Top 16 Best Contractor Management Software

Contractor management software is a digital tool designed to help companies manage their contractors more effectively. This type of software is often used by organizations that employ numerous contractors and subcontractors to help them manage, track and monitor their performance, compliance and safety more efficiently. Contractor management software automates and streamlines the entire contractor lifecycle process, from onboarding and pre-qualification to evaluation and payment.

The need for contractor management software has increased over the years, thanks to the rise of contract hiring and temporary employment across various industries. With many businesses outsourcing work to contractors, the process of managing these workers can be a significant challenge. It can be challenging to keep track of who is working on what projects, their payment details, and their compliance with regulations and safety guidelines. That’s where contractor management software comes in. It provides businesses with the tools necessary to manage their contractors much more effectively.

The primary functionality of contractor management software includes contractor pre-qualification, onboarding, compliance tracking, performance management, payment processing, and analytics. Here’s an overview of each of these functions:

  • Contractor Pre-Qualification: One of the essential functions of contractor management software is to pre-qualify contractors before hiring. Contractor pre-qualification includes a thorough evaluation of the contractor’s experience, qualifications, certifications, and credentials. The software will also verify that the contractor has proper insurance and licensing. The goal of pre-qualification is to ensure that the contractor is competent, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • Onboarding: Once the contractor has been pre-qualified, the software will help onboard them onto the project. Onboarding includes sending out contracts, collecting documentation, verifying compliance, and setting up the necessary tools, such as access to the project site and software.
  • Compliance Tracking: Contractor management software has robust compliance tracking features. It ensures that contractors meet all necessary legal and regulatory requirements, including safety regulations and standards set by organizations like OSHA. Automated alerts and notifications help to keep contractors engaged and aware of upcoming deadlines.
  • Performance Management: Contractor management software provides tools to evaluate the contractor’s performance during the project. Managers can monitor and track progress and identify potential issues before they become major problems. Some software even uses performance data to generate performance reports that provide insights and help make data-driven decisions.
  • Payment Processing: Once the project is complete, contractor management software helps simplify payment processing by automating invoicing, tracking time sheets, calculating compensation, and validating expenses.
  • Analytics: Contractor management software can generate analytics and reports that provide insights on contractor performance, work history, and compliance history. These reports can be used to identify trends, areas of improvement, and best practices.

Contractor management software is an excellent tool for organizations that employ numerous contractors and need help managing them more effectively. With its many features, the software streamlines the contractor lifecycle process, reduces administrative workload, improves efficiency, and lowers costs. By using contractor management software, businesses can focus on their core functions while leaving the contractor management to the software.


Avetta Connect helps CPOs make better procurement decisions by providing them visibility on contractor safety standards and their overall track record.

  • Access from Anywhere
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Track Compliance
  • Easy Integration


Riskex contractor management software ensures full compliance by assigning assessments to your contractors, with an associated approval process. Ask your contractors to upload associated documentation/ policies to provide evidence that they are right for the job.

  • Intuitive interface to easily create and modify records for organisations and contractors
  • Adaptable system, to create varying levels of assessments for organisations and contractors, to help achieve full compliance
  • Real-time dashboard showing your current state of play
  • Email notifications sent out at all stages of the compliance assessment process, ensuring both parties are kept up to date
  • Supporting documentation upload facility, at your request from a contractor, or done on their behalf and linked to a compliance assessment
  • Robust and thorough approval process for organisations/ contractors, to ensure appropriate compliance


Sitepass contractor management software allows you to effortlessly onboard new workers, deploy jobs and manage your contractor compliance.

  • Resource projects by connecting to new contractors
  • Prequalify contracting companies and classify their risk
  • Tailor the workflows for each type of contractor
  • Quickly find the contractors you need, when needed
  • Verify workflows, documents and contractor compliance
  • Track expiry of vital information and send reminder emails
  • Onboard, induct and verify contractors’ workers


MRI Software’s comprehensive contractor management software enables you to screen and track contractors.

  • Track contractors working alone, in high-risk areas, or at an off-site location
  • Send inductions to contractors easily, and ensure documentation is up-to-date before they arrive
  • Ensure contractors acknowledge hazards and sign waivers before gaining access
  • Easily account for contractors in an emergency


The TRACK Platform is a contractor cost management software, that automates labor time tracking, enforces contract compliance, increases workforce visibility, and produces error-free electronic timesheets and invoices.

  • Eliminate manual timesheet processing, invoice handling, and post-invoice reconciliation
  • Real-time workforce visibility and time on site. Easily analyze the crew mix ratio on site compared to the plan
  • TRACK automatically enforces skill, schedule, and contract compliance with pay formulas for each unique supplier
  • TRACK automatically calculates contractually accurate labor, rates, and schedules to achieve net time for billing
  • Delivering daily visibility and control of contractor costs at the PO and WO level
  • Streamline data flow from your existing technologies to automate data collection and processing with real-time information


Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based contractor management software that empowers organizations to easily collect, track and manage third-party contractor and vendor compliance requirements.

  • Monitor & Approve Contractors
  • Ease of Use
  • Fully Configurable
  • Simple Communication
  • All In One Place
  • Automated Requalification


Rapid’s award-winning WHS software is trusted by leading global companies. Streamline compliance, safety & risk management with staff, contractors & site visitors.

  • Save time with automation
  • Improve compliance
  • Speed up workflows
  • Centralise document storage


Remote’s Contractor Management services make it easy for you to onboard, pay, and manage both local and international contractors.

  • Secure local expertise and advice
  • Develop compliant contracts
  • Stay compliant on taxes
  • Process invoices and pay contractors
  • Review contractor classification laws


Prometheus Group Contractor Management is a workforce management solution that enables you to track time, attendance, contractor information, overtime, and fatigue risk.

  • Eliminate errors in the invoicing process
  • Gain streamlined access to pertinent data and documentation to quickly review and approve/reject invoiced costs
  • Save 50% or more time entering and reviewing/correcting time, attendance, and cost data
  • Enter data on-the-go with mobile capabilities
  • Leverage accurate, current data to improve contract negotiation
  • Expedite contractor payments
  • Integrates with your existing SAP, IBM Maximo, or Oracle systems


Manage Contractor Health and Safety with Evotix. Induct contractors to your specific site safety requirements and issue any access permits they require.

  • Qualify and manage contractor status
  • Complete pre-qualifications, induction and safety reporting via the mobile app AssureGO+
  • Induct your contractors to your site safety practices with mobile, easily accessible tools
  • Create, manage and approve permits with full visibility across all sites
  • Monitor contractor performance and KPIs on dashboards. Issues 1-5 star rating


Alcumus Cognibox offers integrated contractor compliance management solutions that allow you to easily manage suppliers & contractors online.

  • Increase efficiency by shortening approval times
  • Reduce operating expenses by automating and streamlining contractor management processes
  • Build stronger business relationships by improving access to contractor management processes and business information
  • Maximize cost savings by optimizing contractor performance through compliance and performance monitoring
  • Improve business processes and ensure compliance with actionable and extractable business intelligence


Safety Software cloud-based contractor management software allows you to perform a range of contractor related functions to support the safety of your contractors.

  • Make incident reporting and investigation an easier process through an easy online reporting form and auto-generated email notifications landing directly in key stakeholder inboxes
  • Establish and allocate recurring safety and compliance tasks to individual workplaces, then monitor their progress from the easy-overview dashboard
  • Create customised workplace inspections, checklists and audits, then schedule these to ensure that they are completed within identified timeframes


Worksuite is a customizable solution to grow and organize your global freelancer and contractor network.

  • Save hours of admin time every week
  • User-friendly interface for you and your contractors
  • Easy onboarding and fast global payments to 180+ countries
  • Integrates with the apps your organization already uses
  • 24-hour live support ensures your business always runs smoothly


Contractor Foreman is the most affordable all-in-one construction management software trusted by contractors in more than 75 countries.

  • 35+ Powerful Features
  • Training and Support
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Easy & affordable


Manage All Aspects Of Your Contractor Service Business: Work Orders, Scheduling, CRM, Inventory, Cash Flow, Reports, Mobile Apps.

  • Contractor App For Work Orders
  • Estimating Software For Contractors
  • Database of Customers
  • Field Contractor Crew Management
  • Parts and Equipment Under Control
  • Automate Payroll
  • Mobile App For Mobile Managers
  • Record-Keeping of Finances


LinkSafe is Australia’s leading Contractor, Site, Compliance, Visitor & Employee Induction Management Software.

  • Eliminate compliance paperwork
  • All your data in one place
  • Contractor portal
  • No more compliance headaches

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