Top 11 Best Cloud Gaming Service Providers to Play Online Games

There was – and unfortunately still is – an everlasting competition on upgrading your own gaming computer to have something better and more extreme than your friends do. This tendency always follows the latest trends, a system powerful enough to run the latest games at highest resolutions without ever being slow or overloaded.

Cloud gaming services have begun and will continue crushing this competition forever and turning it into a competition between the cloud gaming companies themselves. How they are achieving this? By using cloud computing.

As we’ve hopefully read and studied (just as information, as basic knowledge of what’s new), cloud computing makes a new space where power is in sharing resources, storage space, thus making it possible to solve anything from any computer with an internet connection. Yes, you can have your own files, important data, photo albums, your daily office applications, your music and slowly everything “in the cloud”. That cloud I am referring here is a huge system of powerful – or less powerful – machines linked together to form one super-performance computer. This is where cloud gaming comes into picture!

Imagine all of the newest computer or console games running from the cloud. That would simply mean that you’ll no longer need an expensive personal computer or an extensive gaming console in order to play your favorite games – your games will be on the servers of the cloud gaming companies and you just log in through your internet connection and enjoy playing, you only need a computer strong enough to send/receive data in time and to display a live video stream in time (which is the actual video while you are playing your game). Amazing, isn’t it?


Boosteroid, one of Europe’s largest cloud gaming providers of web-based cloud gaming that allows for running high-end video games via Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari or any other browser. The gameplay is rendered on the remote server and is streamed to the user’s device via any browser over the Internet. This allows for running high-end PC games on low-end, ultra-portable, outdated devices with any operating system.

Boosteroid has also developed apps for Windows, Android and Android TV to run video games on low-end PCs, laptops, smartphones and Smart TVs. Users can launch the games they already own on Steam, EGS, etc. Boosteroid’s solution for Android TV allows users to enjoy console-gaming experience on the big screen with no need to spend money on console and expensive console game versions.

Boosteroid provides access to numerous AAA, AA and indie titles for €9.89 per month. An annual Ultimate subscription includes the same services as a basic plan (sessions are not limited in time, no queues to access the server) and costs €49.89 per year, which is about €4.16 per month.

For this price, users get 1080p/60fps gameplay that requires at least 15 Mbps stable Internet connection. Playtime is not limited, you can run games 24/7. Boosteroid also provides adaptive bitrate technology, custom saves and a session transfer between the devices (you can start your session on one device and continue on another).

Boosteroid debuted in 2019 with a closed beta test, and now has 9 points of presence with its own powerful servers — two in France and two in Romania, one — in the UK, Italy, Spain, Ukraine and Slovakia each. By the end of 2021 Boosteroid plans to scale the service to North America and LATAM with 10 new locations.

Important Features

  • Run games on any low-end device (PC, laptop, smartphone, TV) via browser and Windows, Android or Android TV apps (the apps are in beta).
  • There are no time limits, sessions can be as long as you want. There are no queues to access the server, you can press the play button and start the game instantly.
  • Hundreds of AAA, AA and indie titles to run in the cloud.
  • You can play the games you already own on Steam, EGS and other game stores. If you have this game on Steam, you can simply log in with your Steam account on Boosteroid and run the game.
  • Custom cloud saves allow you to save your progress if it’s not provided by the developer on Steam, for example.
  • The lowest cloud gaming deal on the market, an annual subscription costs €49,89, which is €4.16 per month.
  • Boosteroid has the most advanced support team that can answer your questions in less than a minute.
  • Boosteroid is a great place to combine your games from different launchers in one place.
  • Controllers are supported on Boosteroid.
  • The service fully covers Europe and extends to NA and LATAM soon.

AMAZON Luna – New (early access US)

Introducing Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service where it’s easy to play great games on devices you already own. No waiting for lengthy downloads – just play.

  • No waiting for lengthy downloads or updates
  • Game on your favorite screens
  • Something for everyone


Play PC games on any kind of internet-connected device (Android, MacOS, Windows). Cloud gaming is right at your fingertips.

  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding
  • Zero-copy image acquisition
  • High end hardware
  • Instant updates
  • World-wide datacenter network


Play, watch, and share gaming with your friends in Parsec. Parsec recreates the couch gaming experience online with a simple low-latency game streaming platform.

  • Native code — why low-level code is the only way to get performance
  • BUD — The networking protocol for game streaming
  • Peer-to-peer NAT traversal for co-playing with friends
  • Hardware encoding and decoding plus frame timing optimizations


Shadow is the first streaming service that gives you access to a full gaming PC for only $34.95/month. Enjoy your games in the best conditions. Game on with a high-end configuration with a multi-core processor, high-end NVIDIA graphics and 12GB of RAM. Your computer gets free hardware upgrades!

  • A new kind of PC
  • Ready for the latest games
  • Multiple screens, one experience
  • Your PC is evolving for free
  • For all connections from 15 Mb/s


PLAYKEY — the cloud-gaming platform that runs top graphics games on any PC or Mac.

Playkey works on even the most low-spec computers and requires internet connections starting at 10 Mbps

Speed up your internet connection and get video quality of 60 fps:

  • Check your plan in your service provider account
  • Connect using an Ethernet cable
  • Check downloads and router connection


PlayGiga has developed a proprietary technology that allows our clients to deliver a strong catalogue of cherry-picked games in real time. No need to buy a high-end PC. No need to buy games. Just sit back and enjoy the magic of cloud gaming.

  • Play on your TV or use any PC or Mac
  • Low latency (<30ms)
  • Fast injection of new games
  • Scalable in cost


Play Hatch for free with friends – the only place to play, watch and share games on mobile. Sign up to play first on Android phones.

  • World-class game collection
  • Kids welcome
  • Social leaderboards
  • All screens


  • 20 selected games
  • Leaderboards and competitions
  • Play on mobile


  • 20 selected games
  • Leaderboards and competitions
  • Play on mobile
  • 100+ full premium games
  • Play on TV
  • Hatch Kids
  • Hatch Originals and Exclusives
  • No ads


Gamestream propose a highly qualitative Cloud Gaming solution allowing us to stream in HD (1080p/60fps) a catalog composed of the latest AAA games.

  • Game Curation
  • Cross-Device & Mobility
  • Low-Latency Gaming
  • Ultra High Image Quality
  • KPI Tracking
  • Dedicated Project Team


FURIOOS is your new cloud based real time 3D streaming platform. On FURIOOS, your existing Unreal Engine and Unity 3D applications are hosted on our secured GPU Datacenter. 3D application is streamed to the user’s web browser on demand. On FURIOOS all your 3D applications are available anywhere, anytime on any device. Uploading, running and sharing an application on FURIOOS is as easy as adding a video on Youtube.

  • Any Windows application available anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Uploading your application on Furioos is a piece of cake
  • Share your awesomeness
  • FURIOOS is multiplatform


Google Cloud offers reliable and flexible game services that support cross-platform gaming at a global scale.

  • Take your game to the next level
  • Cross-platform services and solutions
  • Commitment to open source
  • Leading ML and data analytics
  • The best of Google

AMD Cloud Gaming

A passion for gaming is woven into the fabric of AMD and our vision for gaming is years ahead of the pack. That is why top console, PC, and cloud providers, as well as leading game studios, rely on AMD innovations.

  • Make Every Game Experience AAA
  • Partnership – Not a Word. A Commitment
  • Complete Cloud Gaming Solutions
  • Game Developers Make the Difference


Own a powerful gaming rig for just a few dollars a month and only pay for what you use.

Nvidia Cloud Gaming

An easy and convenient way of gaming anywhere using the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce GPUs in the cloud.

  • Ease and Accessibility
  • AAA Windows PC Games
  • Instant Installs; No Maintenance Required
  • Ultra Streaming Mode

CLOUD.MY.GAMES Group (Currently available only in Russian language)

Play top games on any PC at maximum settings with MY.GAMES Cloud. There are hundreds of games available, including Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs, Dying Light, PUBG, Squad, CrossFire, League of Legends, MORDHAU, Genshin Impact, Dead by Daylight, Black Desert, Crusader Kings and more!

  • Play Free: Over 20 Hours Every Month
  • On ultra settings: Our RTX servers will pull any game at maximum speed
  • On any PC: A weak laptop with good internet is enough
  • No download: Launch games in 1 click and don’t waste space on your PC

Project xCloud

Coming soon

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