Top 14 Best Small Business Cloud Backup Service Providers, Online Backup For Small Business

Continuity of business processes within a company will determine the performance of the company. Planning related to the implementation of IT-based applications has been arranged in such a way that is expected to run well under normal conditions. But there are things that are very important that is often missed by the company, It may not be forever the company will be in a normal state. There is the possibility of disruption and disasters, whether from nature, humans, or technology that will attack the company. This resulted in the activity within the company will be halted for a moment, some time or even paralyzed, which of course will have a negative impact, both in terms of financial and non financial to the company. Anticipation can be done by making a policy of making a backup data cloud (Cloud backup) that will be used to restore the company’s data as before in case of disruption or disaster, so the continuity of business process of a company is guaranteed after the occurrence of disruption or disaster.

The cloud backup process in the field of information technology is the creation of backup copies of data, so that backup copies of data can be reused at any time after data loss or damage. Small Business Cloud Backup is designed to protect vital business processes from naturally occurring damage or disaster or human actions. Small Business Cloud Backup is an executable strategy to minimize the aftermath of interruptions and strives for a business process, so Cloud backup guarantees that the company can restore IT systems and business processes, so the workforce inside the company can get back to work, serve customers, collect Revenue, and the company can continue to operate.

The purpose of cloud backup is to reduce the risk of financial loss and improve the company’s ability to recover as soon as possible from a disturbing event, either returning due to damaged and lost data or returning data to a certain point in the past, So that required adequate technology and backup storage media is relatively large depending on the number of corporate data.

Downtime and cyber attacks have made headlines in recent months. The need for a Disaster Recovery Plan is increasingly being recognized in all small business sectors. In choosing a cloud backup service, there are several factors to consider before.

Factors Considerations In Choosing a Cloud Backup Service for Small Business

In choosing cloud backup services for businesses, there are a few things to note, including:

  1. Priority: Such as determining which assets will be backed up on the cloud backup service. It means what assets are most important to keep running in case of system interruption. Thus, your IT operations can still run to support your business.
  2. Location: Network latency can cause damage and loss to data that is backed up and on the recovery process. For that, follow the best practices according to international standards, namely by choosing a cloud backup service within 50 km from your location to reduce the risk of data loss. In terms of location, we see still many practitioners who have not understood the importance of ideal distance in terms of data communications for mission critical company. The integrity of damaged data and data loss can raise the problem publicly. Ultimately, the company’s reputation will decrease and this will have its own cost consequences.
  3. Backup Technology: Note also the backup technology used by the cloud provider. This technology is not only limited to fail over and fail back only, but also must be able to recognize patterns of data behavior. So, if there is invalid data such as malware exposed type ransomware then the backup system can disconnect the process. Ransomware can infect the system again if data is recovered still infected. Ransomware can change digital signatures every few seconds.
  4. Data Center Infrastructure: In choosing cloud backup services, it is mandatory to pay attention to the data center infrastructure used by the cloud provider. In this way, you can be more confident with the service level agreement provided by the cloud backup.
  5. Service Support: A professional cloud backup service will have multilevel support for escalation issues, both with ticketing and phone systems. Support the service will greatly help your IT team in solving problems according to the level of problems, so that more structured and can adapt in your BCP strategy.

No one ever knows when the downtime or data damage occurred. Only company backup can avoid these problems. Downtime and data damage both due to hardware damage, human error, force-majeur, and cyber attacks, will have an impact on much greater costs.

Therefore, it is high time now that middle companies such as Insurance, Regional Development Bank, Fintech Startup, Restaurant and Retail with many branches, to start using cloud backup service.


BDRCloud is a Cost Effective Cloud Backup Software & Services for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Servers, Endpoints, Applications, and Databases. Backup your data directly to BDRCloud and save up to 70% on your backup costs.

  • Cloud to Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 – Mails, Calendars, Contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup for Google Workspace – Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Google Drive & Shared Drive
  • Cloud Backup for Servers – Files/Folders Backup for Windows & Linux
  • Cloud Backup for Endpoints – Files/Folders Backup for Windows, Linux & Mac
  • Cloud Backup for Applications & DBs – Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and MySQL
  • Flexible Backup Scheduling
  • Retain backup data on the BDRCloud as long as you need and meet your compliance requirements
  • End-to-End Encryption for backup data during flight and at rest
  • Built-in Compression for lesser storage footprint
  • Restore backup data from anywhere at any time
  • Restore the same or different location
  • 24/7 Responsive Technical Support


Cloud backup software from Carbonite helps protect your personal & business data from common forms of data loss.

  • Whether you’re restoring a single file or your entire folder system, just a few clicks will have you on your way.
  • Advanced encryption keeps your data secure in transit and in storage, so it never exists in an unprotected state.
  • Other companies charge extra for support. Carbonite Safe includes support from our award-winning team of specialists.


Acronis Cloud Backup service (formerly Acronis Backup to Cloud) is a secure, offsite cloud computer backup solution.

  • Acronis is the award-winning leader in cloud backup
  • Back up and recover systems and files quickly
  • Rest assured your data is safe
  • Gain complete control over your data


BackupVault is a leading provider of cloud backup for businesses in the UK. Powered by Redstor software and secured within our state-of-the-art data centres, our online backup service completely removes the worry – so you can get on with what’s important – like growing your business.

  • Cloud Based Offsite Storage
  • Fast, Efficient Backups
  • Completely Secure
  • Simple to Restore
  • Built-in Version Control
  • Completely Automatic
  • Improved IT Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Scalable
  • Management & Monitoring


Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, one-click backup solution that’s scalable based on your backup storage needs.

  • Manage backup data at scale
  • Secure your backups
  • Efficiently manage backups
  • Reduce your costs


KeepItSafe custom data protection solutions provide seamless and continuous security no matter where your data resides.

  • Hybrid cloud online backups: you’re always protected, even without an Internet connection.
  • Quickly recover files, complete folders, applications, or entire machines.
  • Common files are de-duplicated and block changes are compressed and encrypted making backups and recovery quick and efficient.


MSPs can use N-able Backup to seamlessly back up and restore the data clients need to run their business IT operations with ease.

  • Rapid backups to help meet the needs of MSP and business customers
  • Keep your customers’ data secure with robust enterprise cloud backup solutions
  • Take advantage of our effective pricing model, suited to customer needs


Backup with IDrive to secure your small business data from all your PC, Macs, servers and mobile devices to a single account.

  • Backup with IDrive
  • IDrive® Thin Client
  • Manage Computers
  • IDrive Express
  • Sub-accounts / Single Sign-On
  • IDrive® BMR
  • Server Cloud Backup
  • Sync files in real time
  • Data Security
  • Compliance
  • Data Centers
  • Support


Crashplan offers enterprise-grade data loss protection at a small business price.

  • No file size restrictions
  • External drive backup
  • Customer file rentention
  • Ransom Recovery
  • Continuous Backup
  • Dedicated Support
  • Smart Continuous Backup
  • Restore files from any computer
  • State-of-the-Art


NovaBACKUP Cloud for seamless small business cloud backup solutions for Windows with built-in support for Exchange, SQL, and Virtual Machines.

  • Complete backup solution for Windows systems
  • NovaBACKUP cloud or private hosted cloud
  • Central monitoring & email notifications
  • Speedy disaster recovery
  • Unlimited scalability and cloud storage
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Bandwidth optimized data transfer with FastBit Technology
  • Includes support for SQL, Microsoft Exchange and Virtual Machines


IBackup provides enterprise-class data protection with superior performance for small and medium sized businesses.

  • IBackup for Windows
  • IBackup for Mac
  • IBackup for Linux
  • IBackup for iOS / Android
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Web manager
  • Sub-accounts
  • MS SQL Server backup
  • MS Exchange Server backup
  • MS SharePoint Server backup
  • Oracle Server backup
  • VMware
  • Office 365 Mailbox
  • Deploy IBackup using GPO


Get all the space you need for the entire company and easy file recovery.

  • Online backup and file storage
  • Access across all your devices
  • Flexible storage
  • Connected accounts
  • Version history and file recovery


Backblaze is a pioneer in robust, scalable low cost cloud backup and storage services.

  • Veeam Backup
  • Server Backup
  • Computer Backup
  • NAS Backup


Atera offers the best Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform for MSPs.

  • Protect Your Critical Assets
  • The Most Awarded Backup Solution
  • Get Real-time Backup


Box empowers your teams by making it easy to work with people inside and outside your organization, protect your valuable content, and connect all your apps.

  • Cloud backup that scales to your content
  • Free up your drive, work on your desktop
  • Agile collaboration for your whole organization
  • Friction-free file recovery
  • Secure and compliant storage

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