Top 11 Best DevOps as a Managed Service Provider Companies And Consulting Firms

Many organisations aren’t successful with releasing successful software projects and have been struggling to strike a right balance between software development and platform availability. The problem is further amplified by a major shift in the type of applications that businesses are required to deliver to meet customer needs, additional capabilities to meet changing market conditions, enhanced user experience, agility, speed of delivery and reliable systems that have faster turnaround.

With isolated silos of teams working on supporting the enterprise, rapid deployment of systems requires new wave of delivery methodology, which is where Devops can be helpful mixed with agile methodology.  Such innovation is driven primarily by utlising emerging technology trends such as cloud computing, mobile applications, big data and social media.

In today’s market, customers are becoming tech savvy and mobile focussed, require high performing skilful teams, reliable systems so they can be accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Agile & Lean delivery methodology
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Deploy with repeatable and reliable process
  • Re-modernize and remediate applications
  • Enhance platform readiness for successful software delivery pipeline
  • Increased capacity to innovate
  • Build and Scale environments to able to test and deploy with successful outcomes
  • Improved faster time to market
  • Cloudification of applications to enhance the performance, availability and reduction in operational costs


TA Digital is a digital transformation agency helping marketers deliver innovative digital strategy, artificial intelligence, digital experiences, experiential commerce, marketing solutions that increase conversions & build customer loyalty.

  • Application Development Lifecycle Automation.
  • Application Release Automation
  • Different Environment Setups and Ongoing Management
  • Development Environments
  • Staging Environments
  • Setting Up QA Environments
  • Production Environments
  • Upgrades, Patches all Environments


Base2Services delivers DevOps as a Service. SaaS and Start ups get a solution that is cutting edge, future proof and designed to scale on AWS.

  • DevOps
  • System Reliability
  • Security Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • 24×7 Support
  • Process Automation
  • Active Communication
  • Monitoring
  • Removing pain points
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Dedication, Expertise and Talent
  • It’s a fixed fee


Managed Cloud And Devops services at e-Zest provides DevOps as a managed service to various development teams and businesses who wish to run applications on the cloud. We leverage the benefits of the cloud to make sure your environment runs efficiently.

  • Continuous integration: We work towards continuous delivery and manage the process for you to get releases out fast and eliminate errors
  • Release management: We assist in managing your releases to reduce the risk of failed deployments
  • Security management: We provide comprehensive protection for your environment from known threats
  • Monitoring: We actively check your system including monitoring of the system, infrastructure, application security etc


Nous Infosystems is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and IT consulting services specializing in SMAC technologies.

  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Breaking down the silos
  • Aligning IT and business
  • Agility and increased speed to market
  • Ready response to changing market and customer demands
  • Incorporating feedback
  • Better software stability and quality
  • Team empowerment
  • Improving the ROI of data
  • Greater business valuation


10th Magnitude monthly Azure DevOps Managed Services options enable 10th Magnitude to work with your teams as an expert guide while providing ongoing planning, support, and consulting.

Essentials Azure DevOps:

  • Azure DevOps Administration (12×5) (4hours)
  • User/Security Administration
  • New Project Creation
  • Azure DevOps Best Practices & On-boarding Workshop
  • Basic Visual Cadence reporting platform (1 hr)
  • Supports 100 Azure DevOps Users
  • Supports 1 Azure DevOps Instance

Enhanced Azure DevOps:

  • Azure DevOps Administration (24×7) (2hours)
  • Assessment and planning
  • Migration from TFS to Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge Library access
  • Premium Visual Cadence reporting platform (5 min)
  • Semi-annual review of DevOps processes and Azure DevOps utilization/licensing
  • Supports 500 Azure DevOps Users
  • Supports 3 Azure DevOps Instance

Enterprise Azure DevOps:

  • Azure DevOps Administration (24×7) (15min)
  • Private Instance Visual Cadence reporting platform
  • Reduced consulting rate for project work
  • Quarterly review of DevOps processes and Azure DevOps utilization/ licensing
  • Annual 3 day onsite workshop
  • Supports Unlimited Azure DevOps Users and Instances


Enterprise Data and AI Platform development and Solutions company building Cloud Native and Intelligent Distributed Systems for Decision intelligence.

  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • DevOps Monitoring Solutions
  • DevOps as a Managed Cloud Service
  • Deployment Automation Solutions


Alpacked – is a DevOps agency providing professional managed and advisory services.

  • DevOps service provider
  • DevOps audit
  • Managed DevOps services
  • DevOps support
  • DevOps consulting


Netrix, a Chicago based IT consulting firm, provides managed IT services and IT infrastructure solutions for every area of the IT landscape.

  • DevOps Managed Services
  • DevOps in AWS Cloud
  • DevOps in Microsoft Azure Cloud


Steamhaus is a cloud and DevOps consultancy that enables businesses to leverage the power of public cloud providers.

  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Configuration Management
  • Deployment Automation
  • Log Management
  • Monthly Solution Report
  • Application performance monitoring and response
  • Centralised Log Analysis
  • Continuous Delivery and Testing


Servana help you build and deliver software in the most efficient way possible. Eliminate bottlenecks, wasted time, bugs and delays.

  • Increasing frequency can be disruptive
  • Cloud services are complex and costly
  • Developer Experience


Proteon provides DevOps Services to help businesses achieve sustained competitive advantage.

  • IT optimization
  • Agile integration
  • IT automation
  • App development
  • Infrastructure

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