Top 13 Best Board Management Software for Startups to Small Businesses

Board Management Software (BMS) has quickly become an essential tool for modern organizations. It is an innovative and intelligent platform designed to streamline and simplify the entire board meeting process – from creating, sending, and managing board documents to scheduling meetings, tracking attendance, and facilitating collaboration.

A board management software is essentially a digital platform that enables board members to access relevant information and documentation with ease that is stored in a secure database as well as make informed decisions. Typically, board management software helps to improve communications and promotes accountability within an organization through easy sharing of information.

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Here are the benefits of Board management software:

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Board members no longer have to rely on snail mail or email to share and review board materials. BMS allows members to access and review documents, make comments and suggestions, and collaborate on important matters in real-time. Within this platform, they can share documents in one place, refer to decisions made in previous meetings or memos, and discuss new topics as they arise.
  • A streamlined Meeting Management Process: BMS helps to streamline the board meeting process from start to finish. It allows board members to schedule meetings, create agendas, and distribute board materials easily and timely. Additionally, BMS sends reminders and notifications to board members to remind them of upcoming meetings, pending tasks, or impending deadlines.
  • Greater Governance: Board members play a critical role in ensuring that their organizations operate in compliance with all required laws and regulations. Board management software helps board members review their organization’s key governance documents quickly, including bylaws, codes of ethics, relevant policies and procedures, and previous meeting minutes.
  • Secure Document Management: Board management software provides a secure platform to access essential documents. Documents such as financial statements, resolutions, and confidential items are appropriately restricted to authorized personnel only. Moreover, the onboard security features prevent unauthorized access and ensure all data is compliant with security requirements.
  • Improved Accountability: A BMS allows board members to monitor other members’ participation and track the progress of ongoing activities. Board members can also evaluate their assignments, record their decisions and confirm completion. The comprehensive performance data generated from BMS can be used to measure the board’s success or failure on intended initiatives.
  • Time Efficiency: BMS allows board members to save time by eliminating traditional manual processes, such as distributing paper documents, scheduling meetings, and manually signing off on board materials. With the issuance of automated reminders, creation of meeting agendas and minutes, and easy access to relevant documents, BMS streamlines workloads and saves valuable time that can be invested in other productive endeavors.
  • Increased transparency: Board management software allows board members to access and share critical information regarding their organizations’ activities and performance. It enables transparency by providing all parties involved with access to the same information. Moreover, BMS’s trackable and auditable features ensure that organizational decisions and activities are appropriately documented and easily reviewed when necessary.

Board management software has become an indispensable tool for organizations with board members spread across multiple locations. Its benefits range from improving collaboration and communication among board members to ensuring the transparency and accountability of board decisions. With a board management software, organizations can improve their governance, compliance, stakeholders’ relations, and overall workflow.


Azeus Convene board of directors software also has a smooth navigational system that helps create a robust process and cultivate good governance that makes boards more effective in the long run.

  • Board packets needed for meetings are received digitally and instantly
  • Business can reduce expenses such as travel, printing, and accommodations costs
  • Board meeting software provides a way for board members to attend board meetings remotely without any inconvenience
  • Committee and board meetings are more structured, conducive, and engaging
  • Using it as an online board management app allows for a more flexible approach in conducting and holding meetings for top-level operations in general


Boardable is the board management software designed specifically for nonprofits.

  • Agenda Builder
  • Board Packet
  • Polls & Votes
  • Document Center
  • Discussions
  • Smart Meetings
  • Smart Meetings


Board Software built for SMEs & Nonprofits. Meeting agendas, minutes, board packs, document storage, interest registers – every feature your board needs.

  • 5-star customer success available around the clock
  • Real people helping your people
  • Average 5 min response time
  • After-hours and weekend support available with a friendly team member
  • Resource centre providing free and applicable information on governance good practice
  • Practical templates for you to access


OnBoard is board management software that reduces complexity so boards and leadership teams can work smarter, move faster, and achieve more.

  • Mission-Critical Security & Compliance
  • Intelligent Board Experiences & Insights
  • Simplified Meeting Administration
  • Intuitive Technology Built For Leaders
  • Ditch The Inbox & Limit Your Liability


Our Board Meeting & Management Software to Help Board Members Collaborate and Get More Done.

  • Board Schedule & Calendar
  • Board Discussions
  • Board Documents
  • Board Member Directory
  • Board Tasks


Boardlogic centralises communication and collaboration for boards in a secure and easy-to-use platform.

  • Centralise the management of board information securely
  • Digitalise your board and committee meeting processes
  • Create always-up-to-date board papers with just a few clicks
  • Markup and annotate with private and shared notes on board papers
  • Increase collaboration and productivity of your board
  • Streamline board resolution approvals with digital signatures


iDeals Board is a board meeting management software tool focused on structured meetings, compliance, and decision management.

  • Organise and share agenda, matters, and supporting materials
  • Dynamically update the agenda to stay focused on critical matters
  • Send and manage invitations for the whole meeting or individual agenda items
  • Share information and drafts in advance for improved decision-making and action planning


Decisions meeting management software lets organizations run more engaged meetings with agenda and meeting minutes tools, collaboration features, and more.

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Automated Follow-Up
  • Secure Voting
  • Meeting Engagement Score
  • Smart Time Tracker
  • Meeting Book Compiled in PDF


Aprio’s secure cloud application board portal allows for paperless meetings, while improving organization and reducing stress.

  • Build paperless board packages in minutes instead of hours
  • Annotate board materials with ease
  • Streamline your meeting minutes workflow
  • Join virtual board meetings with ease
  • Collect feedback securely
  • Engage with your boards at will
  • Stay on top of your action items
  • Make data-informed decisions
  • Choose where your data is stored
  • Mitigate the risks of breach or data loss


BoardPAC offers a Board Portal with the highest standards of confidentiality and security combined with a comprehensive set of user friendly functionality.

  • Meeting documents and feedback are digitalized for easier access and archiving
  • Secure access of encrypted data with customisable security policies
  • BoardPAC tools provided are meant for collaboration, quicker decision making and easy feedback on meeting documents
  • View and update documents in real time on a tablet to reduce printing of meeting documents


Integrated set of solutions for office management and company administration. Simplify management and collaboration across entire office.

  • Organise & Coordinate Board Meetings
  • Set Strategic Goals & Milestones
  • Create Notifications & Reminders on Board Duties
  • Define Board Structures
  • Create & Share Company Policies
  • Share Board Agenda
  • Share Board Documents
  • Keep Contacts Directory
  • Take board meeting minutes
  • Manage Board Members & Board Structure
  • Add External Members and Guests
  • Policy Compliance
  • Vote on Board or Business Affairs
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes
  • Feel Secure With A Full Audit Trail


Ansarada Board is the all-in-one board management software for enterprise & non-profit board governance & meetings.

  • Boost efficiency
  • Streamline Board collaboration
  • Protect your data
  • Free up time and cost
  • Attain best-practice information governance
  • Value for money
  • The ultimate simplicity
  • Secure information at your fingertips


StellarBoard is an integrated, intuitive and user-friendly platform that gives solutions to automatically manage board.

  • Complete governance & compliance solutions for directors, executives, and administrators
  • Offline / Online capabilities
  • Available anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Complete all board tasks in one centralised location
  • Easily build your board meeting agenda in minutes
  • Advanced proprietary encryption technology

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