Top 11 Best IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) Software Comparison

IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) software is a comprehensive, all-encompassing platform that provides an integrated approach to managing a range of facilities-related functions, including real estate, facilities management, space management, maintenance, and sustainability.

The main benefit of an IWMS is that it enables organizations to have one central platform to manage all aspects of their facility operations, which helps to optimize resources, improve efficiency, and streamline processes. Additionally, IWMS software provides real-time data and analytics to help organizations make informed decisions about their facility management strategies.

Here are several key features and benefits of IWMS software:

  • Real Estate Management: IWMS software allows organizations to manage their real estate portfolio effectively. Companies can create a comprehensive database of all their properties, lease agreements, and other important information. This helps organizations to track their real estate assets, analyze leasing data, and optimize space utilization.
  • Facilities Management: IWMS software provides a centralized platform for companies to manage their facilities effectively. This includes managing work orders, tracking inventory, and managing service requests. With the use of an IWMS software, companies can manage their maintenance operations more efficiently, resulting in lower costs and increased productivity.
  • Space Management: IWMS solutions provide an accurate and up-to-date visualization of an organization’s workspace. By providing a centralized view of all spaces, companies can make better, data-driven decisions about how to maximize space usage.
  • Maintenance Management: IWMS software includes a maintenance management module that helps organizations manage their facilities and equipment more effectively. Companies can quickly and easily identify maintenance issues, schedule repairs, track work orders, and receive notifications of upcoming maintenance tasks.
  • Sustainability Management: IWMS software can help organizations achieve their sustainability goals by providing energy usage data, benchmarking data, and other key metrics to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and generate sustainability reports.
  • Compliance Management: IWMS software provides a centralized platform to manage regulatory compliance. Organizations can track regulatory requirements, and generate reports to help comply with various regulations.

While the above features are prevalent in most IWMS software solutions, there are several factors to consider when selecting a solution, including the following:

  • Scalability: Organizations require an IWMS solution that can scale with their facility operations. The software should be easily adaptable to accommodate organizational growth and changes in the company’s facility portfolio.
  • Integration: A good IWMS solution should be able to integrate with existing enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and human resource management (HRM) software to provide a holistic view of the organization’s operations.
  • Configuration and Customization Options: Organizations have unique facility management needs, and an effective IWMS solution should be flexible enough to tailor the software to meet specific requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The IWMS software should be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use by both facilities management personnel and end-users.

IWMS software solution can help organizations optimize their facility management strategies by providing a centralized platform to manage real estate, facilities management, space management, maintenance, and sustainability. The right IWMS software can improve efficiency, streamline processes, and provide accurate data and analytics to make informed decisions about facility operations.


IBM an integrated workplace management system or IWMS can optimize operations, help manage through disruption, generate cost savings and create flexible workspace.

  • Take full advantage of your data
  • Optimize real estate portfolios
  • Prioritize your project plans
  • Exercise strategic space utilization
  • Improve operations and maintenance efforts
  • Create an optimal workplace experience


Manage all your facilities and assets with software from FacilityForce, designed specifically for large government and commercial organizations.

  • Real-Time Visibility Across Your Entire Portfolio
  • Real Estate, Space, Maintenance, Capital Planning, Energy & Utilities and Accounting
  • Unified Database for Multi-Agency Budgeting
  • Facilities-Focused Solution that Integrates with Your ERP
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Allocation & Recovery
  • Facilities Strategic Planning
  • Align Capital Investment to Organizational Goals
  • Split Fund Accounting and Grant Management
  • Optimize the Use of Space
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Extend the Useful Life of Assets
  • Multi-Phase Work Order Management Across Shops and Tradespeople
  • Material Chargeback Billing
  • Out-of-the-Box Capabilities


Accruent’s software helps workplace & asset management organizations unify their built environments for better management of people, places, and resources.

  • Space and Workplace Management
  • Real Estate Management and Lease Accounting
  • Maintenance Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Energy Management


FM:Systems Workplace Management Solutions optimize facility operations, manage real estate costs & ensure safe, secure, employee & visitor experiences.

  • Workplace Management
  • Hybrid Workplaces
  • Visitor Management
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Workplace Analytics
  • Workplace Sensors


MCS software is built to fully integrate real estate, workplace and facility management into an IWMS platform with multiple mobile apps.

  • Ensure service excellence to enhance the occupant experience
  • Optimize the life-cycle performance of buildings & installations
  • Successfully manage the rapidly changing workplace
  • Ensure an optimal meeting and visitor experience
  • Optimize the functional & financial performance of your buildings


Improve your decision-making strategy with a global, flexible Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software from MRI.

  • Your real estate and workplace needs have evolved. Your IWMS should too
  • Introducing the Extensible Workplace Management System (XWMS), the next generation IWMS
  • The next frontier: Charting the changing landscape of corporate real estate
  • Scalable solutions for XWMS


VLogic facility management and workplace solutions. Manage your facility portfolio, optimize space utilization, and enhance productivity with our advanced workspace management solutions and services.

  • Track building assets, including furniture and building systems (HVAC, life safety systems, etc.)
  • Manage supporting documentation, including asset specs and user manuals
  • Build and maintain preventative maintenance schedules including service contacts and agreements
  • Receive and process on-demand work requests for malfunctioning building assets & systems
  • Create and deploy work order work flows including assignments and notification actions
  • Report on assets,PM work orders, and work request metrics and status
  • VLogicFM’s CMMS features are detailed on the Work Orders, PM & Help Desk solutions page


Archibus provides comprehensive systems for optimizing your built environment, whether you’re keeping up with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing your environment to bring out the best in your people.

  • Automate workplace reservations and hoteling
  • Provide managers a central view of all workplace requests
  • Consolidate space, track occupancy, and explore alternative space plans
  • Optimize space across sites with visual planning tools


Workplace management software from Workero can help you improve your office. Increase efficiency, access data insights and manage your team.

  • Reliable, Secure and Compliant
  • Desk & meeting room booking for hybrid teams
  • Parking Management Solution
  • Visitor Management Solution


JLL Technologies (JLLT) helps organizations transform the way they acquire, manage, operate, and experience commercial real estate and property.

  • Unmatched combination of decades of experience as real estate operators and technology experts
  • Best practice guides for implementation, enhancement, and ongoing support
  • Pre-built extensions, including solution accelerators, UX enhancements, and data governance alerts


IWMS software by Veris is an integrated workplace management system with unique features. Our iwms system is a complete solution for office return ready enterprises.

  • Pre-entry
  • Arrival
  • Touchless access & indoor movement
  • Flexible desking & physical distancing
  • AI-driven room scheduling & bookings
  • One-tap ordering & express servicing
  • Bulletin board & modern ticketing

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