Top 18 Best Customer Training Software and Education Platforms

Customer training software is a tool that enables businesses to provide training and education blog to their customers on their products and services. This software provides a platform for the creation, delivery, and management of training materials, quizzes, and certification programs. It is designed to help businesses save time and money by automating the training process and enabling customers to learn on their own schedules.

Customer training software can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. It is particularly useful for businesses that sell complex products or services that require specialized knowledge to use or maintain. For example, software companies, manufacturers, and service providers can benefit from using customer training software to educate their customers.

One of the primary benefits of using customer training software is that it enables businesses to provide consistent and high-quality training to their customers. By standardizing the training process and materials, businesses can ensure that all customers receive the same level of education, regardless of their location or the availability of on-site trainers. Additionally, customer training software enables businesses to quickly update training materials when products or services are updated, ensuring that customers have the most current information.

Another key benefit of customer training software is that it saves time and resources for businesses and their customers. Automated training reduces the need for businesses to have dedicated trainers on staff, which can be costly and time-consuming. Additionally, customers can access self-paced training modules online at their convenience, allowing them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Customer training software also allows businesses to track and monitor the progress of their customers. This helps businesses ensure that customers are completing required training and certification programs, which can be beneficial for compliance purposes. Additionally, businesses can use the data collected by the software to identify areas where customers may be struggling with their products or services, which can inform future updates and improvements.

When choosing customer training software, businesses should consider a few key features. The software should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for customers who may not be technologically savvy. It should also provide tools for creating engaging and interactive training materials, including videos, quizzes, and gamification features. Finally, the software should have robust tracking and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to monitor the progress and results of their customer training programs.

Customer training software provides businesses with a powerful tool for educating and empowering their customers. It enables businesses to provide consistent, high-quality training while saving time and resources. Ultimately, customer training software can help businesses improve their customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.


The CXcherry customer training platform incorporates a range of products that can assist you in engaging, onboarding, and retaining customers.

  • Reduce the challenges of employing a highly skilled team to manage the training administration
  • Leverage the most modern training features to engage learners and keep them hooked
  • Upload and manage various types of content easily to build relevant training paths for your customers
  • Allow users to celebrate their achievements by awarding them personalized certificates
  • Build and manage different portals for different customers and partners with robust multi-tenant architecture from a central location
  • Make use of open APIs for third-party application integration
  • Measure business impact, track learner progress and evaluate content with in-build reports
  • Exclusively designed to offer support to multifaceted programs, complicated use-cases, and security demands


TalentLMS a cloud learning platform ideal for creating online courses and sharing them with remote teams.

  • Create courses quickly
  • Available everywhere
  • Easy management
  • Save support time
  • User-friendly experience
  • Speaks their language
  • Connect with your tools
  • Reach everyone
  • Auto-management


Docebo provides the right customer training platform (LMS) to help automate processes and deliver a compelling customer experience.

  • Better flexibility. Better results for your extended enterprise
  • Deliver the right training courses at the right time in your learning management system
  • Customer training software, on-demand
  • Know what‘s working and what isn’t in your learning management system


Skilljar is the best external LMS to drive product adoption, increase net retention, and lower the cost to support customers and partners.

  • Drive product adoption & engagement
  • Improve customer health & increase retention
  • Scale your Customer Success team
  • Reduce support costs


Litmos to help your customers get the most value out of your product or service with customer training software and courses.

  • Training builds loyalty
  • You’re training customers how to get the most out of your product
  • Ongoing training is also ongoing marketing
  • Reduce calls to customer service
  • If you don’t provide learning, your customers will find it for themselves


Trainn is the leading Customer Education Platform for SaaS businesses to accelerate product adoption, onboarding, and customer retention. It enables SMBs to deliver consistent customer education and training programs at scale.

  • Create training content quickly
  • Keep training engaging and fun
  • Measure the ROI of your training


The Thought Industries platform enables enterprises deliver customer education programs while modernizing your onboarding experience.

  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships Through Customer Education
  • Modernize your Onboarding and Realize Faster Time-To-Value
  • Personalized Experiences to Drive Continuous Customer Engagement
  • Take Ownership of your Market Category


Auzmor is an employee experience platform that makes the Hiring, Onboarding, Learning journey engaging by focusing on the people.

  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Product adoption & engagement
  • Improve customer onboarding
  • Lower training costs


MYKADEMY – the best LMS platform for businesses of all types. Train anyone seamlessly with the features and benefits of Learning Management System today!

  • Branded training platform
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Secured course delivery
  • Host LIVE training
  • Learner progress notifications
  • Third-party integration


Customer training made easy with SkyPrep LMS. Train customers, contractors, volunteers, franchisees and agents online in the most efficient way.

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Churn
  • Wider User Adoption
  • Consistent Branding


Livestorm – experience the all-in-one video engagement platform to create and manage your virtual meetings, video conferencing, webinars, virtual events, and screen sharing.

  • Custom room experience
  • Contact profiles
  • Email cadences
  • Browser-based
  • Custom branding
  • Registration pages


ProProfs customer service training software to easily train your staff on customer service skills, standards, and policies.

  • Create, share, manage & track agent training
  • Train on support policy, compliance, & skills
  • Turn existing docs, videos, PPTs into courses
  • Reports to measure results & drive growth


Absorb LMS for customer training can enhance customer experiences and accelerate business outcomes, enabling you to build a strong network of loyal advocates for your brand.

  • Drive positive business outcomes
  • Track customer success
  • Foster an Advocate Community


Continu is the modern learning platform that allows organizations to create, track, measure, and share learning initiatives while improving engagement rates.

  • Build Customer-Focused Learning Tracks
  • Conduct Virtual & In-person Workshops
  • Automated Workflows
  • Train in Your CRM
  • Integrate with Tools Your Customers Use
  • Track Progress in Real-Time


ExpertusONE is a learning management system (LMS) that combines power and flexibility to meet your corporate training needs.

  • Meet customers where they already are
  • Optimize business partnerships with secure eCommerce capabilities
  • Reach customers no matter the language or location
  • Incorporate branded assets to give training a personalized feel


Training Management Software to help training providers manage, track, and sell ILT and vILT.

  • Resource management
  • Conflict-free course scheduling
  • Instructor engagement portal
  • Automated administration
  • Task management
  • Centralized business analytics and real-time KPIs
  • Sales and profitability monitoring
  • Sales cycle management
  • Client collaboration portal
  • Fully customizable reports


uQualio is the award-winning easy-to-use all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video learning.

  • Securely share confidential material
  • In-platform communication & analytics
  • Gamified video microlearning makes it easy & fun for learners to use and remember
  • Monitor your users and track their progress
  • 13 user languages (more can be added)


Seismic’s AI-powered enablement, training, and coaching solution enables sales and marketing teams to engage buyers and grow revenue.

  • Focus on one skill at a time
  • Look for better ways to engage agents
  • Practice and hone essential skills
  • Track training progress and comprehension
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities

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