Top 13 Best Commercial Property Management Software

Many people nowadays are using the commercial property management software, especially for those who are working in the world of housing and some other properties. If you are also working in this kind of field, then you might want to simply consider buying the management software for your commercial property need. That is because the software is considerably nice to use and will help you with your work. If you still cannot trust your money on this kind of static investment, then you might want to know some of the best reasons why you might want to buy this kind of software for your business.

The first one is that you can keep the tract records of the tenants. Most of the time, you will need the basic information such as the due date of the tenants, the payment of the tenants, and also the additional charges that you might get. The commercial property management software will surely help you to keep the tract of those things so that you will not need to worry about missing anything that might caused you lose your money. The second is that the software most like is able to keep all of the records of the tenants, especially the basic information. For some people, the data of the tenants might be a joke, but when you deal with the bad one who try to get on your property for free, then the real and actual data is something that you need to have. That is because the real, actual, and valid data from property management software will help you just in case some troublesome tenants are trying to take down your property business. Therefore, make sure you get the valid details of the tenants.

The third one is that you can easily contact your friends, your vendors, the families, and many other. The meaning of contact here is that you will be able to promote your business easier using this kind of commercial property management software. That way, you can simply say that you are also using the software as the connecting software between you and the world. The next one is that this kind of software can help you to track down your income and your tax all at once. As a good citizen, paying the tax is something that you should do and this kind of software will surely help you to deal with that kind of problem. You will not need to get the help from the professional accountant or such services to deal with your tax since the software will tell you the tax that you need to pay. Paying your tax will be far easier this way.

Those are some reasonable reasons why you might want to use this kind of software for your work. If you are still on the beginning of your commercial property management, you might not really need this kind of software. However, if you already run a big company, you will surely need the best commercial property management software.


AppFolio property management software is trusted by thousands to get organized, efficient, and profitable.

  • Attract new owners to grow your business
  • Reduce the number of days that a property sits vacant
  • Streamline the entire leasing process with automation
  • Respond to maintenance requests quickly and efficiently
  • Save time with robust accounting and customized reporting


MRI commercial property management software is an open and connected ecosystem. Gain business advantage with effective commercial real estate Software.

  • Empower your property management and leasing teams with centralized tenant information
  • Maximize profitability with the automation of complex, critical lease calculations
  • Make better informed strategic decisions with superior insight into portfolio performance
  • Enhance the way you do business by easily tailoring the solution to meet your needs
  • Gain easier access to centralized building, suite, and lease information
  • Automate the full range of lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments, and recoveries


Re-Leased was designed by Commercial Property Experts. This unique perspective means Re-Leased delivers a complete solution for all your needs.

  • Never miss a key date, task or event again
  • Improve efficiency and remove the risk of human error with automated workflows
  • Safely access your information on any device, anywhere in the world
  • Grow your business with best-in-class property management software
  • Save time and money with easy-to-use smart software
  • Pain-free on-boarding with tailored training and ongoing support


Spacewell commercial property management software is designed for real estate organizations to manage leases with automated workflows and keep their tenants happy.

  • Tenant portal
  • Financial management and invoicing
  • Service charge settlement
  • Long-term maintenance and energy management
  • Dashboards and reporting


Shorten leasing lifecycles, maximize revenue, gain better insight to your customers by running your entire business from one fully integrated platform.

  • Property Management & Accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Tenant Services
  • Tenant Management
  • Deal Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Energy
  • Procure to Pay
  • Facilities Management
  • Construction Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Retail Management
  • Document Management
  • Marketing & Research
  • Investor Services
  • Learning Management


Commercial property management software that lets you efficiently manage leasing cost recoveries and reconciliations of commercial multi-tenant properties.

  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Capture all expense recoveries
  • Master properties and complex leases
  • Standardize administration and documentation
  • Produce accurate reports in minutes
  • Increase productivity with our intuitive interface
  • Tighten up data security
  • Control access
  • Communicate professionally
  • Have the best with free upgrades


UnitConnect is a complete property management software solution that helps Landlords and Property Managers stay organized and profitable.

  • Property Accounting
  • Online Payments
  • Budget and Report
  • Manage Expenses
  • Bank Sync
  • CAM Reconciliation
  • Tenant Portal
  • Document Storage
  • Maintenance and Request Tracking
  • Manage users
  • Reporting
  • Track Lease Terms
  • Bill Your Tenants
  • Tenant Insurance
  • On-boarding
  • Customer Care
  • Ease of Use
  • Data Security


A complete web-based solution supported by apps, to help with everything from finding and managing tenants to keeping track of rents and spending.

  • Daily Management
  • Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Tenant Onboarding
  • Deposits & Compliance
  • Repairs & Maintenance


Adept Property Management is a powerful solution designed for commercial property managers and owners. APM streamlines critical tasks such as rent reviews, manages invoicing and powers your team to better understand and improve asset performance.

  • Designed for all Commercial Property Portfolios – Large or Small
  • Powerful, Straightforward Reporting
  • Streamline Critical Events and Stay Proactive
  • Arrears Management
  • Improve Productivity and Automate Rent Reviews
  • Manage Payments and Receipting
  • Inspections


Cirrus8 enables more efficient work practices, greater automation and better quality control of the data in your commercial property portfolio.

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic reminders of important dates
  • Smart search enables quick access to information
  • Straight-forward budget preparation
  • Seamless tenant and owner liaison
  • Easily view the status of work in real time


Landport Systems provides leading CMMS solutions for lightweight yet powerful digital work order and property maintenance management of commercial real estate property space and retail facilities.

  • Easy Setup & Easy-to-Use
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Industry-Fluid Features
  • Intuitive Design
  • Affordably Priced
  • Comes With Industry-Leading Customer Support


ProHapa software application enables property management companies to access all details pertaining a property, with a dashboard giving an overview of the day.

  • Appointments
  • Background Screening
  • Complete Accounting
  • Communications
  • Online Applications
  • Onsite Property Inspections
  • Online Payments
  • Reports


Property Vista commercial real estate property management software helps you retain tenants by streamlining maintenance requests, lease management processes and more.

  • Online payments
  • Communications module
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Work and purchase orders
  • Vendor relations
  • Robust reporting
  • Document storage

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