Top 17 Best SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Solutions to Protect Corporate Networks

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based architectural framework that ensures secure access to corporate resources from any device or location. In simple terms, SASE is a combination of network security services and cloud-based networking that provides secure access to corporate resources irrespective of the location of the user. SASE has evolved as an architectural framework to provide a new way of delivering secure network services to organizations that are increasingly dealing with a distributed workforce and migrating to cloud-based services.

SASE is an innovative approach to network security architecture that is designed to deliver security services like zero-trust network access, firewalls, secure gateways, SSL inspection, secure web gateways, and cloud security functions as a service. SASE provides a distributed security model that allows businesses to secure their resources quickly and easily. SASE is one of the most significant technological trends in recent times, as it enables organizations to move beyond the traditional methods of network security service delivery.

SASE’s significance and need arose in response to the increase in the number of distributed workforces that are working from various locations. Businesses realized the need for a solution that could provide secure access to resources from any location, without compromising the security of the network. Thus, SASE evolved as an architectural framework that encompasses multiple security services and can be deployed over various cloud platforms, allowing organizations to leverage the security services they require for their business.

The core components of SASE are the four elements that make up the service delivery model, namely, network security functions, cloud security services, networking, and the cloud. The network security functions include technologies like secure web gateways, SSL inspection, intrusion prevention systems, and firewalls. Cloud security services include software as a service (SaaS) security, cloud access security brokers (CASB), and data loss prevention solutions. Networking includes software-defined networking (SDN), WAN optimization, and mesh networks that enable businesses to deliver network services at scale. The cloud is the last element and provides the platform on which SASE is built.

The SASE model provides a framework for delivering integrated and comprehensive security services that can be deployed across multiple clouds and networks. It is designed to simplify and streamline network security processes, providing a unified and efficient network security architecture. By using SASE, businesses can consolidate their network security services and reduce the complexity of managing multiple solutions. SASE enables businesses to unify disparate security systems and deliver security services at scale, all while minimizing the cost and complexity of managing security.

One of the significant advantages of SASE is that it provides a zero-trust network access strategy. Zero-trust network access means that access to resources is granted only after the user is authorized, authenticated, and vetted. This means that even if an attacker gains access to the network, they will not be able to access critical corporate resources. Zero-trust network access is essential for businesses that need to secure their network infrastructure and intellectual property from a wide range of threats.

Furthermore, SASE’s cloud-based architecture enables businesses to scale their security services quickly and cost-effectively. SASE’s cloud-native design means that updates and improvements to security services can be deployed to all users and devices globally, ensuring that the latest security threats are addressed as soon as possible.

SASE also makes it easier for businesses to manage network security policy across different environments, including the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cloud environments. The centralized policy management and enforcement help businesses to reduce the time and effort required to manage security policies, ensuring that they are uniformly applied across all locations.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a comprehensive and integrated security services delivery model that is designed to provide businesses with a simplified, efficient, and secure network security architecture. SASE consolidates various security solutions and provides a unified security model that offers businesses and users secure access to resources from any location. SASE’s cloud-native architecture enables businesses to scale their security services flexibly, while zero-trust network access offers a robust and effective security strategy. With its many advantages and benefits, SASE is fast becoming the go-to network security framework for businesses that want to secure their network infrastructure in a distributed and cost-effective fashion.


Zscaler, creator of the Zero Trust Exchange platform, helps you reduce business risk while enabling you to realize the promise of digital transformation.

  • Native multitenant cloud architecture scales dynamically with demand
  • Proxy-based architecture offers full inspection of encrypted traffic across SWG, CASB and a suite of security services at scale
  • Security and policy brought close to users eliminates unnecessary backhauling while augmenting existing SD-WAN solutions
  • ZTNA restricts access to provide native app segmentation, not network segmentation
  • Zero attack surface means no targeted attacks because your source networks and identities aren’t exposed to the internet


Cisco secure access service edge (SASE) is a network architecture that combines VPN and WAN capabilities with cloud-based security.

  • Connect your workforce to applications seamlessly
  • Control access through simplified security and policy enforcement
  • Converge networking and security functions to meet multicloud demands at scale
  • Consolidate to a single vendor to streamline operations and close gaps
  • Streamline networking and security
  • Build security resilience
  • Safeguard end-to-end protection
  • Connect securely and easily


FortiSASE cloud-based security for work-from-anywhere and remote access, enables secure internet access, secure private access, and secure SaaS applications access.

  • Cloud-Delivered Enterprise-Grade Security Everywhere
  • Solving Today’s Hybrid Work Security Challenges
  • Comprehensive Control, Visibility, and Analytics


Cloudflare’s SASE, Cloudflare One, is a Zero Trust network-as-a-service platform that dynamically connects users to enterprise resources, with identity-based security controls delivered close to users, wherever they are.

  • Simple deployment and management
  • Consistent security and speed anywhere on Earth
  • Connects to what you already use


Cato SASE Cloud converges SD-WAN, security, global backbone, and remote access into a global cloud-native service.

  • Instant connectivity
  • Single-pass processing
  • Global availability
  • Simple management
  • No maintenance
  • Same security everywhere
  • Identity based
  • No capacity limitations
  • Self-healing platform
  • Full visibility
  • And more.


The VMware SASE is a unified edge and cloud service model with a single place to manage business policy, configuration, and monitoring.

  • Enterprise Agility
  • Enhance Digital Experiences
  • Reduce Security Risks
  • Improve TCO


Transition seamlessly and securely to a SASE architecture with Juniper Connected Security that safeguards your users, applications, and infrastructure.

  • Unified visibility and policy management
  • Secure user access from anywhere
  • Empower the network to optimize itself


Versa delivers products with high application performance and comprehensive security, dramatically lower costs through best-of-breed SASE features and capabilities.

  • Robust security, baked right into the network
  • Seamless integration with your existing network
  • Application performance and reliability


NordLayer growing platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service.

  • Moving faster and boosting performance
  • Increasing security via a unified policy
  • Removing complexity and reducing cost


IBM Security Services for SASE help you drive your digital transformation at a pace that suits you.

  • Digital transformation and hybrid cloud success
  • Protected hybrid workforce and third-party vendors
  • Improved user access and productivity
  • Smoother integration during mergers and acquisitions
  • Network transformation
  • 5G and edge computing


Perimeter 81 growing Secure Access Service Edge platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service.

  • Enforce access via identities, not passwords
  • Finally, security and visibility for cloud services
  • Multi-layered security reaching to the edge
  • On-prem connection speeds for off-prem workers


Expereo is the world’s leading internet, cloud connectivity and SD-WAN provider, specializing in global managed services for hybrid or internet-based networks.

  • Security that starts at the DNS layer
  • A safer web gateway
  • Your firewall in the cloud
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Interactive threat intelligence


Citrix secure access solutions protect your business applications from security threats, without complicating the employee experience.

  • Secure access to IT sanctioned apps with adaptive authentication and zero trust access
  • Protect users from internet-based threats and protect data in sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
  • Keep your apps and APIs secure with application security as a cloud service
  • Proactively detect and prevent insider threats with user behavior analytics


Open Systems Managed SASE provides a comprehensive, unified and easy-to-use single vendor SASE solution delivered as a managed service.

  • Reduce complexity and operational overhead
  • Optimize end user experiences
  • Enhance security with zero-trust network access


Aryaka’s Unified SASE is the perfect solution for CIOs who want to defy convention and combine networking and security in one solution.

  • High-Performance WAN
  • Pervasive Security
  • Networking & Security as-a-Service
  • All-in-One Managed Service
  • Service Management Options
  • Choice of Service Consumption


Lumen SASE Solutions integrate SD-WAN and network security functions to simplify, control and scale application delivery in a single cloud-based service.

  • Network access
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Malware mitigation
  • SD-WAN
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)


ZPE Systems empowers enterprise networking with advanced out-of-band management and automation, Secure Access Service Edge, & SD-Branch solutions.

  • Deliver secure edge networking via the cloud
  • Give your main network less traffic and more speed
  • Get custom-fit security thanks to Nodegrid’s open architecture

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