Top 11 Best Embedded Analytics Platforms

An embedded analytics platform is a technological framework that allows organizations to integrate analytics capabilities directly into their existing applications or systems. These platforms enable businesses to provide data analysis, visualization, and reporting functionalities seamlessly within their own software, making it easier for users to access and interpret data without the need for separate analytics tools.

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Embedded analytics platforms are designed to streamline the process of embedding analytics features into applications, enabling organizations to leverage data-driven insights to enhance decision-making and overall business performance. These platforms provide a range of tools and services that empower developers to integrate analytics directly into their applications, creating a more interactive and insightful experience for end users.

From a technical standpoint, embedded analytics platforms provide APIs, SDKs, and other development resources that make it easier for software developers to build, customize, and deploy analytics capabilities within their applications. These tools allow for the seamless integration of dashboards, visualizations, and reporting features, providing users with the ability to consume and interact with data within the context of the applications they are using.

As data continues to play an increasingly vital role in driving business decisions, embedded analytics platforms have become essential for organizations looking to infuse analytics directly into their applications. These platforms empower organizations to offer a more data-driven experience to their users, providing valuable insights directly within the context of their day-to-day activities.

Embedded analytics platforms serve as a crucial enabler for organizations seeking to integrate analytics capabilities seamlessly into their applications. By offering a wide range of development tools, customization options, and administrative features, these platforms empower organizations to provide a more data-driven, insightful, and user-friendly experience to their customers and end users. With the ongoing importance of data-driven decision-making, embedded analytics platforms are poised to play a pivotal role in the future of application development and business intelligence.


Yellowfin industry leading embedded analytics tools, increase the value of your product & analytics experience.

  • Plug-in Yellowfin dashboards
  • True self-service analytics
  • Analytics anywhere
  • Automated analysis
  • Data stories & presentations
  • Every visualization you need


Sisense – Convert data into revenue by embedding AI-powered analytics with pro-code, low-code, and no-code capabilities.

  • Deliver a seamless brand experience
  • Connect data from anywhere
  • Augment with AI and machine learning
  • Infuse intelligence with embedded analytics
  • Secure analytics in a flexible environment
  • Build analytics seamlessly through Git


The Reveal embedded analytics platform allows you to simplify the way you integrate, manage and pay for data analytics.

  • True Embedded Analytics SDK
  • Simple & Beautiful User Experience
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility


Luzmo – Embed beautiful, easy-to-use dashboards in your SaaS product in days, not months.

  • Plug And play
  • Actionable analytics
  • Beautiful out-of-the-box
  • Multi-tenant by design


Embed and customize Tableau’s interactive, analytical capabilities to create a seamless experience with your products. Increase your product engagement and improve customer satisfaction by integrating rich content, data, and analytics directly into your product.

  • Elevate customer experiences
  • Accelerate your time to value
  • Scale flexibly and securely


MicroStrategy – Integrate AI-powered visualizations or full interactive data experiences into any existing software, application workflow, or web portal.

  • Powerful Semantic Graph
  • DevOps Automation
  • Open Cloud Architecture
  • Unmatched Performance
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Telemetry & Usage Monitoring


Sigma embedded analytics and reporting tools that connects all your data to create interactive dashboards across business workflows and applications.

  • Deliver a Modern Customer Data Experience
  • Accelerate Your Time to Market
  • Increase Engagement
  • Monetize Your Data


Toucan is a customer-facing analytics platform that empowers organizations to drive engagement with the best end-user experience.

  • Instant Value
  • Make Toucan Yours
  • Seamless Implementation
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Built for Scale


DataBrain helps you create customer facing reports, analytics and dashboards in a few days, so you can accelerate your go-to-market and unlock more revenue from customers.

  • Integrate seamlessly
  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Provide Meaningful Insights for Your Customers


Qlik Embedded Analytics Solutions enable you to embed analytics into your applications, providing insights at the point of decision.

  • Embed and automate anywhere
  • Customize your apps
  • AI-powered insight that is always up to date
  • No-code and pro-code workflows
  • Embed into the apps you use


Datateer makes embedding analytics easy and ensures high data quality. Extend the reach of your data insights and enhance decision-making.

  • A Simple Embedded Analytics Platform for any Dashboards
  • Expand Customer & Partner Offerings With Data Products
  • Reduce Effort with a Platform that Offers Embedded External Reports
  • Automate Analytics Reporting with White-Labeled Embedded Analytics Software
  • Improve Business Relationships with Analytics Transparency

Q: What is an embedded analytics platform?

A: An embedded analytics platform is a software solution that integrates analytics and business intelligence capabilities directly into other applications, such as a company’s own software or third-party applications. This allows users to access and analyze data without having to switch between different tools or interfaces.

Q: What are the benefits of using an embedded analytics platform?

A: Using an embedded analytics platform can provide several benefits, including improved decision-making by making data more accessible and actionable, increased user engagement by integrating analytics within existing workflows, and enhanced customer experience by offering self-service analytics capabilities within products or services.

Q: What are some key features of an embedded analytics platform?

A: Key features of an embedded analytics platform may include data visualization tools, self-service reporting and dashboarding capabilities, data integration and connectivity options, embedded analytics APIs for seamless integration, and security and governance features to ensure data protection and compliance.

Q: How can an organization leverage an embedded analytics platform?

A: An organization can leverage an embedded analytics platform to enhance its products or services with data-driven insights, empower users with self-service analytics capabilities, gain competitive advantage by offering advanced analytics features, and monetize data by providing analytics as a service to customers.

Q: What are some examples of embedded analytics platforms?

A: Some examples of embedded analytics platforms include Looker, Sisense, Tableau Embedded, Qlik Sense, and Microsoft Power BI Embedded. These platforms offer a range of features and capabilities for embedding analytics within different applications and workflows.

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