Top 16 Best Volunteer Management Software Systems

Volunteer management software is a technological solution designed to streamline and automate the process of managing volunteers. It provides organizations with a comprehensive toolset to efficiently recruit, onboard, schedule, track, and communicate with volunteers.

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Volunteering plays a crucial role in numerous sectors, including non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, and government agencies. However, managing volunteers can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially when dealing with large numbers of individuals with different availability, skills, and preferences. This is where volunteer management software comes in, offering a centralized platform to simplify the entire volunteer management process.

One of the main features of volunteer management software is volunteer recruitment. The software allows organizations to create an online volunteer application form that can be easily shared through various channels, such as websites, emails, and social media. This helps to attract a larger pool of potential volunteers while reducing administrative work and paperwork. Once applications are received, the software can automatically sort and filter them based on specific criteria, making it easier to identify the most suitable candidates.

Once volunteers are accepted, volunteer management software facilitates the onboarding process. The software can generate automated welcome emails or texts and provide digital forms for volunteers to complete, such as background checks and liability waivers. This digital onboarding process saves time and ensures that all necessary paperwork is collected and organized in a centralized database.

Scheduling and tracking volunteer shifts is another essential function of volunteer management software. The software allows organizations to create a volunteer schedule, taking into account each volunteer’s availability and preferences. It also enables volunteers to view and sign up for available shifts through a secure online portal. As volunteers sign up for shifts, the software automatically updates the schedule and sends confirmation notifications to both volunteers and coordinators. This real-time view of volunteer availability helps to prevent conflicts and ensure that every shift is adequately staffed.

In addition to scheduling, volunteer management software provides tools to track and manage volunteer hours. Volunteers can log their hours directly into the software, and coordinators can easily view and access this information. This feature simplifies the process of generating reports and tracking volunteer engagement and impact, which is often required for funding purposes or volunteer recognition programs.

Communication is a key aspect of volunteer management, and volunteer management software offers various communication tools. It allows organizations to send bulk emails or texts to volunteers, keeping them informed about upcoming events, training opportunities, or any changes in schedule. Some software also includes features for creating online discussion boards or forums where volunteers can connect and share their experiences and ideas.

Volunteer management software offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Organizations can generate custom reports to gain insights into volunteer data, such as hours served, tasks performed, or areas of interest. This data can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of volunteer programs, identify trends, and make informed decisions to improve engagement and volunteer satisfaction.

Volunteer management software revolutionizes the way organizations manage their volunteers. By automating administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing detailed insights, volunteer management software saves time and resources, increases efficiency, and enhances the overall volunteer experience. It is an essential tool for any organization that relies on the dedication and commitment of volunteers.


Volgistics software helps manage volunteers through the entire volunteer cycle. Organizations can customize fields and options to fit their unique needs.

  • Manage and query detailed records of volunteer information
  • Organize and plan your volunteer opportunities
  • Use online application forms to bring on new volunteers
  • Easily customize reports of volunteer hours and information
  • Engage volunteers with a mobile app where they can manage their information and schedule themselves
  • Seamlessly track volunteer hours with a simple-to-use time clock
  • Always stay in contact with your volunteers using email and text messaging
  • Collect and store important volunteer forms and documentation
  • Oversee managers you assign to individual locations
  • Establish volunteer requirements and monitor due dates and completions


Rosterfly – connect to your volunteers with a comprehensive & user-friendly platform where you can recruit, retain, reward and train your volunteers.

  • Schedule volunteer shifts and keep everyone informed where and when they are needed
  • Get all your volunteers off to a great start by automating your onboarding process
  • Reporting on Rosterfy means you’ll have endless data at your fingertips
  • Automations trigger follow up messages to volunteers through SMS and Email
  • Super simple check-in and check-out of volunteers reduces complexity
  • No more working in the dark. Our platform gives you greater visibility of your program
  • Automation helps your team focus on the cause and not the admin


VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software helps you automate and simplify, so you can concentrate on driving your organization’s mission forward.

  • Landing Pages Can Be Chapter, Event, or Project Specific
  • The System is Exceptionally Easy to Use
  • Users Can Schedule and Manage Volunteers From Anywhere
  • Integration with CRM, Background Check Solutions, and Other Efficiency Tools
  • Technical Support is Always Available


POINT the most powerful free volunteer management platform for nonprofits.

  • No more spreadsheets
  • Better experiences for everyone
  • Report
  • Boost your people-power
  • Simplify your workload


Bloomerang volunteer management solution makes it easy to grow your volunteer base and simplify tasks saving you time in the process.

  • Easy to use
  • Get time back in your day
  • Streamline recruitment
  • Retain volunteers
  • Demonstrate impact
  • Turn volunteers into donors, donors into volunteers


Shift is the simple, affordable volunteer management solution that brings all of your tools, tasks, and volunteers together.

  • Shift Posting
  • Volunteer Responses
  • Volunteer Hours Logging
  • Shift Scheduling Calendar
  • Communication Tools


Volunteer management software built in direct partnership with UK charities and volunteers, our volunteer management software has been designed to maximise efficiency, minimise stress, and make the volunteering experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

  • Find and search available missions
  • Request approval
  • Complete missions securely
  • Report back


Unlock the power of volunteer management software with Golden Volunteer. Streamline operations and leverage exclusive features for effective volunteer management.

  • Connect with more volunteers
  • Seamless screening
  • Automated training
  • Automated tracking
  • Flawless and personalized communication
  • Painless system integration


Volunteer Management Software for organizations of every size! CERVIS makes it easy to recruit & track volunteers, enable online sign-ups, coordinate & manage volunteer groups, create custom reports, automate communication, and more.

  • Improve volunteer tracking & reporting
  • Enable online volunteer sign-ups
  • Automate email & text communication
  • Easily schedule & engage large groups
  • Create a better volunteer experience


Assemble volunteer management software provides a secure app for managing, recruiting, scheduling, events and rotas.

  • Grow your team
  • Never far from the insights you need
  • No more cluttered spreadsheets
  • Extend your presence


DonorPerfect helps you keep track of volunteers’ hours and projects as well as connect with new volunteers and manage volunteers.

  • Volunteers can access from anywhere with a cloud-based platform
  • Equip volunteers with the free DP Mobile app to accept payments on the go
  • With an unlimited user count, each volunteer can have their own username
  • Set security restrictions for volunteers as a group or by individual user
  • Run reports to track what volunteers have added to your system


VolunteerMark – maximize the volunteer experience with cloud software tools for communication, scheduling, and reporting.

  • Simplify communication with volunteers
  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Schedule volunteering opportunities
  • Easy and elegant event sign up views
  • Best in class management dashboard for events and volunteers


Giveffect volunteer applications, time tracking, scheduling, shift management & more.

  • Seamlessly recruit and track new volunteers
  • Create and manage volunteer shifts in minutes, not days
  • Turn your mobile device into a volunteer check-in kiosk
  • Real-time volunteer reports and data analytics


Samaritan brings Enterprise class Volunteer Management Software (VMS) for small to large sized Volunteer Services programs.

  • Integration
  • Recruiting
  • Registration for all types of Service
  • Promote Service Opportunities
  • Approval Systems
  • Volunteer Dashboard
  • Communication Center
  • Auto Notifications
  • Track Credentials and Expiration dates
  • Training and Support


Zelos – engage and activate your volunteers with our simple volunteer management app.

  • Your private volunteer database
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Drive engagement with gamification


CaseWorthy is equipped to help your organization efficiently manage its volunteer workers and their schedules.

  • CaseWorthy Volunteer Portal
  • Calendars
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Assessments
  • Reports
  • Grants, funding and time tracking
  • Workflows
  • Security and compliance

Q: What is volunteer management software?

A: Volunteer management software is a technological solution that helps organizations effectively manage and coordinate their volunteers. It provides features such as volunteer sign-up, scheduling, communication, and tracking of volunteer hours and activities.

Q: How does volunteer management software work?

A: Volunteer management software typically functions as a web-based platform or application. Organizations can create an account and set up their volunteer programs, including roles, shifts, and requirements. Volunteers can then sign up for available opportunities, and the software facilitates communication between organizers and volunteers, tracks hours worked, and generates reports.

Q: What are the key features of volunteer management software?

A: Key features of volunteer management software often include volunteer recruitment and registration, volunteer scheduling, communication tools (email, SMS, notifications), volunteer tracking and reporting, database management, and integration with other systems like donation management or CRM platforms.

Q: What are the benefits of using volunteer management software?

A: Volunteer management software streamlines the volunteer management process, saving time and reducing administrative burdens. It improves communication and coordination between volunteers and organizers, increases volunteer engagement, enhances data accuracy and reporting, and strengthens relationships with volunteers.

Q: How can organizations choose the right volunteer management software?

A: Organizations should consider their specific needs and requirements when choosing volunteer management software. Factors to consider include ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, cost, customer support, and any additional features needed (such as mobile accessibility or multilingual support). It is also helpful to read reviews and get recommendations from other organizations.

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