Top 15 Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools: Free and Paid SEO for Apps

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a technique of optimizing the app store for better visibility of app to get higher ranking and more attention of customers. This technique of getting similar in a way to get more attention for your website like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). App store like Google Play and iTunes are made for the purpose for distributing the app. App with most visibility will get more downloads, hence leading to higher rank. But in case of App Store Optimization it achieves both goals, of better ranking in App Store as well as in Search Engines.

iPhone App Store Optimization

The iPhone App store, popularly known as the iTunes or iOS store is the most popular app marketplace on the web. With over 1,000,000 applications that continue to increase with each day, holds a great potential for application developers. This makes this store amongst the best places to sell your apps. However, in this kind of crowd how would you make the app visible to prospective users? App store optimization is the answer to this.

Why is aso important?

Studies have shown that over 60 percent of the apps are discovered through the App store’s search list. For an average app, search actually makes up for a majority of downloads. Optimizing an app is the best way of including it in the search results and boosts its ranking too. The greater the relevance of the search query with the app, the greater are the chances of the app being displayed among the results.

How is app store optimization done?

During the process of optimization both primary and secondary factors are taken into account. Perfect optimization is achieved only when both these parameters are taken care of.

ASO Primary factors: Optimizing the title so as to include the keywords in it is the perfect way of enhancing the ranking of an application.

ASO Secondary factors: Greater the number of downloads, the higher will be the ranking of the application on the market place. Ratings and app reviews also play a pivotal role in determining the rank of an app on the iTunes store. Apps that receive a higher rating will appear in the search list than those which don’t rate high enough. On the other hand, when the app gets positive reviews, users are more likely to download and install it on their devices.

Google Play App Store optimization

With more than half of the world’s smartphones running the Android operating system, getting your application on the Google Play store is on the check list of almost every app developer. This market place has immense potential for developers who are looking to earn revenue and make their name in the market. However, things aren’t simple as your new application might get lost in the sea of over half a million apps. So, what can you do to survive in the competition and make profits? All you need to do is get the app page optimized as per the store’s algorithm.

Google Play Store’s ranking algorithm

Like every other app market, this store too implements a sophisticated algorithm that helps in ranking the app. Some of the algorithm factors include ratings, app reviews, amount of downloads, growth in the number of downloads, number of installations, frequency of usage, description comprising of adequate keywords, keywords in the title, screenshots and a video demonstration. Fulfilling all these factors will ensure that you app ranks higher so that more users can discover it.

bplay App Store optimization

Blackberry might still be a new niche for many to invest in when it comes to creating apps. However, what others shun might just turn out to be the mine gold you are looking for. There are far too many users of Blackberry compared to the number of apps in the Blackberry App Store.

Yes, it’s true!

Blackberry app store still is a relatively new niche for many app developers, for a number of reasons. While many developers do not see a profit viability quotient by investing in the Blackberry App Store, the fact that creating Blackberry apps is a lot more complex often makes developers shun away from the platform.

However, you need not worry! The number of apps in the Blackberry Word is steadily climbing up. As of April 2020, Blackberry World has over 170,000 apps for BB!

Windows App store optimization

Although the Windows app store is relatively new in the application market domain, it is considered to be among the fastest growing ones. Experts believe that app developers should capitalize on this and publish their apps before the store gets as crowded as the iTunes store or the Google Play store. Nonetheless, the store still boasts of over a 300,000 apps and unless you are a household name it isn’t very easy to lure consumers and boost sales. Windows app store might just be the new next big thing on the block – and you will definitely benefit from being a part of it!

Promoting your app on the Windows App Store

As the Windows store doesn’t support demo videos, all you are left with is title and description. Optimizing these parameters can be a tricky affair especially if you are not well acquainted with the concept of keyword research. Including a keyword at the right places and explaining the features of the app concisely can help your app feature among the top results on the search page.

Role of ASO firm

Taking care of every aspect of application marketing isn’t child’s play especially if your primary focus is on app development. An app store optimization company will see to it that your app is ranked higher so that it gets more hits and therefore more downloads.

Amazon store optimization

The Amazon store is a great place to sell your apps. However, getting started on Amazon might seem like a tedious task. In fact, the truth is that Amazon store optimization is easier compared with optimization of Google Play store or the iTunes Store. On the other hand, submitting an app on the Amazon store is also easier than any other application marketplace on the web. The only downside to this is that the Amazon store accepts only Android apps.

Bolstering your ranking on A9

A9, Amazon’s marketplace search Engine is used by most users to discover applications. If your app features among the top few search results, there are chances that users might download it instead of scrolling down and looking for more similar apps. It is the relevance of the app page content with the search query as entered by the user, which will eventually help in featuring the app in the search list on the Amazon Store.

Customer reviews do matter

It is this part of the app page which will give confidence to new consumers so that they download the app. An application which is negatively criticized will not only fail to attract more customers but also lose the existing ones. The app rating as given by the user is another parameter besides keywords that assists in the process of page ranking. In addition, it will also create an impression about the quality and performance of the application.

ASO firms – helping you improve app rankings

The primary purpose of optimizing an app page on any application market is to enhance its ranking so that users discover it easily without having to scroll through multiple pages. In order to achieve this, we follow stringent standards and perform tasks such as keyword analysis, title optimization, icon optimization, obtaining positive reviews and better ratings among others.

Top 15 Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools


Keyword Tool is #1 (FREE) alternative to Google Ads Keyword Planner for SEO & PPC keyword research.

  • Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term
  • Unlike Keyword Planner or other tools, Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time
  • You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account


App Annie is the standard in app analytics and app market data, giving you one easy-to-use platform for running every stage of your app business.

  • Seize the next big opportunity
  • Spring to action when new opportunities or threats surface
  • Access App Annie data the way you need it
  • Customize your experience to the way you work
  • Enhance team collaboration and alignment


App Radar grows your apps and mobile game business.

  • Daily Keyword Rankings
  • Smart Keyword Finder
  • High Search Volume Keywords
  • Competitor Analysis & Insights
  • AI Powered App Store Optimization
  • App Optimization Score & Suggestions
  • App Store Feature Alerts
  • App Listing & Localizations Quick Editor
  • Screenshot Bulk Upload and Management
  • Weekly App Ranking Reports
  • App Update History
  • App Review Analysis & Management
  • Data Driven Market Insights
  • Google Play Console Integration
  • App Store Connect Integration
  • My Team Options


AppFollow helps you drive organic downloads, analyze and respond to user reviews, increase app rating and research competitors to be ahead of the game.

  • iOS 12 Real Search Results
  • Keyword Popularity
  • ASO Analytics
  • Featured App Alerts
  • ASO Reports in Slack & Email
  • Grow App Rating & Reputation


AppTweak is the easiest and most effective ASO tool to grow app businesses of all sizes.

  • Increase your app visibility & organic downloads
  • Spy on your competitor’s search ads strategy
  • Monitor your app performance across markets
  • Research new opportunities for growth
  • Automate reporting with our API


Perform App Store SEO, track your competitors, check out popular keywords, dispense your promo codes effectively.

  • Competitor Tracking
  • Search Investigator
  • Press Mentions


Everything you need to monitor and optimize all of your mobile apps.

  • Use AI to Discover Relevant Keywords to Improve Your ASO
  • Compare Your App Against Any Competitor Side-by-Side
  • Find Out Exactly What it Takes to Rank Well in a Keyword
  • Follow Hourly Keyword Rank Trends For Any Keyword Across Countries
  • Find Keywords Where Your App is Ranked Automatically


APPlyzer ships worldwide app store rankings for iOS, tvOS, Mac and Google Play for every country and category. Hourly rankings, history data and graphs, keywords, reviews, deep market analysis and much more.

  • Hourly Download Rankings & Worldcharts
  • Competitor Keywords
  • Keyword Spy
  • 6 Months History
  • Hourly Alerts


AppSimilar provides free service to analysis ASO, DAU, revenue & downloads, rating, reviews and so on. Various metrics help to improve your app performance, also can help you keep up with your competitor insight.

  • Ranking Charts
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Demographic
  • ASO & Keywords
  • Download & Revenue


ASOdesk provides everything you need to work on App Store Optimization!

  • Keyword Analytics
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Auto-Suggestions
  • ASO Comparative Report
  • Organic Report
  • Competitors & Keyword Charts
  • Reviews Monitoring & Slack
  • Trending Searches Alerts
  • StoreConsole
  • Advanced Traffic Source Analysis
  • API
  • ASOdesk Demo Version


Checkaso has a complete set of tools to build an effective App Store Optimization strategy.

  • ASOindex shows how well your app page is optimized for stores
  • Add your app and get its ASOindex in a few seconds
  • Our smart algorithms aggregate large data volumes to make ASOindex as precise as possible
  • With ASOindex you will find the best way to start with your ASO strategy


Mobile Action is a leading App Store Optimization and App Marketing tool that provides world class data.

  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword Trends
  • ASO Report
  • Keyword Intelligence
  • Search Ads Intelligence
  • Keyword Spy
  • App Update Timeline
  • Localization


SearchMan’s self-serve big data tool makes it easier for your mobile apps to compete for visibility inside the Apple & Android Play app stores.

  • Market Data
  • Apps Dashboard
  • Keyword Features
  • Enhanced Data & Flexible Data Delivery
  • Custom Data


Mobile app market leaders rely on Sensor Tower’s intelligence products for vital data-driven competitive insights and understanding of the global app economy.

  • Top Apps and Publishers
  • App Analysis: App Revenue Estimates & More
  • Publisher Breakdown
  • Global & Custom Tags
  • Unified Apps & Publishers
  • Store Summary


App Store Optimization for everyone. TheTool is the only tool you need: extremely powerful & very easy to use.

  • Search (Keywords)
  • Top Charts
  • User Ratings
  • Conversion Rate
  • Installs – Downloads
  • Revenue – Business
  • Daily / weekly email alerts
  • Export data to CSV
  • Annotations
  • Team members

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