Top 12 Best Alumni Management Software

Alumni Management Software is a tool designed to help institutions manage their alumni and maintain effective communication with them. This software makes it easy for institutions to keep in contact with past students, engage with them, track their activities, and maintain a database of their personal and professional information. The primary purpose of AMS is to help institutions sustain a strong relationship with their alumni to foster loyalty, promote giving, and cultivate the alumni community.

Alumni Management Software is not just a tool – it’s a complete solution designed to aid in alumni management, from engagement and tracking to communication and fundraising. The software has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and enables institutions to execute complex tasks efficiently. Alumni Management can be customized to meet an institution’s unique needs, such as limiting access to certain alumni data to protect their privacy, creating specific communication lists or tracking their involvement with the institution.

Alumni Management is an excellent tool for alumni engagement. The software makes it easy for institutions to keep alumni engaged by sending them regular updates, news, and offers about upcoming events, job opportunities, networking sessions, and other compelling activities. With an integrated social media platform, institutions can easily reach out to alumni and make announcements that engage them and keep the alumni community informed.

Alumni Management also makes it easy to track alumni involvement. The software can track alumni participation in events, giving trends and activities, which help institutions to better understand and target their alumni, improving giving rates, alumni event turnouts and marketing efforts. The insight helps the institution identify active alumni, especially those with notable accomplishments that will recognize and value their institution.

Fundraising is another crucial aspect of alumni management that Alumni Management Software can help. Through the software, institutions can launch fundraising campaigns to tap their alumni community for support, communicate impact updates and follow the performances as the alumni give. The software makes giving easy and fun with online payment features, giving alumni the feeling of making a difference effortlessly from their device.

Finally, Alumni Management Software can also help institutions manage alumni data more efficiently. With this software, institutions have a single convenient database where they can keep all the alumni’s personal and professional information. The software makes it easy for institutions to update and maintain alumni information, reducing the likelihood of errors that can impede effective communication. Alumni Management can also integrate with the institution’s internal database facilities to simplify the management of alumni information.

Alumni Management is an essential tool for institutions keen on maintaining a strong relationship with their alumni and securing their support towards their mission and vision. Alumni Management is a comprehensive solution that streamlines alumni management, enabling institutions to engage their alumni, track their activities, manage the alumni database, and launch successful fundraising campaigns. With Alumni Management, institutions can keep alumni informed, support alumni engagement, and build a strong sense of community, which ultimately enhances their reputation and performance as an academic institution.


Gradsgate is a white-labled alumni management software as a service (SAAS) for schools and universities that helps in building their alumni database and effectively communicate and engage with their graduates.

  • Data updating
  • Insightful Statistics (BI)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Online Surveys
  • Events Management
  • Job Board
  • Mentorship
  • Fundraising
  • Photo/ Ablbum Gallery
  • Groups


360Alumni’s community platform brings it all together for you and your alumni, from event management and fundraising to chapters and groups, mentorship and email marketing.

  • Stay relevant and cultivate support by unlocking your community’s potential
  • Establish and cultivate a thriving community for life
  • Strengthen your community of like-minded supporters
  • Attract, connect, and retain more members


PeoplePath alumni management software offers endless opportunities for your company to build a professional network of former employees.

  • Create Strong Brand Ambassadors
  • Drive More Revenue
  • Generate Quality Rehires & Referrals
  • Cultivate Innovative Ideas


Raklet is an alumni engagement software that helps alumni associations connect with their members!

  • Your own robust alumni database
  • Engage with your alumni members with an online platform
  • Share job opportunities with your alumni members
  • Create socializing opportunities
  • Create campaigns to support what matters you the most


Raftr alumni management software to connect & engage your former students while keeping everyone up-to-date on important news, events and opportunities to give-back.

  • Promote Alumni Engagement
  • Track Alumni Sentiment
  • Create a Professional Network


Creatrix Alumni Management Software enables institutions to create an engaged alumni database in order to network and promote the institution excellence.

  • Tailor-made integrations
  • Insightful statistics
  • Real-time analytics
  • Alumni placement data
  • Registration and events
  • Secure online transactions
  • Membership plans
  • Import/export member data
  • Target better


Insala – easily manage your corporate alumni program, creating new talent pools, business opportunities, and brand ambassadors.

  • Consult, Configure and Launch
  • Maximize Program Enrollment
  • Your Unique Alumni Platform
  • Easy Profile Creation
  • Recommended Matches
  • Join Networking Groups
  • Communicate Online
  • Push Engaging Content
  • Up to date Job Opportunities
  • Promote and Manage Alumni Events
  • Career Tools and Advice
  • Email Engagement Campaigns


VeryConnect provides all-in-one membership software tailored to you. We specialise in high quality membership software paired with friendly support.

  • Auto-updating database
  • Social area
  • Mentoring
  • Blogs, news & forums
  • Events
  • Emails
  • Insights
  • Jobs
  • Fundraising


Campus Cafe student information system is an integrated SIS that manages Admissions, Billing, Finance, Students, Financial Aid, Alumni, and Career.

  • Academic History
  • Family and Other Relationships
  • Clubs & Awards
  • Gifts
  • Interests
  • Transcript Requests


Almabase – all-in-one alumni management & fundraising platform to give personalized value to your alumni while simplifying every aspect of how you provide it.

  • Create effective programs in a snap
  • Identify your rising star supporters
  • Streamline processes with reliable automation
  • Gain a bird’s eye view of engagement
  • Keep all your tools in sync


Alumbook is an Best Alumni Management & Website Software with custom Android App which helps the institutions and organisations to connect with their alumni’s and establishes the life long relationship with the passed out graduates.

  • Custom Website
  • Own Domain Name
  • Quicker Engagement
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Ultra Fast Hosting
  • Secured Application


Alumni management software from SchoolCues helps improve alumni community relations for small schools. Schedule a demo and learn more.

  • Building an alumni community with community management features
  • Maintaining an alumni network, which is a key asset to assist alumni with social networking, fundraising and mentorship
  • Building and maintaining alumni relations for driving better brand affinity with the school
  • Event management with more targeted invitations for events for specific audiences
  • Alumni engagement provides a real time engagement platform to help alumni with increased involvement and participation in regular school happenings and activities

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