Top 11 Issue Tracking Software: Top Bug/Issue Tracking Tools

Whether managing a small business enterprise or a large corporation, issues are inevitable and will likely occur most of the time during your business progression. And for some, issues may be complex to track due to the continuously incoming requests tickets from customers that are handled by your customer support team. Fortunately, the use of issue tracking software has made it more efficient to handle and track certain issues that may be needed in the future to assess previous tickets regarding a product or service in order for the issue to be improved or repaired to avoid complaints in the future for the product or service they sell on the market.

Issue tracking software, also referred to as ITS, trouble ticket system, support ticket and/or incident ticket system, is a computer software that handles, organizes and stores lists of issues, as required by the business. Issue tracking systems are most commonly utilized by the customer support team of an organization to produce, update, and clarify reported issues from the business’ clients as well as problems reported by the employees of the organization. As considered by many, an issue tracking system is a lot identical to that of a bug tracker and will often be offered by companies when an organization plans to purchase the issue tracking software. The consistent usage of an issue tracking system or a bug tracking system is rendered as one of the qualities of an effective and competent software team. One element that is commonly associated with the issue tracking software is termed as a ticket, which is contained inside the system that contains data with regards to support implementations provided by the tech support team to the customer who’ve reported the issue. This is to serve as the basis for the next interventions needed in case the same customer calls back again to report another issue similar with the first one he/she reported about.


Nowadays, there is a diversity of issue tracking software providers that is present in the market. The features that each system providers offer also vary as organizations may customize their issue tracking software in accordance with their business needs. A feature that you’ll commonly hear about issue tracking systems is a dynamic documentation incorporation and production.  Issue software should contain a powerful and effective documentation system that ensures the issues are correctly processed. Another feature that is commonly seen in most issue tracking software is Unicode support. Unicode is vital as they are the basic system for computing industries that allows reliable encoding, managing and representations of text that are expressed in many of the globe’s writing systems. Test planning systems is also another feature for issue tracking packages. Test planning is a file detailing a systematized strategy for trying out a system from hardware to software. The plan also encompasses a detailed knowledge base of what the workflow outcome will turn out to be. Other features include customizing workflow, plugins API, multiple projects and custom fields.


The benefits of using issue tracking software are greatly innumerable. However, some of the basic benefits that users will get out of this software include the immediate fixation of a bug or issue on a product. Since the software allows organizations to store and track the issues easily, experts can concentrate and work on the product defects instead of the issue getting lost or forgotten. Another benefit of using the issue tracking software is that users will be able to grasp a clearer and better understanding of the condition of their product on the market.

Issue tracking software also contains a variety of input interfaces including web, email, command-line, GUI, representation state transfer and SOAP or simple object access protocol. These options can be used to input the issues as well as to locate and extract them from a computer when it is required by the organization. In addition, notification interfaces are also given to the user with the use of emails, RSS or really simple syndication, Atom, XMPP and some social networking sites such as Twitter. These notification interfaces serve as a format for web feeds and updates such as that utilized in blog sites.

Commonly compared with issue tracking system is Help Desk. This particular software is also highly reliable when it comes to tracking, documenting and storing bugs and defects on a product or service sold. However, the functions and organization of each system is somewhat different. Help Desk is comprised of various levels that are utilized depending on the level of difficulty for the question or problem provided. Larger help desks are utilized for more complex issues. Furthermore, help desks offer users with a single point of contact to receive assistance on different computer problems. Overall, issue tracking systems is a very powerful component to add to your office in order to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction of your business.


Zoho BugTracker is an online bug tracker and issue tracking software that helps you to track and fix bugs quickly.

  • Log and track bugs
  • Automated bugtracker
  • Customize to suit your needs
  • Work together efficiently
  • Bill your time wisely


A simple bug and issue tracker designed to be easy enough for non-technical team members to help track bugs and issues. Integrates with GitHub, Beanstalk, and Bitbucket.

  • Time and money are wasted on training
  • Your team dreads using your issue tracker
  • Fewer issues are logged
  • More issues are lost or forgotten
  • More bugs slip through to production
  • Your customers end up frustrated
  • And your support costs are higher


MantisBT is a popular free web-based bug tracking system. It is written in PHP works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases. MantisBT has been installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, and others.

  • Email Notifications
  • Access Control
  • Customizable


Bug tracking so simple, it’s like sticky-notes for your website.

  • Flexible setup. Install in minutes
  • BugHerd is a virtual layer on top of your website that only
    your team, and your clients, can see
  • Simply point & click on any element to report an issue.
  • Developers access the issue, and it’s details, directly on the website


Jira Software lets you capture, track, and resolve bugs and issues throughout your entire software development process.

  • Capture bugs
  • Assign and prioritize
  • Track bugs to done
  • Get notified


BUGtrack – web-based bug tracking and project management.

  • Streamline project management
  • Improve communication
  • Ensure accountability
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance product quality and customer satisfaction


Make finding and fixing bugs easier with Backlog an issue tracker that lets you organize, discuss, and track work all in one place.

  • Capturing
  • Prioritizing
  • Tracking
  • Releasing
  • Integrate


Bug-Track is a bug tracking software that is affordable, easy to use and customizable.

  • Get started quickly
  • Track and Link
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Collaborate


From planning, to coding, to testing and managing customer support, DoneDone is the simple issue tracker.

  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Filters
  • Saved Replies
  • Calendar & Due Dates
  • Tags
  • Auto-Responder
  • Reports
  • Priorities
  • Office Hours
  • Email Notifications
  • Description Templates
  • Signatures
  • Favorites
  • Watchers
  • Bounced Messages


Craft great software with FogBugz, a project management tool for software development teams. Specially developed for smart and agile software teams of 5-50 developers using kanban or scrum methods, or both as scrumban!

  • Task Management
  • Email Support
  • Agile Development
  • Document Collaboration
  • Code Management and Code Review
  • Time Tracking and Smart Scheduling


Countersoft is an agile project tracker with issue tracking and help desk ticketing going beyond project management software.

Bug Tracking:

  • Cross-Project Filters
  • Workspaces
  • Instant Metrics
  • Team Chat
  • Dependency Management
  • Work Sequencing
  • Time Tracking
  • Release Management
  • Integrated Help Desk
  • Testing & Traceability
  • Project Templates
  • Screens
  • Workflows
  • Custom Apps
  • Source Control
  • Code Review
  • Visual Studio & TFS
  • Reporting
  • Inbox Delivery
  • Customizable Reports
  • Badges
  • Subscriptions
  • Alerts

Issue Tracking:

  • Cross-Project Filters
  • Workspaces
  • Instant Metrics
  • Team Chat
  • Dependency Management
  • Badges
  • Subscriptions
  • Alerts
  • Work Sequencing
  • Time Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Inbox Delivery
  • Workflows

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