Top 11 Contact Database Management Software: Keep In Touch With Contact Software

An expanding business with a growing clientele is always a good thing because it means increase in profit, but it’s not all fun and games. With a large client base comes an equally large responsibility, and that’s handling your customers’ contact details in a responsible manner while utilizing them to your business’s advantage. This need calls for contact database management software.

Contact database management software provides business owners and their employees vast resources in just one place. It’s information at your fingertips at any time of the day. It’s portable storage you can bring anywhere. However, contact database management software does not provide storage alone. It’s not just about alphabetizing names, organizing phone numbers, and keeping records. It’s not just storing data in your computer. It’s about using it to better improve you business. A good kind of software provides you tools to utilize the information in a variety of meaningful and relevant transactions, one example of which is processing orders.

Some tasks performed by contact database management software are managing meetings, and appointments. It also arranges deadlines by date so you won’t miss any important responsibility you need to fulfill. It also tracks progress of current transactions that are still not completed. For a business owner with a hectic schedule like you, these features give you the utmost convenience even with large numbers of contacts. Contact database management software increases your whole company’s productivity which in turn boosts your profitability.

Contact database management software is an integral part of business management software and business process management software. All three kinds of software work in harmony to make your business run in a smooth fashion. In many processes and other aspects of a business, clients and their input are actively involved; thus, having reliable software to manage your contact database is imperative.

You may wonder why there is so much emphasis on handling client contacts. Here is an example: a business, in order to keep up with its competitors, need to open its doors to constant innovation. Of course, once changes have taken place, your clients need to be made aware of them. If you have a list of all clients and potential clients in your database, you can inform them of the improvements your business has achieved. Part of the marketing game is to keep your clients updated with interesting changes and entice them to try your new offerings. With the help of contact database management software, deployment of information to your clients is a simple step which takes an insignificant amount of time. You can now use the time you save cooking up innovation that makes a difference. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for you and your clients.


#1 CRM for G Suite and Google, you need Copper. Give us a try and see how we can help your business build stronger customer relationships.

  • Skip the data entry
  • Made just for G Suite
  • Add new contacts in one click
  • More than just a client database


Teamgate is a full process Sales CRM simply and smartly designed to strengthen your entire sales experience. Easy to use, easy to manage your business growth.

  • Build Highly Personalised Relationships
  • Communication History
  • Segmentation and Filtering
  • Geolocation
  • Duplicates
  • Collaborations
  • Customisation
  • File synchronisation


Online CRM for individuals, small businesses and sales teams wanting a simple, effective and affordable solution. Manage your contacts and their history.

  • Track all history
  • Attach documents
  • Manage tasks
  • Share with co-workers


Bitrix24 100% free online contact management software system. Unlimited contacts free. Free email marketing, quotes and invoices.


  • Free unlimited contacts
  • Free email marketing
  • Free call center
  • Free quotes & invoices
  • Free sales reports
  • Free mobile apps
  • Cloud or self hosted
  • API & open source code


Award-winning BPM + CRM system for marketing, sales and service to manage business processes across the entire customer journey on a single low-code platform.


OfficeClip provides you with a free Contact Manager that has most features of a CRM avoiding unnecessary complexities. Managing Contacts online is an integral part of CRM that helps you to keep your marketing, sales and support teams organized. It also helps in customer retention as well as drives sales growth.


  • Unlimited users and no time limit. All upgrades are free.
  • It is available as Installed or Hosted. You can install it on your machine, private cloud (like Amazon AWS) or use it at our website.
  • A detailed history of each contact and their operation can be tracked.
  • Free access to the Mobile App (in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store)
  • All our software is advertisement free. For advanced features, the users can upgrade as per their requirements.


HubSpot offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software – plus the methodology, resources, and support — to help businesses grow better. Get started with free tools, and upgrade as you grow.


  • Contact & Lead Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Contact & Company Insights
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Templates & Documents
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration
  • Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads
  • Forms
  • Contact Activity
  • Conversations Inbox
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Live Chat & Bots


CRM software that’s affordable and easy-to-use. Manage all your client information with Maximizer’s all-in-one solution – No surprises. Cloud or on premise.


  • Shared address book
  • Standardize & automate your processes
  • Multi-level security
  • Audit log
  • Calendar
  • Form field validation


An online sales CRM software, built for small teams that helps you track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface.

  • Contact Management System for the Entire Team
  • Import Contacts in Bulk


Easyshair is your contact management software, and Customers relationship management. We invite you to try our Contact Organiser and judge by yourself all the features of our enterprise management.


  • Profile analysis
  • Business info Finder
  • Synchronization with google contact
  • Contact Management
  • Team Management
  • Task Management
  • Prospection management


CRM software geared towards scientifically making your small business, mid-market or enterprise sales team 10x more productive.

  • Gain unprecedented pipeline visibility
  • Prioritize leads and opportunities
  • Turn customers into advocates
  • Enable a mobile sales team
  • Drive sales actions with data
  • Capitalize on leads
  • Explain the past and predict the future

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