Top 13 Best SAAS Recruitment Management Software for Small to Medium Sized Business

Software-as-a-Service Recruitment Software may also be known as Cloud Recruitment Software, hosted recruitment software solutions or Online Recruitment Software, enables recruitment agencies to operate more efficiently and possess a greater level of control over their costs.

The vast majority of SaaS recruitment software providers offer a range of solutions suited to both small and large businesses. When choosing recruitment software it is essential for a business to weigh up the pros and cons of every recruitment software provider either hosted or otherwise in order to ensure that they receive the greatest possible returns on their initial investment.

Any Recruitment Software should enable a business to simplify and improve their consultants ability to make placements, that is the bottom line. Recruitment software is not just a database but a CRM as well and it should allow agencies to store important information relating to job seekers’ key qualifications and contact details in their recruitment database for ease of access. Regardless of whether an agency uses an in-house system or not, good recruitment software provides efficient hiring process functionality.

In addition to storing job seekers’ personal information, recruitment software can be used to streamline the creation and posting of job advertisements and to “skill” candidates who apply in order to streamline the placement process.

  • Recruitment Software hosted online is cheaper than traditional software hosted on in-house servers or desktops. The technical responsibilities of managing the software are passed on to the recruitment software provider and so reduced in comparison to traditional software.
  • SaaS allows for a reduction in long-term technology management costs and so is often more cost effective . It is faster to implement as there are no in-house installs, convenient to use and often offers flexible yet inexpensive pay-as-you-use modules.
  • The best web based recruitment software providers use high end datacentres and so candidate and client data is much more secure, and the cost of the service includes updates to hardware. These updates enable a business to almost completely avoid costly downtime. Online Recruitment Software is by its nature scalable. This means that it is able to accommodate the needs of growing recruitment agencies and therefore can be a long term option.


Experience AI-powered recruitment! Manatal’s applicant tracking system streamlines the recruitment process and helps you hire better, smarter, and faster.

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Enrichment
  • Recommendations
  • Team Collaboration
  • Task Management & Activities
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Career Page
  • 7/7 Support & Assistance


NAS Recruitment’s ACTIVATEⓇ platform is a proprietary, cloud-based solution that delivers a quick and easy job search experience, improves your ROI, and offers robust analytics. Features like the Floating Job Search allows for keyword and location on every page along with multiple filter options. The mobile-responsive design allows for optimal viewing on any device, increasing your mobile apply start traffic up to 55%. 1 out of every 2 candidates on the ACTIVATE® platform clicks apply. 95% of businesses that utilize ACTIVATEⓇ reach the top branded search spot within 90 days. ACTIVATEⓇ is not only a great tool for website performance but also for delivering a better candidate experience.

  • Send email and text campaigns
  • Take control
  • Work from email templates
  • Create landing pages
  • Build a database
  • Learn from robust analytics


Bullhorn cloud recruitment software helps recruiting firms stay connected, up-to-date, and prepared for business anytime, anywhere.

  • Customers have unlimited scalability with true multi-tenant cloud architecture
  • Customers can pay for what they need, when they want it
  • Critical bug fixes and product updates can be rolled out to all users in minutes – not months or years
  • Performance is consistently reliable because thousands of users depend on and test it every single day
  • Company data is always safe and secure
  • Customers can easily integrate with other programs using the real-time APIs of a cloud platform


Cloudrecruit is recruitment software that helps companies attract talent direct and manage their recruiting quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Recruit directly with a mobile-friendly branded careers website
  • Post your jobs to targeted job channels and drive applicant traffic with 1-click
  • Build your own talent database, segment it and proactively engage with quality candidates direct
  • Keep candidate history & engage talent with personalized messages & notifications
  • Track, screen, & filter job applicants efficiently
  • Track key recruiting metrics and make better decisions with better data


All in one software for applicant tracking system & recruitment automation.

  • Upload any-format-CVs and CleverStaff converts it into a structured & searchable candidate record.Say goodbye to manual data entry
  • Download your candidates CV files automatically from your email. Now you won’t lose candidates because of an overstuffed inbox
  • Bulk import of CV in ZIP, .doc, .txt or PDF files. Or, we’ll migrate your database from another ATS in 3 days
  • Instantly add candidates from LinkedIn in 1 click via browser extension and check their profiles at CleverStaff
  • 1-click integration with local job boards:,,, etc. Cannot find your one? We’ll try to integrate it for you
  • 1-click integration with local job boards:,,, etc. Cannot find your one? We’ll try to integrate it for you


Recruitment software that delivers a fast, affordable database for permanent, temporary and contract recruitment agencies.

Applicant Tracking:

  • Reduce time spent doing admin
  • Streamline the recruitment process
  • Improves communication internally and externally

Customer Relationship Management:

  • Increases customer revenues
  • Keeps your agency GDPR-compliant
  • Improved customer service

E-mail Integration + Tracking:

  • Streamlined and seamless documented correspondence
  • Improves workflow and communication
  • Stay GDPR-compliant


  • Search is made simple with Boolean
  • Discover the information you require faster
  • Combine keywords to produce more relevant results
  • and More.


Easy to use, UK based cloud recruitment software with CRM/ATS for UK recruitment agencies and start-ups.


  • Automatically create candidate profiles using CV parsing
  • Agency branded CV creator
  • Powerful candidate search engine
  • Shortlisting tools
  • Interview scheduling
  • Onboarding
  • GDPR consent tracking


  • Fully customisable, branded and personalised email templates
  • Customisable email templates
  • SMS/direct messaging from ATS
  • Transactional email delivery
  • Outbound email synchronisation with MailFunnel
  • Automatic email logging


  • Cloud hosted CRM/ATS
  • Single tenancy recruitment database
  • Secured under SSL encryption
  • Data migration service
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly
  • Suitable for home working
  • and More.


Graylink’s cloud software helps employers automate time-consuming manual recruitment processes, reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

  • Internal recruitment
  • External recruitment
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Learnership management
  • Blue-collar recruitment
  • Contract & temp recruitment
  • Restructuring
  • Vendor management
  • Volunteering


Recruit So Simple is an easy to use online recruitment system that helps you manage your jobs, candidates and clients. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Access from anywhere you need, anytime
  • Keep track of your communication
  • Find exactly what you are looking for
  • Group records and assign keywords
  • Extract candidate CV data instantly
  • Integrate with your existing website
  • Create tasks and set reminders
  • Stay in control of your business
  • Post open jobs to your social networks
  • Keep track of your business performance
  • Post your jobs and import candidates
  • Automate your workflow and so much more


An end-to-end recruitment software database system for managing all of your recruiting, payroll and billing needs – FastTrack is the complete solution.

  • Unlimited scalability on a highly configurable platform
  • Exact, easy time management
  • Fast, accurate rates & rules engine
  • Fast, flexible pay and billing tools


End-to-end recruiting software to help you attract & hire great employees with less effort.

  • Visualize your pipeline with drag & drop management.
  • Engaged, informed teams make better hiring decisions
  • Quality candidates from over 50+ job boards
  • Send the right message at just the right time & place
  • Get proactive and engage passive talent
  • Put your brand & culture first with beautifully cutomizable career & employee referral sites
  • Make better, more informed hiring decisions with actionable insights


Influence Recruitment Software for all types of Recruitment business. Incredibly powerful, yet simple to use. Cloud, Hosted Desktop or on-Premises solutions for Temporary, Permanent, Contract and retained search Recruitment agencies.

  • Minimise Cost of Hire
  • Source Top Talent
  • Enhance Candidate Journey


Recruitment Software for Managers & Human Resource Personnel – Amazing Capabilities, recruit faster, easier, post jobs to hundreds of sites, AI searching, applicant geolocation, website job advert integration, custom applicant questionnaires, asynchronous video interviewing.

  • Current Vacancies’ jobs list portal for your Website
  • Integrated Recruiting Global Job Advertising Posting
  • Asynchronous Online Interviewing
  • Built-in Personality Testing
  • Customisable Job Questionnaires
  • Integrated SMS
  • Mobile Phone App
  • Zero Effort! – No Need to Manage Any Applicant Emails
  • Simultaneous User Access – Flexible and Cost Effective
  • Automatic Applicant Ratings
  • Resume Keyword Search Rating
  • Job & Candidate Geolocation
  • Integrated Email
  • Full Support Provided


MyRecruitment+ is a CLOUD-based online system that helps you to manage your entire recruitment needs from one place. It is used by both HR departments and recruitment agencies.

  • Approval workflow that’s flexible and works on mobiles
  • Design your own themes and improve your employer brand!
  • Process your high quality candidates into the next stage of recruitment, at the touch of a button
  • Branded and effective recruiting from your own website!
  • We want MyRecruitment+ to be integrated with any system as long as it adds value to HR


Jobsoid – an online applicant tracking system that streamlines your recruiting process with candidate sourcing, job advertising & more.

  • Brand your Career Site
  • Post to Free Job Boards
  • Sponsor Jobs on Premium Job Boards
  • Add a Careers Tab to your Facebook page
  • Embed job listings on your Website careers page
  • Recruit on Social Networks
  • Custom tracking links to advertise on other sites

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