Top 12 Best Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection & Mitigation Service Providers

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are one of the biggest threats towards businesses today. And the threat is growing ever more complex and ever more damaging. A DDoS attack is when a ‘botnet’, a network of thousands of infected computers, targets a business or other organisation and makes a massive amount of requests. As the requests appear to be valid, the target site attempts to complete the requests and, as a result, becomes paralysed.

How DDoS attacks work

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack is usually categorised as an instance where attackers attempt to prevent genuine traffic/users from using a service.

In most cases, a DDoS attack occurs when varying numbers of attacking systems flood the network bandwidth or resources of the target system. When a system is overloaded with traffic and therefore connections, it can no longer accept new connections which cause the system to become unavailable to the legitimate users within the business network.

The reason why attackers are using DDoS techniques more regularly is due to the fact that the multiple system approach can generate a lot of traffic quickly, which makes the attacks a lot harder to mitigate than a single system attack. This is why DDoS mitigation solutions such as the one that Computrad provide have needed to evolve to become a match for these threats.

How will DDoS affect your Business?

A large scale DDoS attack can be potentially disatrous for any company due to the potential of revenue loss caused by lack of functionality of IT systems such as eCommerce engines, Web applications and online portals.

The fact that DDoS techically stops the targeted application from functioning is the most serious worry since in today’s digital foused business environment, this can literally bring your business to a standstill.

How much could a serious DDoS attack cost your business?

Depending on the size of the organisation, the revenue losses that can be caused by a DDoS attack will vary greatly. What is always the case, is that the revenue loss caused by DDoS will be large enough to warrant having expert protection. Every company that experiences a serious DDoS attack usually has protection installed shortly afterwards not wanting to make the same mistake twice.

According to a survey conducted by a leading group of IT professionals,a distrubted denial of service (DDoS) attack can cost a modern business as much as $30,000 per hour in lost revenue. This really is a huge percentage for most businesses so state of the art DDoS protection should be seen as essential by all businesses that have an online presence or utilises digital applications in order to function.


Mitigate a DDoS attack of any size using Cloudflare’s advanced DDoS protection including DNS Amplification, SYN/ACK, Layer 7 Attacks.

  • Ease of Use and Management
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast, Automated Mitigation
  • Threat Intelligence At-Scale
  • Integrated Security and Performance
  • Analyze your data, your way


Secure enterprise level IT solutions for Your business needs across Europe & Russia!

  • Avoid reputation and financial losses
  • Protection against multiple attack types
  • Keep your business traffic unaffected
  • Protection that always keeps your business processes available
  • Complex data security solutions for complete security
  • Risk diversification


Continuously adaptive real-time DDoS services for the most sophisticated web security threats through best-in-class cloud WAF and DDoS protection technologies.

  • Widest security coverage with automated 0-day DDoS attack protection
  • Complete with unique hybrid, always-on and on-demand cloud DDoS service deployment options
  • The only cloud SSL-attack protection that maintains user data confidentiality
  • Single ‘pane of glass’ with unified portal and fully managed service by Radware’s Emergency Response Team


Protect your website from hackers with Securi Website Firewall (WAF) or clean your site with our Website AntiVirus including website malware and blacklist removal.

  • Blocks Layer 3, 4 & 7 Attacks
  • Machine Learning
  • Emergency DDoS Protection
  • High Performance Servers
  • Bot Blocking
  • Global Anycast Network


Rackspace DDoS Mitigation Services offer comprehensive traffic monitoring, multilayered anomaly detection technologies and immediate DDoS attack mitigation to help keep your data secure and your business online.

  • First to Detect
  • Mitigate Large Attacks
  • Multi-Layered Protection
  • Server-Level Anomaly Detection
  • Fast Mitigation Times
  • Network-Level Traffic Analysis


Through Flowmon high performance network monitoring technology and behavior analytics, IT pros worldwide benefit from absolute network traffic visibility to enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats.

  • Fast, efficient and an easy-to-use way of attack detection
  • Appropriate attack characteristics to mitigate an ongoing attack
  • Advanced utilization of always true network flow-data statistics (NetFlow, IPFIX) from routers or dedicated network probes
  • Enough information to decrease the impact of DDoS, avoid damaging reputation and financial losses


Akamai is the leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions.

  • Reduce downtime and minimize business risk with a DDoS mitigation solution that can deflect and absorb the largest DDoS attacks
  • Maintain web site and application performance throughout attacks with Akamai’s globally distributed architecture
  • Minimize costs associated with web security
  • Protect against new and evolving threats by relying on Kona Rules, which are regularly updated by Akamai’s Threat Intelligence Team
  • Reduce the risk of data theft with Akamai Web Application Firewall


Imperva provides complete cyber security by protecting what really matters most – your data and applications – whether on-premises or in the cloud.

  • All-inclusive DDoS protection
  • 3-second mitigation SLA
  • High-capacity network
  • Attack visibility


Instart, the leading cloud-based web application security platform, improves the security and speed of your web apps and APIs.

  • Eliminate the need for action when under attack
  • Deliver the highest service uptime
  • Eliminate costly bandwidth use caused by distributed attacks
  • Security without setup complexity
  • Keep services online by reducing false-positives
  • Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform


The InterNetX DDoS Mitigation Service offers this kind of protection. It helps to defuse DDoS attacks, ideally ensuring the continued operation of affected services or websites, while in any case reducing disruptions to a minimum.

  • TIER 3 data center
  • Branded hardware
  • 24/7 support
  • Individual advice


Corero provides DDoS protection and mitigation against a wide range of DDoS attacks for hosting and internet service providers, and enterprises.

  • DDoS Protection for Service Providers
  • Real-Time DDoS Protection for Hosting Providers
  • DDoS Defense for Managed Security Service Providers
  • Enterprise Network Security For DDoS Attacks


Pulsant DDoS Protect is aimed specifically at DDoS mitigation and brings together multiple systems from acknowledged industry experts that are designed to minimise the impact and disruption you may experience during a DDoS attack.

  • Commercial simplicity
  • Cost to quality balance
  • Rapid response
  • IP level mitigation

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