manages environment, health & safety, quality and suppliers for regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives.

  • Report Incidents, Accidents, Injuries & Near-Misses
  • Create Custom Reporting Forms
  • Drive Completion of CAPA Tasks
  • View Incident Data in Real-Time
  • Comply with Injury Reporting Regulations


ProcessMAP’s EHS Software helps companies to manage Safety and environmental performance, ensures compliance, mitigates risk and optimizes performance.

  • In-depth Trend Analysis
  • Flexible, Secure & Scalable Platform
  • Boosting Employee Morale
  • Intuitive Platform


CURA Software Solutions provides powerful GRC solutions are backed by a worldwide team of subject matter experts & more than ten years of implementation expertise at leading organizations.

  • Interactive dashboards and reports provide real-time visibility into incident management activities
  • Unparalleled flexibility enables business users to configure the system to perfectly match an organizations existing incident management processes and best practices
  • Tasks, notifications and escalations alert users and managers when tasks need to be performed or when incidents occur
  • Roles-based security and audit trails ensures the integrity of incident management information and tracks all changes to records in the system
  • Flexible deployment options allow organizations to host compliance information on-premise or deploy in the cloud as a hosted solution


The EHS Incident Management software module enables organizations to collect comprehensive incident data and implement corrective actions.

  • Streamline safety incident reporting and investigation workflow and build a consistent process across sites, business units, and/or countries
  • Improve and accelerate information sharing between medical staff, case managers, safety professionals, supervisors, and managers
  • Promote data integrity and regulatory compliance with complete, comprehensive, accurate, and secure incident reports and investigations
  • Leverage preventive action software tools to prevent similar incidents from happening again
  • Use Cority’s Business Intelligence tools to track safety performance and identify root causes, risks, hazards, and trends so you can prioritize efforts and make impactful changes
  • Streamline claims management with auto-generation of regulatory forms and logs
  • Support adherence to safety management system standards


D3 Security’s Incident Response Platform Helps Organizations Prepare For Threats & Orchestrate Security Response.

  • Automated Response
  • Proven Frameworks
  • A Complete Security Operations Platform
  • Recognized By Users and Experts


Incident management systems are critical for business continuity & to minimize the negative impact of an emergency.

  • Enables anytime, anywhere collaboration
  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Includes team and individual task checklists
  • Includes a robust mass communication platform
  • Creates a common operating picture
  • Online forms management
  • Innovative mobile app
  • Centralized document repository handles all file types
  • Includes integration toolkit


Software for health and safety, environment and sustainability. Officially confirmed to be suitable for management systems as specified in ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001.

  • Detect risks
  • Take protective measures
  • Regulations always in check
  • Share documents


Premium-quality health and safety training courses, training management software, and regulatory compliance tools.

  • Incident Reporting Software Customization
  • Smart Incident Reporting Software
  • Track Incident Status
  • Review & Report Incident KPIs
  • Built-In Compliance Forms
  • Report Incidents In The Field


EHS Software by EHS Insight empowers you to manage incidents, audits and inspections, compliance obligations, corrective actions and more.

  • Cloud Solution
  • Mobile Applications
  • Offline Capable App
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Highly Configurable


Onspring is a no-code platform for process automation, workflow, collaboration and reporting. We deliver flexible GRC software and Business Operations solutions that you can easily configure to your needs.

  • Manage the intake of incidents from a variety of data sources
  • Logically evaluate, categorize and prioritize incoming incidents
  • Dynamically route incidents to impacted parties based on your business rules
  • Define, deploy, assign and manage incident response procedures
  • Actively and securely monitor the overall state of your Incident Management program


RAYVN is a web-based tool for incident management. For any type of event, RAYVN provides simple and effective communication, notification and logging.

  • Notify your organization
  • Up-to-date Team Status
  • Assign tasks
  • Generate reports
  • World wide servers
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Time saved is time earned


The Patient Safety Company provides proven Quality & Risk Management software for the healthcare industry. Globally, more than 500 healthcare facilities use the software to be compliant, realize efficiency, improve communication, and – most importantly – provide the best quality care.

  • Easy to fill in online form
  • Step by step guidance through the workflow
  • Supports internationally recognized analytical methods
  • Record & monitor recommendations for improvement
  • Management dashboards & reporting tools


Enviance’s EHS software solutions keep workers safe, while helping companies leverage data to improve environmental, health, safety & sustainability goals.

  • Build flexible forms, either by customizing our out-of-the-box ones or creating your own from scratch. Also configure your own reports
  • Enable employees to easily log an issue when they encounter it. Our smart, dynamic forms ensure users are asked only for pertinent data, so you have visibility into the information that matters
  • See data from every level of your organization when you use our dashboards—with no setup required
  • Ensure each responsible individual knows when there’s an incident and gets follow-up instructions. Incidents automatically escalate based on your settings for severity


ICR: Incident and Crisis Management –  Incident Management Software ensures you have everything you need, when called to respond to an incident / emergency.

  • Deploy crisis & emergency management documentation and contact information across your organisation
  • Support your teams during an incident with predefined, easy to follow Action Cards
  • Follow Live incidents on Mobile, PC, Smart TV, Laptop
  • Connect your team virtually and centralise your crisis & emergency communications
  • Automatically generate reports & metrics for post incident review

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