Top 14 Best Production Scheduling/Planning Software

The purpose of production Scheduling/Planning is to minimize the time and costs associated with the production of goods. The production schedule tells any given manufacturing facility when to produce something, using what staff through the use of which equipment.

A production schedule usually involves the detailed description of each “job” which is to be manufactured over a certain number of “machines”. While these may not be necessarily physical machines, they may consist of several stages or labor processes. Each job is scheduled to be manufactured in each “machine” in a particular order (known as routing) during a certain time period (known as processing time).

Because each manufacturing environment is different (single machine, parallel machines, flow shops, job shops, open shop), production scheduling can become quite complicated and is usually done with the assistance of ERP software.

Additionally, the complexity of production scheduling is further complicated by the fact that production rescheduling is often unavoidable. This can happen because of:

  • Rush orders / jobs
  • Cancellation of jobs or orders
  • Machine failure
  • Labor shortage
  • Delay in arrival of required material or components
  • Insufficient raw material or parts quality


JavaScript Scheduler is a web calendar that can be integrated into any business application, website, IoT panel, single page app…

  • Fullscreen and compact modes
  • Creating and editting events
  • Agenda view mode
  • Today view mode
  • Day view mode
  • Week view mode
  • Month view mode


Simio provides the software for simulation, production planning and scheduling innovations that gives you fast risk analysis and cost reduction.

  • Solve your scheduling dilemmas. Simio’s patented risk-based planning and scheduling is the future (Patent No. 8,682,707 B2:  Simulation-Based Risk Analysis for Finite Capacity Scheduling). If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, Simio will keep you there
  • Control your risk. Our scheduling software ensures you manage your risk and eliminate uncertainties. You’ll be reducing costs and driving revenue at an unparalleled rate
  • Manage critical constraints. By exposing costs and accurately modeling all constraints, you’ll save your company money and time
  • Improve production schedule performance. Simio ensures you can predict and plan – allowing you to improve production safely and without added risk
  • Add variation. By adding variation, Simio helps schedulers stick to accurate plans while increasing profits at the same time


Katana is the best production planning software for modern manufacturers aiming to automate workflows.

  • Katana makes your production process more efficient, accurate and hassle-free!
  • Now you can manage your inventory, production processes, and sales orders from one easy-to-use production scheduling software free to try
  • Every little detail in our production planning software has been designed with the precise needs of the growing business in mind
  • It’s the ideal manufacturing schedule software for small business


Simple yet powerful cloud-based Manufacturing ERP/MRP software. Seamless management of production, stock, customers, purchases, finances, and the team.

  • Quick and simple production scheduling
  • Visual production schedule and drag-and-drop rescheduling
  • All business functions are closely connected


IQMS is becoming DELMIAworks, a comprehensive manufacturing, MES and ERP software system to help manufacturers increase efficiency and drive more profitable revenue growth.

  • Capable to Promise
  • Forecasting and Production Planning
  • Material Requirements and Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling System


Optimise your production with PlanningPME, our visual userfriendy and efficient scheduling software.

  • Day-to-day planning views
  • Planning conflicts management
  • Workload
  • Project management
  • Reports and statistics
  • Customer management


Plex manufacturing planning & production scheduling software features keeps inventory levels low and cost at a minimum.

  • Quickly calculate recommendations for what is needed, how much is needed, and when it is needed with MRP to keep inventory levels and cost at a minimum
  • Make advanced production planning and scheduling trade-off decisions considering finite capacity and available resources
  • Optimize manufacturing production runs, alleviating major cost and time conflicts in the process
  • Set accurate expectations by providing customers with a reliable delivery date based on actual availability of resources
  • Utilize multiple advanced manufacturing production scheduling options to level-load production across alternative workcenters
  • Use Kanban to support pull-based demand for lean operations that eliminate over-production waste


Delfoi Planner is an easy production scheduling solution developed for the best functionality and user experience.

  • Fast rescheduling
  • Easy to Use
  • Web-Based Solution
  • Integrability
  • Paperless Manufacturing. Shop Floor Execution and Monitoring Capability
  • Global supply chain management
  • It is incredibly fast to implement


SYSPRO ERP Software simplifies business complexity and financial management with industry-leading business software, available on-premise or in the cloud.

  •  Flexible and simple to use
  •  Easily create, update and share schedules
  •  Shorten delivery times with smarter use of materials and resources
  •  Give accurate customer promise dates by quickly simulating scenarios based on real capacity


Seiki Systems specializes in a wide range if manufacturing software modules designed to maximise the efficiency of production equipment and plant resources.

  • Appearance and functionality of a traditional planning board
  • Drag & drop technology for ‘what-if’ planning
  • Forward sequential loading of all jobs
  • Create a realistic model of your available capacity
  • Automated scheduling algorithms
  • Simple traffic light indicators to preview consequences of changes to the schedule
  • Collaborative scheduling: sharing scenarios using graphical simulation
  • Interfaces to your existing ERP/MRP system or is fully integrated with the JobDISPO ERP


Productoo is a leader in manufacturing digitization software solutions. Mobile maintenance, production planning, tracking and reporting.

  • Long-term planning
  • Production item creation (demand-driven, MRP, MPS respect)
  • Single level planning – detailed scheduling
  • Multi-level planning based on BOM
  • Artificial planner (FIFO, leveling, changeover optimization and other scenarios)
  • Electronic kanban, pull flow
  • Batch building
  • Material consumption prediction
  • Customer delivery management
  • API for ERP integration


NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and ecommerce software.

  • Analyze Historical Demand
  • Use Sales Forecasts
  • Import from CSV, Web Services
  • Utilize the power of the cloud
  • Generate planned orders
  • Multi-location planning
  • Multiple Constraints
  • Scheduling Codes for sequencing
  • Real-time updates from MES


AVEVA work with you and harness the power of our ecosystem, to deliver solutions and expertise to optimize engineering, operations and performance.

  • Publish and share simulation and scheduling results over the web.
  • Custom designed reports and interactive management dashboards can be used to communicate the results of your plan.
  • The results can be accessed using a standard web browser or touch-enabled mobile devices such as tablets, with no software required.
  • The Simio Portal is available either OnPrem or via Microsoft Azure’s public cloud


OptiProERP is a complete cloud ERP solution for manufacturers and distributors on SAP Business One, the #1 ERP platform for small and midsize companies.

  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with order consolidation
  • Optimize scheduling of machines, materials, people and contracted services
  • Identify priority work orders and foresee downstream effect of rescheduling jobs
  • Deliver orders on-time knowing the lead time needed for procurement and production
  • Predict inventory based on sales orders, demand and safety stock minimum
  • Maintain minimum needed inventory requirements
  • Increase turn times with capacity planning that optimizes machine utilization


Infor is a global software company that builds SMB and Enterprise ERP software cloud products for industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality and Services.

  • Respond to multiple changes and reconcile scheduling conflicts between different production departments in real time
  • Adjust demand and supply plans as the market changes with enhanced modeling capabilities
  • Adjust schedules at a moment’s notice with automated optimization techniques and an intuitive graphical planning board
  • Provide end users with the ability to easily change production, dispatch, and transfer plans
  • Improve factory end user decision making with more accurate and reliable production planning
  • Increase end user productivity with a simplified and intuitive user interface
  • Minimize transportation costs
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of demand and supply planning
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to ensure production schedules are optimized for efficient flow and minimal downtime

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