Top 14 Best Cloud-Based Document Management Systems

A cloud-based document management system (DMS) is a digital platform that allows users to store, organize, and manage documents and files online. Unlike traditional document management methods, a cloud-based DMS eliminates the need for physical storage space and offers remote access, collaboration, and automated workflows. Over the years, cloud-based DMS has become a popular solution for businesses looking to streamline document management processes, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

In a cloud-based DMS, all documents and files are stored in the cloud, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The system offers sophisticated encryption and security features, ensuring that documents are safe and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Typically, cloud-based DMS platforms offer different access levels for different roles within the organization, allowing users to access and modify documents only as per their permissions.

Cloud-based DMS platforms offer a range of features, including document storage, sharing, tagging, version control, and search functions. Documents can be tagged and categorized to facilitate easy search and retrieval, and users can easily collaborate on documents with teams or clients. Automating workflows and approvals can also help to reduce processing times.

The benefits of cloud-based DMS are many. Here are a few:

  • Improved document security: With an increased risk of cyber threats, data breaches, and hacking attempts, secure document management has become a top priority for businesses. A cloud-based DMS ensures that documents are stored in a secure, encrypted environment, reducing the risk of data loss, corruption, or theft.
  • Remote access: A cloud-based DMS provides remote access to documents, enabling employees and stakeholders to work from anywhere, at any time. Employees can access files using their smartphones or tablets, making it easier to collaborate on projects and stay productive while on the go.
  • Improved collaboration: A cloud-based DMS makes collaboration easier for teams, departments, and clients. Documents can be shared, edited, and reviewed by multiple users simultaneously, and version control ensures that the latest version of a document is always available to everyone.
  • Reduced costs: A cloud-based DMS eliminates the need for physical storage, reduces printing and mailing costs, and improves the efficiency of document management processes. Businesses can save time and money by automating workflows, enabling faster processing times, and reducing overheads.
  • Scalability: A cloud-based DMS is scalable, meaning that businesses can easily add or remove users, storage space, and features as needed. A DMS can grow with a business, adapting to changing needs and requirements over time.

A cloud-based DMS can be particularly useful for businesses that need to manage large volumes of documents and data, such as law firms, accounting firms, and businesses with compliance requirements. With a cloud-based DMS, businesses can reduce the administrative burden of document management, allowing employees to focus on core business tasks.

However, as with any technology, there are some risks and challenges associated with using a cloud-based DMS. For example, businesses must ensure that they have a strong internet connection to access documents consistently. They must also comply with data protection regulations when storing and managing sensitive documents.

A cloud-based DMS is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline document management processes, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs. By leveraging the capabilities of a cloud-based DMS, businesses can gain a competitive advantage, automate workflows, and gain insights into their document management practices.


SmartVault document management software & secure file portal is an easy and secure way to store, organize & share files online.

  • Implement Online Document Storage that’s Easy for Everyone to Use
  • Get More from the Document Management System You Choose
  • Streamline Collaboration through Your Own Branded Client Portal
  • Leverage Cloud Technology to Share Files Securely
  • Facilitate Fast and Easy Online Document eSignature Capability
  • Use Request Docs to Gather Essential Client Documents Quickly
  • Boost Productivity through Workflow Automation
  • Streamline Secure File Sharing and Email Sync Integration
  • Retain More Control Over Your Digital Assets with Certified Vault


Folderit – easy-to-use, secure and affordable cloud document management software turns your office paperless.

  • Access Control & Office 365 / DocuSign integrations
  • Powerful Search With Multilingual OCR
  • Approval Workflow & Automated Retention
  • Document Numbering, Notifications & Audit Trails
  • Custom Metadata & File Linking
  • File Versions
  • Reminders
  • Import Documents Over E-mail
  • Subsidiaries Supported
  • Mobile Friendly DMS
  • Local Backup Too
  • Safe & Secure


​EisenVault uses top-tier public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Safely Access from Anywhere
  • Work Offline with Offline Sync
  • Access from Mobile Devices
  • Full Text Search and Metadata Search
  • Connect with Microsoft Outlook & Gmail
  • Edit in Microsoft Office
  • Audit Trails & Versioning
  • Workflows and Document Approvals
  • No Constraints or Limits
  • Subscription based Pricing Model


Nimbus Portal Solutions provides secure cloud based DMS and client portals to help efficiently oversee all your documents.

  • Securely share documents with staff and clients
  • Digitally sign documents with ease and track signatures
  • Create custom workflows and track client activity
  • Collaborate on documents with your team and clients
  • Easily track and follow up on documents and online checklists
  • Manage emails and eliminate the need for email attachments


GLOBODOX Cloud Document Management Software system offers a secure way to manage and access your documents from anywhere using any device.

  • Upload Documents from anywhere
  • Find Documents Quickly
  • Complete document and data security
  • Automate approval and signing of documents
  • Automatically archive and dispose documents
  • Integrate with any application
  • Work from anywhere with any device
  • Automatic backup and updates
  • No infrastructure to manage


Qualityze Enterprise Quality Management Software simplifies, streamlines & standardizes quality processes, systems, & document management to meet compliance

  • Create and Collaborate on Critical Documents
  • Efficiently Review and Approve Documents
  • Associate Reference Documents
  • Setup Training Requirements
  • Streamline Document Release Process
  • Make Obsolete and Archive expired Critical Documents


NetDocuments document management software allows you to manage, collaborate, and share content in one secure location to improve workplace productivity.

  • Manage, Share, and Collaborate in One Centralized Location
  • Find Exactly What You Need
  • Connect the Tools You Use Daily
  • Create Customized, Error-Free Documents at Scale
  • Secure Your Data Seamlessly


Cloud Based Document Management with LogicalDOC Cloud on demand service. Store, organize, view, and share documents with just an Internet connection.

  • LogicalDOC Cloud is an On-Demand Approach
  • Simple Web-based Document Management
  • Secure Your Documents


eFileCabinet’s cloud document management software will revolutionize your office, department, and industry.

  • Prevent Document Management Disasters
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Manage And Maintain Confidentiality
  • The Cloud Gets You Results from Home


Cloud document management and storage from Cleardata gives your business a flexible, quick method for accessing your documents anywhere, at anytime.

  • Fast, flexible access to your information
  • Free your office space from paperwork
  • Secure your documentation digitally, providing user access controls
  • Find your documents quickly, using a simple keyword search
  • Audit your electronic document management


Dropbox is an online software solution that manages electronic documents for both individuals and teams.

  • Online document storage
  • An online document storage solution
  • A better way to work with cloud files
  • Content collaboration
  • File recovery
  • Annotations
  • Task management


With Evernote Teams, you can centralize, organize, and manage your company’s documents, spreadsheets, multimedia files, emails, and even Slack conversations.

  • Support for a wide range of document types
  • File structure
  • File search and document retrieval
  • Security and file permissions
  • Monitoring tools
  • Version control
  • Ease of access and sharing


DocXellent is a top provider of document control software systems with over 30 years of Cloud DMS, Version Control & Quality Management experience.

  • Reduced Validation Overhead
  • Reduced Risks
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Save on Resources
  • Easy Updates
  • Notifications
  • External Collaboration
  • Scalability


TrustFlow hosted document management system is a cloud-based, online repository for secure document storage.

  • Simple search and retrieval
  • Out-of-the-box integration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security
  • Structured filing
  • Automatic routing

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