Top 11 Best Physical Therapy EMR Software Systems

Physical therapy emr software helps the therapist, doctor and the others medical practices in improving work efficiency and medical service to the patient. This technology for medical world has been used by so many medical center and practice in around the world.

In this twenties century the medical technology of emr has been important item which must be owned by the therapist or the medical center including clinic and hospital. It is used especially for physical therapy treatment to make it run productive and give the maximal result. In other word physical therapy emr software is very helpful for physical therapy treatment.

Advantages of physical therapy emr software

There are a lot of advantages in using this technology. It will not only give advantages for the therapist and the others medical practice but also for the patients themselves. The advantages which can be gotten by the patients includes the diagnose and treatment improvement, so it will improve patients’ diagnose and treatment which is done by the therapist, doctor, and the others medical practitioners , and then besides that it will lessen the error and also it will help in decision taking to the patients’ condition.

Then the big impact from this technology will be felt by the therapists, doctor and the others medical practitioners. Those advantages are: this technology will help the process of transferring data of the patient from one department to another become quick and efficient, lessen the medical practice error in managing the data of the patient, help the doctor search the data of the patients, it is more efficient than medical record using paper.  Besides that there are still a lot of advantages of this technology for the therapists, doctors, and the others medical practitioners to improve their work in caring patient and giving maximal treatment to the patient.

Emr and patient safety

This emr software system is more efficient and safer than the paper medical record. The software has security to save the patient’s medical record and the others aspects of the emr which guarantee the patients’ safety. The safety of the patients’ medical record which is offered by the emr software system is to reduce and lessen the human error from the record. The reduction of the error will give benefits both for the patients and doctors. The security of the emr software will give safety to the patient’s privacy. It will keep the secret information which can be access by the doctor.


With Clinicient flexible billing and EMR software, you can run your PT or OT clinic simply and seamlessly giving yourself more time to take care of your patients.

Single Unified System:

  • Patient Registration and Scheduling
  • EMR / Clinical Documentation
  • A/R Management
  • Task Management


  • Medicare Alerts
  • Medicare Cap Tracking
  • ICD-10 Support
  • CCI Edits


  • Electronic Medical Billing and Clearinghouse Integration
  • Automated Electronic Billing (one click claims submittal)
  • Secure Interoffice Instant Messaging and Chat
  • Automated Visit Coding
  • Corrections Queue for Incomplete Claims
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Deposit
  • Payer Rules Engine
  • In-App Learning with Step-by-Step Guided Tutorials

Reporting and Data Analytics:

  • Practice Analytics (8-page Monthly Report)
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Management Reporting


  • E-Visit Charge Codes
  • Direct link from Chart to Videoconferencing App

Services and Coaching:

  • Monthly Client Executive Review
  • Manage and Monitor Accounts Receivable
  • Payer Follow-up, Denial Analysis and Claim Processing
  • Review and Respond to Payer Inquiries
  • Assistance in Preparation for Audits
  • Patient Statement Preparation and Mailing
  • Month-end Closing and Reconciliation
  • Identify Denial Trends
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Daily Charge and Claim Review


Leverage the capabilities of the best physical therapy billing and EHR/EMR software for your physical therapy practice today.

Kareo Clinical:

  • Therapy focused
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Built for mobile

Kareo Billing:

  • Collect Patient Payments
  • Insurance Collections Tracking
  • Billing Analytics

Kareo Engage:

  • Manage Online Presence
  • Connect better with patients and reduce costly no-shows
  • Practice Analytics at your fingertips

Kareo Managed billing:

  • Claim Tracking
  • Billing Analytics
  • Billing Tasks


WebPT physical therapy EMR has tons of great features, including secure digital documentation, built-in outcome measurement tools, and compliance alerts.

  • Document the way you’re supposed to
  • Stay on top of your charts
  • Access information on the fly
  • Make it all digital
  • Fax and email to your heart’s content


Improve efficiency in your practice using a speech, occupational and physical therapy software from Raintree Systems.

  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Tailor your workflows to how you work
  • ICD-10 Ready, Right Now!
  • Exclusive Task-Based workflows & templates
  • Telehealth for Physical Therapy


Speed up your documentation and strengthen compliance with our physical therapy EMR. MWTherapy provide comprehensive pre-loaded templates that can be fully customized to suit your needs.

  • Customizable physical therapy EMR templates
  • Compliance tools
  • Built-in e-fax
  • Chart organization
  • Fast documentation
  • Easy to use
  • Go completely paperless!


Complete physical therapy software is available for your entire practice. With focused features like exercise worksheets, mobile functionality and more!

  • Secure Patient Portal
  • Increased Mobility
  • Add eVisit Service
  • Exercise Libraries
  • Physical Therapy Billing
  • Credit card processing


Prompt Therapy Solutions builds fully-integrated EMR & Practice Management software for the physical therapy industry, reducing redundant workflows and improving efficiencies.

The Fastest Documentation in PT:

  • Game-Changing Documentation Templates
  • Ditch SOAP

Work On Any Device:

  • It Just Works
  • User Experience Masterpiece
  • Easily Add Files
  • 24/7 Support

Check Out Billing Solutions:

  • Smart Alerts
  • Bulk Actions
  • Digital or Manual
  • Feedback


doTherapy is the best EMR for Physician-Owned Physical Therapy Practices. Our software integrates with Ortho and Billing systems and is customizable to PT practices.

Clinical Documentation:

  • Your Documents, Perfect
  • Straightforward Templates
  • Compliance Made Easy


  • Take Charge of Your Schedule
  • Simplify Scheduling
  • Appointment Tracking


  • Enterprise system for one or multiple sites
  • One click electronic claims submission
  • Hundreds of billing rules which optimize reimbursement
  • Automated payment posting
  • A/R follow up tools
  • Standard and user defined customized reports


  • Paperless Registration
  • Therapist’s Dream

Patient Portal:

  • Access to Your Therapy Record
  • Communicate With Your Therapist

Direct Scan:

  • One Step Scanning


  • Automated and Immediate


TheraOffice is the only EMR and Physical Therapy Practice Management Software designed by PTs everywhere to be the most adaptable to your unique business.

Medicare Compliant:

  • Diagnosis-Specific Templates
  • Home Exercise Library
  • Document Organizer
  • Functional Outcomes
  • Charge Checks and CCI Edits

Organize Your Day:

  • Plan of Care Reminders
  • Smart Progressions
  • Optimal Charge Suggestion
  • Functional Reporting Alerts
  • Tasks and Alerts

Save Time:

  • 5-7 Minute Initial Visits
  • 1 Minute Daily Notes
  • Instant Progress Notes
  • Automatic Discharge Notes
  • Chart Review


Apollo offers a completely customizable physical therapy EMR and documentation software for physical therapy to fit the needs of any physical therapy practice.

  • Physical Therapy Documentation Software
  • Configurable Template
  • Integrated email and fax ability
  • Fast Documentation
  • Paperless Freedom
  • Compliance
  • Billing in SOAP notes
  • Quick view for your notes
  • PQRS codes
  • FLR codes
  • Quick text in notes
  • SOAP Templates


DrChrono’s cloud based EHR, medical billing software and RCM services fully equip your practice and let you provide optimal patient care.

  • Easy, Fast & Efficient Practice Management
  • Convenient Clinical Features Built for Physical Therapy
  • Gain Transparency and Efficiency in Billing
  • Revenue Collection Management with Coding Service
  • Exercise Prescription and Outcome Tracking

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