Top 12 Retail Business Management Software

All kinds of retail businesses are gaining user acceptance and are growing bigger day after day with top speed and quality. People think about some retail business ideas and set up business to make money from it. Third world countries too are growing faster and realizing all merits or conducting retail business. New generation clients and customers are getting what they need for day to day life though retail businesses and service providers. Considering the growing importance and needs of customers, retailers too take care to supply top class products and services. In order to maintain the details of all retail services, goods, inventory, and accounting, and everything, some software is to be installed. Small scale retail business dealers may think why is some software required to maintain all day to day records. The simple fact is with such software it will be simple to handle all records by saving time, energy as well as some efforts.

You can then concentrate on all other essential decisions, transactions and decisions required for the promotion of business. Retail business owners are now releasing all benefits of installing retail business management software at place. Lots of software companies are trying their hard to create top class automated retail business management software sets to help assist the retailers. It is possible to take care of dynamic inventory control with the support of software. Inventory can be professionally maintained by small business owners through software applications. Small scale business owners or the retailers can grow bigger faster only if they are able to take important decisions in right time. Smarter decision making feature is enabled by business management software. Through specially designed business management software it is possible for retail business owners to study all details of stock present and stock to be purchased.

On the basis of available data from database of software, business owners, the retailers can simply take cost effective decisions. Investing in management software initially will lead to cost effective decision making and easy functionality later. All elements of retail business can be handled with care and profession with the functionality of software applications. Overall management of entire business can be easily carried out by software. Installation and use of proper business management software is essentially required in order to take care of quality of business. Levels of customer service and satisfaction can be easily raised up as the software stores all needs and likes of customers. Database of new customers can be created and targets can be created as per the data. With this, retail business owners get a better opportunity to grow stronger and faster with new clients.

With support of professional, quality retail business management application, it is possible to present, move and make available stock of goods from right location at right time. Small and big retail business owners need to invest in such retail business management software to expect success in les time. It is virtually not possible to manage and control entire retail business manually and maintain all records, sales, purchases, and other transactions in person. As per the size of business, nature of services and capacity to spend in the software, perfect software can be installed and set up in the business before it is too late. Small business retailers can grow big by managing all major decisions through software, web based application and big organizations can aim even further. Business scope as well as profitability can be sliced up and increased every month with the help of management software. Retail business owners may like to handle all about accounts, inventory, customers, products, decisions, daily procedures and everything. All this is possible with the help of software sets.

In market there are hundreds of retail business management software sets available at affordable rates. It is any time beneficial to research a lot and get some knowledge about the software that you are installing for your business. All such software sets are created considering the needs and requirements of retail business owners. Simply ask the experts about suitable software as per personal retail business and set it up in time. Lots of decisions and procedures can be taken care of by the software. Business owners can invest wisely in such software sets and forget about daily recordings. You simply need an expert to operate all procedures automatically on personal computer. Retail business software is supposed to be tailor made, suitable to meet the business needs of individual clients. Maintaining all records through software is any time simple that doing it manually. Manual computations can be avoided through such software sets.


Retail Pro International is a global leader in retail software. For over 25 years the company delivered its retail management products and unmatched global support services to become a proven solution for serious retailers everywhere. Today, Retail Pro solutions are recognized world-wide for their unparalleled flexibility, functionality, multi-national and multi-language capabilities.

  • User-friendly
  • POS & Retail Management for Unified Commerce
  • Customize Anything


Meet your new partner in business – the user-friendly POS software system designed for retail businesses. Built for single, multi and franchise brands.


  • Built for retail, by retailers
  • Technology built to perform
  • Real-time data, anytime, anywhere
  • An engine built for growth
  • Built-in flexibility


POS Software with sales and inventory management, customer control and more. Trusted by over 46,000 businesses. Download and start selling in minutes.

  • Main Screen
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Control (POS)
  • Cash Register Control
  • Product Registration
  • Customers Control
  • Suppliers Management
  • Estimates
  • Reports


NTS Retail’s commerce solution gives CSPs absolute control over their entire retail business, sales performance and omni-channel order fulfillment.


  • Fast implementation of sales campaigns
  • Increase direct/indirect sales by centrally managing all distribution channels
  • Run international sales organizations with multiple store categories
  • Quickly adapt IT retail structures in case of market consolidation
  • Real-time access to all store facts & figures
  • System operation in online/offline/mixed mode, allowing to continue POS operations even if the connection to HQ is down
  • Quick and efficient implementation of business requirements
  • Our retail management software provides maximum security in regard to user errors and fraud


LS Retail management software solutions & POS systems help retailers, restaurateurs & forecourt businesses worldwide optimize operations & increase revenue.

  • Manage your staff effectively
  • Always have the right products in-store
  • Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS
  • Diminish stock-outs
  • Sell faster and more
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
  • Cut staff training times
  • Increase foot traffic from the loyalty and online store


Eureka Solutions implement & support ERP, BI and CRM solutions for Sage 200 Suite, NetSuite development. Sage 200 Developer & Business Partner in Scotland.

  • Generate a single customer view
  • Improve sales
  • Serve your customers anytime, anywhere
  • Deliver Seamless Commerce


ChainDrive Retail Management System is a fully integrated end-to-end ERP and Omnichannel software by Multidev Technologies Inc.

ChainDrive Retail Components:

  • Point of Sale
  • CRM / Clienteling
  • Integrated Internal Messaging (IIM)
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Operations Management
  • Merchandising
  • Product Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Web Order Fulfillment
  • Ecommerce Gateway
  • Planning / Open-to-Buy
  • Store Budgeting
  • Retail Analytics
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Wholesale Management
  • Price Management


Omega Software, POS software programs, Omega Cloud, O-Live , O-Market, O-Tel. Restaurant, Retail and Hotel Management Softwares.

Core Features:

  • O-Live | Restaurant Management Software
  • O-Market | Retail Management Software
  • O-Tel | Hotel Management Software
  • Merits | Cardless Loyalty Program
  • O-Track | Real Time Sales Tracking
  • O-Driver | Driver Fleet Management System


Brightpearl is the omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place.


  • Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Planning
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Warehouse Management
  • Retail Accounting
  • Purchasing & Supplier Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Payments
  • CRM
  • POS


Retail management software simplifies the billing and operations in large retail stores as well as small shops. Includes Inventory, CRM, Accounts, and Payroll.


  • increase in SALES by 20-30%
  • reduce STOCK holding cost
  • devoted STAFF with high efficiency
  • Increased SPACE productivity
  • loyal CUSTOMERS bring repeat business
  • maximized MARGIN with lower investment
  • reduce EXPENSES by 20-40%
  • happy SUPPLIERS offering extended credit
  • powerful ADMINISTRATION that brings growth


Stitchlabs retail operations management software helps to improve & streamline your business operations, on one simple platform.


Easily manage and scale your business with retail point of sale systems from Vend. A retail POS system including debit/credit card readers and inventory management.

One easy, efficient, powerful POS system:

  • Inventory
  • Loyalty
  • Ecommerce
  • Inventory Counts
  • Reporting
  • Customers
  • Point of Sale
  • Integrated Payments

Business types:

  • Grow your fashion business with Vend POS
  • Grow your homeware & gift stores with Vend POS
  • Grow your sports & outdoors business with Vend POS
  • Grow your food & drink business with Vend POS
  • Grow your health & beauty business with Vend POS
  • Grow your bike shop business with Vend POS
  • Grow your computer & electronic business with Vend POS
  • Grow your shoe store business with Vend POS
  • Grow your health and supplements ​business with Vend POS
  • Grow your vape shop business with Vend POS
  • Grow your toy or hobby business with Vend POS
  • Grow your jewelry store business with Vend POS
  • Grow your pet care business with Vend POS
  • Help your non-profit do more of its best work​ with Vend POS

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