Top 13 RFP Automation Management Software

Request for Proposal (RFP) Automation Software is a technology-based solution that enables companies to streamline the process of creating and responding to RFPs. It helps to automate the entire RFP process, which includes everything from creating and distributing RFPs to managing vendor responses, evaluating their offers and selecting the most appropriate one.

The process of RFP preparation and response can be very time-consuming and challenging. An RFP may require the involvement of multiple departments and teams, and it can take weeks or even months to create a comprehensive document. RFP software automates and simplifies this process, enabling departments to work together seamlessly to complete the document in a more efficient and organized way.

Benefits of RFP Automation Software

There are several benefits of using RFP automation software, including:

1. Speed: RFP automation software cuts down on the time it takes to create and respond to an RFP. Rather than manually creating and distributing the RFP, you can automate the process and focus on other important tasks.

2. Accuracy: RFP automation software minimizes mistakes and makes it easier to ensure that all of the necessary information is included in the RFP.

3. Consistency: RFP automation software ensures that every RFP is consistent in terms of format, language, and requirements.

4. Collaboration: RFP automation software makes it easier for different teams to collaborate on the RFP process. Teams can work together to complete the RFP faster and with fewer errors.

5. Budgeting: RFP automation software helps to streamline the process of budgeting and tracking expenses associated with the RFP process.

6. Organization: RFP automation software makes it easier to organize and manage vendor responses. It allows you to track the status of vendor responses, evaluate proposals and communicate with vendors in a more organized way.

Features of RFP Automation Software

RFP automation software comes with a range of features that help to streamline the RFP process and ensure its success. Here are some of the key features to look for:

1. Customization: Customization tools enable users to create and tailor RFP templates based on specific requirements.

2. Collaboration: Collaboration tools allow teams to work together on the RFP process, whether they are in the same office or working remotely.

3. Analytics: Analytics tools provide real-time insights into vendor responses and feedback.

4. Integration: Integration with other systems, such as CRM or accounting software, can help to streamline the overall RFP process.

5. Security: Robust security measures provide peace of mind and ensure that confidential information is protected.

6. Reporting: Reporting tools enable users to generate customized reports that provide insights into the RFP process.

RFP automation software is an essential tool for companies that regularly issue RFPs. It streamlines the RFP process, making it faster, more accurate and consistent, and provides a range of features that support collaboration, analytics, integration, security, and reporting. Investing in RFP automation software can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.


EC Sourcing Group pRFP and esourcing solutions you have less pain, more efficiency, better visibility and savings with our sourcing solutions.

  • Excel-friendly upload/download the majority of project content
  • Automated reminders to ensure suppliers stay on track
  • Numerous types and unlimited template possibilities for rapid and efficient re-use
  • Rich specification management – upload thousands in just a single zip file
  • Supplier input controls – receive desired content in preferred formats
  • Optional gating for confidentiality & managing Ts and Cs up front
  • Open API allows for turn-key integration with all other data systems
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (Text Analysis & Navigation)


RFP Response Builder is a cloud-based RFP management software that helps teams centralize content and improve collaboration.

  • Quickly Search, Add and Edit Content
  • Easy-to-Manage RFP & Proposal Management
  • See the Big Picture
  • Cloud-Synchronized Content Library
  • Simplify Large RFP Responses
  • Mistake-Free Responses
  • Lightening-Quick Setup; Even Faster User Adoption
  • Built into Microsoft Office
  • Simple, Powerful Document Management
  • Polished Proposals and SOWs within One Package
  • Fresh, Accurate Content


Loopio cloud-based RFP software helps you get the best proposals into your clients’ hands sooner. Now, you’re in control of your day, your sales cycle, and—ultimately your growth.

  • Answer Auto-Fill
  • RFP Project Tracking
  • Smart Content Library


Increase efficiency & reduce risk with the only full-circle RFP software that centralizes all aspects of the RFx process, making RFPs simple & effective for buyers & sellers.

  • Complete projects faster and improve efficiency
  • Simplify collaboration and communication
  • Ensure decisions are informed, objective and fair
  • Protect your team and organization from risk
  • Offer an experience that drives vendor engagement


Expedience automates complete end-to-end sales proposals within Microsoft Word using your latest branded content from a centralized content library.

  • Checkbox Proposal Templates
  • Excel & Portal RFP Responses
  • Statements of Work (SOWs)
  • Graphics, Video, & more
  • PowerPoint & Outlook
  • Centralized Content Library
  • 100% Formatted & Branded


Create stunning proposals in 50% less time with PandaDoc’s RFP software.

  • Ensure all proposals represent your brand well
  • Create professional proposals that stand out
  • Collaborate on proposals as a team
  • Make proposal updates from anywhere
  • Speed up your process with automated workflows


Sort through content quickly and find winning RFP replies in hours versus days with QorusDocs software’s auto-answer technology.

  • Track RFP response engagement so you’re not left in the dark
  • Higher-performing RFP responses, powered by AI insights
  • Extending Productivity Benefits Across Bid, Sales and Service teams


Ombud’s RFP software helps sales teams reduce effort by 50% or more. Get started with our stellar sales content management and collaboration offerings today.

  • Curate Knowledge
  • Automate Responses with OmMatch
  • Collaborate on Complex RFP Responses
  • Deliver RFP Responses in Multiple Formats


Avnio automates your RFP responses, reducing the overall effort by 75% and helps you win more of the right business. Built natively on Salesforce.

  • More than an RFP solution
  • Customer focused AI
  • Collaboration


Aavenir AI-driven Source-to-Pay Solutions, digitize sourcing, contracting, procurement, & AP processes on the ServiceNow for greater compliance & cost control.

  • Centralize data on unified platform
  • Work smarter and faster using digital workflow
  • Automate manual work with AI
  • Optimize procurement with real-time insights


Streamline the entire RFP process and generate customized collateral from a unified content management platform.

  • LaunchPad Microsoft Integration
  • Content Library
  • AI-Driven Autofill
  • Project Management


Automate rfp responses banking rfp automation software proposal how to select a rfp automation software security questionnaire repository RFPs, DDQs.

  • Nothing manual any more
  • Completely Flexible
  • Real time status tracking
  • Intelligent repository


LevelTen Energy provides transaction infrastructure for buyers, sellers, advisors, and financiers in the renewable energy economy.

  • All developers in LevelTen’s network receive RFPs
  • Collect vetted proposals online in weeks, not months
  • Easily compare the projected performance of all offers

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