Top 12 Leading Online Reputation Management Software and Tools

Using Reputation Management Software to Protect the Company Brand The reputation of a business is an invaluable component to its success. Because of that, it is essential for every company to practice and maintain strategies that manage their reputation online. Because consumers turn to the Internet first to gather information about a particular business or product, any negative news, press or comments could cause devastating, or even fatal, repercussions to the company brand. As a result, businesses use online reputation management (Online Reputation Management) software for protection.

Many companies around the globe benefit by using reputation management software. Through carefully define implemented strategies, the software can easily repair damaged reputations while generating a positive reputation for any product, individual or company brand.

Some critics take a negative view on reputation management because they believe it creates a misleading search engine result. However, it is effective without using deceptive tactics as a way to promote positive feedback and content. In fact, it is an essential PR marketing tool to counteract unwarranted negativity.

Any business that has had its brand drag through the online quagmire of negative comments understands the damaging effects it can have on the company’s name. While public-facing forums provide the ideal platfOnline Reputation Management to increase traction and audience, they can also serve as the business’ most effective tool, or its worst enemy. Companies that avoid taking a proactive stance when monitoring the ongoing tide of consumer opinion have a distinctive disadvantage at saving is sinking brand.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management software offers protection for companies on a variety of fronts. It starts with circumventing and pushing away negative blog posts, articles, review sites, and comments left in forums and blogs. It is effective because it avoids a one-size-fits-all approach. This is because every company is different and requires the development of unique strategies to eliminate harmful infOnline Reputation Managementation.

Reputation management software is effective because it can analyze static and dynamic sources that are producing the negative data. In fact, it can quickly replace online negative data with neutral or positive information. It does this by using ethical “white-hat” strategies as a way to counteract defamatory or false search results.

The Benefits Online Reputation Management Software Provides

As an up-and-coming solution for protecting a company’s brand, reputation management software offer significant options for communicating directly with the public. It provides the opportunity to locate significant problems online and take a proactive stance to communicate often and accurately what the public. Online Reputation Management software offers significant benefits to help the business manage their online reputation.

These include:

Continuously Monitoring Consumer Activity

Some social media websites, like Twitter, offer an easy solution for finding exactly what the online public is saying about the company’s brand. However, other social network sites, including Facebook, make it challenging to monitor feedback and comments, especially if it is on a page that is not owned by the company.

If attackers or fans of the company brand establish their own Facebook page, it can serve as the ideal watering hole for a huge variety of detractors. This can be an ongoing problem because new blogs and review sites crop up every day. Because of that, online reputation management software continuously monitors the Internet to seek out positive and negative consumer activity concerning the company brand.

Once detractors have been found online, the company can proactively address the concerns of the consumer using proven effective communication medium. In fact, responding to a negative comment is handled no different from a complaint made in a traditional letter or on the phone. The only difference is that it is in a public forum, where an unlimited number of customers and potential customers can view how the company is either handling or neglecting the opportunity to deal with the negativity.

Handling Complainers

Reputation management software is an ideal tool to bring an online complainer directly to the company. The software channels consumer communication activity and can redirect the negativity to the company website. This allows the business to show how they handle complainers by offering highly visible customer service opportunities to turn a negative into a positive.

In addition, the company can easily redirect the negativity to their website and offer a place where consumers can post private feedback to the business. This might deter some respondents from ranting on their own blog or a highly public consumer site that is out of the control of the company.

Building Trust

Many companies taken unsuccessful approach of removing negative content left by disgruntled consumers. However, removing negative content tends to destroy the trust between the consumer and the company. Instead of using an ineffective strategy based on “seek and destroy”, companies can avoid the temptation of censorship. This proactive stance will build a positive connection between their company and the public.

Addressing Complaints Promptly

Many companies face damage to their brand when they have no way of locating negative comments about the business on the Internet. However, effective reputation management software can easily find negative and even neutral comments online across all blog sites, websites and online forums. This is important because any complaints that go unanswered often exacerbate the perception that the company tends to be non-responsive.

The software avoids the problem of an unsatisfied consumer that might feel that they have been deceived twice – first when the company’s service or product did not deliver as it was advertised, and again when the company did not address the issue.

Follow-Up to Solving Problems

One of the easiest ways to build trust with the company brand is to offer follow-up opportunities once the unsatisfied consumer’s problem is resolved. Many consumers that are vocal with their unaddressed complaints turn into loyal customers once the problem has been solved. The identical consumer that once vocally complained online is now happy to sing the praises of the product or service because their issue is resolved.

Getting Started

There are two approaches to protecting online reputation. This includes the company doing it themselves using various RSS feed readers that include Google, Bloglines, Twitter search and Yahoo news alerts, or using affordable software applications.

The most popular affordable software applications include:


Increase your positive reviews with this awesome Reputation Management Software.

  • Easily Get More Customer Reviews
  • Get Reviews On The Sites That Matter Most
  • Prevent Negative Reviews
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • White Label Reporting
  • Auto-Post To Social Media


BrightLocal Reputation Management platform to monitor and generate more reviews on the most important sites including Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

  • Reply directly to Google and Facebook reviews
  • White-label solution for agencies
  • Streamline reputation management for clients
  • Get valuable feedback from every customer and help turn those frowns upside down!


Qualtrics makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place.

  • Amplify the authentic voice of your customer
  • Get actionable insights across all digital channels
  • Showcase world-class customer service
  • The top rated reputation management software


Advanced tools for monitoring social media, news and the entire web with focus on online reputation management.

  • Stay tuned to what is happening on social media
  • Save time and gain efficiency with Rankur’s news and blog monitoring software
  • Schedule your campaign, plan your messages in a team with the necessary access levels
  • Collaborate with clients and team mates with an ease
  • Fully brandable, translatable and affordable software for social media monitoring, community engagement and online reputation management


Take control of your online reputation management, get more customer reviews, and real-time feedback with Podium customer review software.

  • Be instantly alerted and respond in-app when a review is posted
  • Send personalized messages or make it easier with customizable templates
  • Identify trends from the content of customer reviews to improve your business
  • Define how many customers are sent to which review sites for a healthy review ecosystem
  • Gather reviews and respond to customers on the go
  • Compare star rating, review count, and recency to see how you stack up against your competitors


CRM & Marketing Automation to streamline your sales & marketing processes, so that you can capitalize on your business.

  • Monitor reviews on reviews sites, local directories, and social media
  • View the accuracy of business listing data across the web
  • Respond to all customer reviews from one screen
  • Automatically Gather new reviews from your customers
  • Monitor and measure what your competition is doing online
  • Get real time alerts when a new review is posted online for your business


Broadly’s software helps your business look great online. Get more positive online reviews, keep negative feedback offline, and attract more customers.

  • One-Click Reviews (Email & Text)
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • SEO-Optimized Review Stream
  • Reporting and Insights
  • 500+ Integrations and Counting


BrandYourself is an online reputation management company that provides reputation management software and services, including: negative Google results, personal branding, Glassdoor review management, and more.

  • Get your free Reputation Report to see how much your online presence is helping or hurting your career
  • Find and remove risk factors decreasing your earning potential
  • Protect your private info from hackers, identity thieves, and data brokers
  • Build a strong personal brand online that gives you an edge in your career
  • Rest easy knowing we’re constantly monitoring your reputation for you


RealPage Reputation Management is a reputation management software for monitoring your property listings, assessing your reputation risks and taking action.

  • Share And Respond To Online Reviews
  • Identify Positive And Negative Posts
  • Monitor and Manage Geo-Tagged Images
  • Benchmark Your Property’s Reputation
  • Verify And Update Listing Information
  • Centrally Store Property Data


Control your online presence and performance and drive traffic to your website with the Milestone Presence Cloud, an omni channel digital marketing platform.

  • Save time with integrated dashboards
  • Don’t just monitor, respond
  • Your reputation monitoring workflow
  • Gain key marketing & operational insights
  • Sophisticated reporting


An online reputation management platform that monitors customer satisfaction, collects feedback and generates more positive online reviews.

  • Customize Your Brand’s Messaging
  • Website Widget
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Emailing Made Easy


Take Control of Your Online Reputation and let us help you monitor, manage and maximize your reputation with our comprehensive solutions.

  • Optimize Your Business Listings
  • Engage with Local Directories
  • Manage Reviews and Improve Ratings
  • Engage on Social
  • Improve CX with Surveys
  • Resolve Issues Fast with Actions

Reputation management software is essential because of the importance of monitoring the company brand name online. They provide real-time solutions through numerous proven effective integrated applications based on reputation management. Not only do their real-time solutions avoid a crisis, the software programs can significantly drive down the high costs involved in acquiring new customers and holding onto existing ones.

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